Monday, September 27, 2010

My Life As A Infrequent Blogger

My once beloved blog.  Briefing cases for class and outlining for exams has replaced shopping online and stalking SAs worldwide.  The other day I was finishing up a interview for a fellow blogger (more details about that later) and I had to look through some of the pictures I had previously taken for this blog.  As I went through my pictures, I realized how painfully unglamorous it is to be a student.  But then again, no pain, no gain.  A lack of shopping now will translate into Chanel suits, more SHOES(!!), and BIRKINS(!!) later on...or at least thats what I tell myself every morning when my alarm goes off at 5:45am : )  Anyhoo, as part of adjusting to life as a student, I had a long and hard battle with which bag to use for school.  I came THIIIIS close to purchasing a backpack but when I tried to picture my outfits with a backpack, I decided to go with more fashion-friendly choices:

 Longchamp Le Pliage (from the Art Deco collection):

This bag is lightweight and super roomy BUT there are no compartments so you literally have to fish for your keys and cell phone.

LV Totally GM:

I originally wanted the Neverfull but that was sold out so I ended up getting the Totally and looking back, THANK GOD the Neverfull was all gone.  This bag is bigger, has a zipper, sturdier handles, and more compartments than the Neverfull.  My shopping gods are good to me.

When in Rome...

Heh, I couldn't help myself and picked up the 6 key holder when I was getting the Totally...

Sigh, okay no more procrastinating, time to finish the memo I was supposed to have finished yesterday...!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

School, Wedding, School

Despite previously promising more frequent posting, orientation, moving, first week of classes, and IC's (I guess IW would be more appropriate now!) wedding took up the bulk of my time, energy, and focus.  My move-in day somehow got mixed up with first day of orientation and then my first week of law school concluded with me rushing off to SF for the wedding so yah, I'm pretty pooped.  The new apt is beautiful, even if I still haven't found the time to take advantage of our various amenities and oh yea, I'm missing just about my entire shoe collection :(  I tried to pick only my "sensible" pairs for school but at this point, I've pretty much decided that my next visit home will consist of me dragging over as many pairs of shoes as I possibly can.  If you recall the pic of my shoe closet at home, you can probably understand my pain when you see my current "shoe closet":

I realized early on that it would be extremely easy to fall into the habit of and trudging along to class in my sweats and flip-flops so I'm making a conscious effort to keep up appearances for the sake of my sanity and because yoga pants are not good for the waistline.  I'll try to remember not to change into my pjs as soon as I get out of class but for now, I only have today's outfit pic to share:

Dress from H&M and Gucci flats.

Enough about me, lets talk about IW's incredible wedding.  For anyone looking for a venue in the Bay Area, check out Ruby Hill Golf Club in Pleasanton.  A M A Z I N G.  And you get to oogle and drool over ginormous mansions while enjoying the ceremony :)  Besides the gorgeous venue, the food was delicious, excellent music, HOT pastor, sensitive husband (DW started crying the minute IW started her walk down the isle..HAHA), and of course, seeing IW in her dress was priceless.  Just looking at these pics makes me a little emotional and I miss all my Bay Area friends already :(

(I dont know why but I feel like I dont look like myself in any of the pictures...if you're having the same problem, I'm the third one from the left..)

(Our dresses were grey with purple sashes and we were asked to wear our favorite silver shoes.  My choice: anthracite glitter NPs by Msr. CL)

(OH YEA, I CAUGHT THE BOUQUET!!!!!  And yes, I danced with it the entire night while screaming "I'M GETTING MARRIED NEXT" at the top of my lungs.  LOL, good times.  The guy next to me caught the garter but he didn't have to fight nearly as hard as I had to for my bouquet.)

If you dont believe all my gushing, this picture is proof that I and D's wedding was one of the best in wedding history...who else had a Stormtrooper at their reception?!?!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

What The Flap?!

I purchased my first Chanel flap in 2007, I paid $2250 for the Jumbo. Today the Jumbo is priced at $3500.  The 227 2.55 I bought in 2008 was $2850, today the 227 is $4000.  Um, WHAT THE F*CK?!  Supposedly Chanel wants consumers to stop overexposing the brand - they want an Hermes-esque rep, not an LV-esque rep.  Thats very Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel but seriously, when I can afford to spend $4000+ on a leather purse, I'll make sure NOT to spend it at Chanel and instead, add the money to my Hermes fund (or knowing me, I'll probably end up spending the money on shoes!).  Since I doubt Chanel will bring the prices back down to the $2500-3000 range, I dont see myself getting a new flap...ever again.  That doesn't mean I wont ever spend money on Chanel again but definitely staying away from Chanel flaps.  Very sad way to end such a loving relationship but at least I'll have more money for CLs and Bals now!!  Hah, just kidding, sorta.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Remember Me??

