Monday, September 27, 2010

My Life As A Infrequent Blogger

My once beloved blog.  Briefing cases for class and outlining for exams has replaced shopping online and stalking SAs worldwide.  The other day I was finishing up a interview for a fellow blogger (more details about that later) and I had to look through some of the pictures I had previously taken for this blog.  As I went through my pictures, I realized how painfully unglamorous it is to be a student.  But then again, no pain, no gain.  A lack of shopping now will translate into Chanel suits, more SHOES(!!), and BIRKINS(!!) later on...or at least thats what I tell myself every morning when my alarm goes off at 5:45am : )  Anyhoo, as part of adjusting to life as a student, I had a long and hard battle with which bag to use for school.  I came THIIIIS close to purchasing a backpack but when I tried to picture my outfits with a backpack, I decided to go with more fashion-friendly choices:

 Longchamp Le Pliage (from the Art Deco collection):

This bag is lightweight and super roomy BUT there are no compartments so you literally have to fish for your keys and cell phone.

LV Totally GM:

I originally wanted the Neverfull but that was sold out so I ended up getting the Totally and looking back, THANK GOD the Neverfull was all gone.  This bag is bigger, has a zipper, sturdier handles, and more compartments than the Neverfull.  My shopping gods are good to me.

When in Rome...

Heh, I couldn't help myself and picked up the 6 key holder when I was getting the Totally...

Sigh, okay no more procrastinating, time to finish the memo I was supposed to have finished yesterday...!!