Holy blog fail, Batman!!  I think I tried to make up for the past 3.5 years of 8+ hours spent in front of my work computer gchatting, emailing, surfing forums and blogs, watching youtube videos, etc. by avoiding my laptop like the plague.  But no worries, the crazy cat girl with the unhealthy shoe habit is back and hopefully will never go AWOL for such an extended period of time again :)

During my hiatus, I actually wrote down a whole list of topics to blog about but what better way to get back into the blogging spirit than with a post on new shoes?!?!!  

Clou Noeud:

I H A T E D these shoes when SCP first got them in for the F/W 2010 collection - 150mm, studs, bows, WTF?!!?  However, these are one of those must-try-on type of me.  Most people have been rocking the Clou Noeuds with dresses but these are also ahhhhhmazing with skinny jeans (the pic I posted is horrible but I was too lazy to change jeans).  Libby didn't care for the Clou Noeuds but was a big fan of the shoe box:

Gucci flats:

Got these for 75% off during the Nordstroms summer sensible and comfortable, perfect for school :)   Libby also tried to get into the shoe box for the flats but it didn't go so well...

(LOL, you can see Olivia in the background of this picture, watching Libby during her struggle with the box two sizes too small for her booty...)

Chantilly Lace Fifi

These shoes make me want to get married or at the very least, go to a wedding!!

Update shoe post, click here.

PS:  Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who continued to leave me comments and follow my blog despite the recent shortage of updates!  I promise to respond ASAP to all your comments and of course, read, comment, and follow your lovely blogs :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Buffets, Shoes, and Joel Robuchon

What I did in Vegas in 5 words or less: buffets, shoes, and Joel Robuchon. I know, I'm more like your typical 65-year-old crazy cat lady than your average 25-year-old single Asian female...

Hmmm, theres not much to say cept I love Steve Wynn.

One of my Vegas buffet-eating outfits:

(Forever 21 cardigan, random top my mom got for me when she was in Korea, Spanx leggings, Chanel Maxi, and CL Alambra espadrilles)

~Joel Robuchon~
French Laundry and Joel Robuchon are the only two restaurants in the West Coast with 3 Michelin Stars.  I figured I would see how JR fared against FL and as much as I hate to say it, JR wins. While Thomas Keller puts more thought into the combination of flavors and the presentation of each dish, the convenience of the limo ride, the splendor of the MGM Mansion, the magical carts (bread, cheese, and mignardises...those damn tangerine marshmallows!!!) , the generous and delicious take-home raspberry cake, and the attentive but not overbearing service all make Joel Robuchon more memorable than French Laundry.  I got a little shy with the pictures though cus while it was the norm for everyone at FL to go picture-crazy, I was the only person at JR with a camera...

Joel Robuchon outfit:

(H & M dress, Dior wristlet, and Louboutin Cate Trash.)

My future home - the MGM Mansion:

If you're not on MGM's invite-list, you can also stay at one of the 2 bedroom villas for $5,000 a night.  I'm going to start saving like, right now.....

Inside JR:

Pistachio raspberry cake:

The three places every shoe-lover must visit when visiting Vegas: CL boutique at The Palazzo, Shoe In at Wynn, and In Step at Wynn Encore.  Everything else, you can find at a location near you.  The CL boutique and Shoe In were pretty boring but my mom and I had a blast at In Step.  Well okay, I had a blast and my mom patiently humored my shoe fetish. As you may recall, I had a slight fixation on the Metropolis by Chrissie Morris (also here) at the beginning of this year.  Four months later, In Step is just abt done with its summer sale and the Metropolis in a size 36 was available at 60% off.  Yay me!!

In conclusion, buffets + Joel Robuchon + new shoes = excellent reasons to visit Vegas.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Closet Space

I think I might be taking this whole summer vacation thing a bit too far.  The past two weeks have been a lazy blur - only red wine and The Sopranos come to mind.  Thankfully I'm leaving for Vegas tomorrow so I'll be forced out of hibernation and who knows, I might even come back with something new for my closet.  Speaking of my closet, I finally got around to taking pictures for you guys :) Nothing fancy and the pics aren't all that great but I think you get the idea:

Closet #1: Dresses

Closet #2: Separates

Closet #3: Outerwear and shoes

Looking in from the left side:

Looking in from the right side:

Have a good week and I'll cya when I get back :)

PS: Click here for updated shoe collection.