Thursday, August 28, 2008

yay, Yay, YAY, YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! (Part 2)

This whole afternoon I was antsy at work cus I had this staring at me from underneath my cubicle:

I would've kept it in my trunk but recently some cars at work have been broken into and I was not going to risk getting the newest addition to my purse family stolen :P

So was what was inside:

NR & DA: If you're reading this...yes, those ribbons were $20K...LMAO (sorry, inside joke)

And heres my new 2008 Fall/Winter Act I Metallic Dark Silver Jumbo 2.55 :) This year's metallic dark silver is COMPLETELY different from past years. Previously the dark silver was almost a copper color whereas this year it truly is dark silver (with almost a hint of blue). The metallic doesn't show up really well in the picture and I have to say, I feel like they toned down the metallic-ness of the 2.55 this year (compare this with my metallic purple small 2.55 and this baby is much closer to the matte). I asked my SA how many they received and she said 3-4 but if you weren't on the list...good luck locating one :P

And heres the inside double flap.

Every since I got my purple small 2.55, I knew I had to get another one in the jumbo size. Earlier this year I set my heart on dark silver but was told that it was gone, all gone. Either I search eBay or I get the ones with those ugly stripes. After much persistence, I found out that it would be coming back but the dark silver would be slightly moderated. I put my name on almost every list at every Chanel that I could think of. You can imagine my excitement when I got the call yesterday from my SA :)

*Note: After looking at these pictures I just have to say...the dark silver looks really light...the color is much deeper and the metallic-ness comes out more :)

Whose Her Stylist??!

At first I was going to do a Celebrity Fug post but then realized Solange is a hog and stole all the ugly outfits in the world!! I guess this is her way of getting attention away from Beyonce...too bad this crap will only make Beyonce shine more (and I'm not even a fan of Beyonce...):

Gosh, I dont even know which part of the outfit is the worst part. The stripper top? The tights? The shoes? The bag?

Okay I feel like this picture was taken10 minutes after the first maybe someone whispered to her "Hey, your outfit is ugly" and so she changed really quick in the nearby public bathroom and dashed out to pose in the same pose. Unfortunately, attempt #2 is no better.

Why did she have to kill those two poor animals and wear them on her feet?? And that she trying to direct traffic with it??

Aside from hiring a new stylist, Solange also needs to work on her posing. Notice anything similar in all these pictures?? Yea, I know, I can even pose better than that...pshhhhhhhhhh!!

yay, Yay, YAY, YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!

Yesterday while I was driving home from work, I got a call from my Chanel SA. When I picked up she exclaimed "Your bag is here!!! Can you believe it?!?" After months of searching, wanting, wishing, and whining...I FINALLY got my hands on a _______!!!!! I went today during my lunch break to pick it up :) Look for a post later tonight!!!

PS: Amuse yourselves and try to fill in the blank...although I'm pretty sure my close friends already know what it is :P

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

From Your Sushi Plate To Your Closet??

I was completely caught off guard when I was reading Daily Candy today. The LA version featured handbags by One October. One October is focused on bringing eco-friendly exotic bags to the world of fashion and they're doing so by using farmed salmon skin. Totally a great idea since farm raised salmon will be eaten anyways and so the clutches are like a by-product of what we eat. The clutches run from $250-$370ish so its affordable and you're not harming any cows, lambs, snakes, lizards, crocodiles, or ostriches. The only problem I see? Salmon skin might take a while to catch on. I personally love what One October is doing but at the same time, I'll admit, the thought of carrying salmon around is just kinda weird (for example...will the leather smell be replaced by a fishy smell??). I mean yes, carrying any other animal around on your arms or shoulders is just as weird but I guess its just one of those things that takes time to get used to...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Remember In High School...

When the boys always wore those big puffy jackets?? Thats the image that I get every time I look at this bag from Bottega. I mean its Bottega leather so I'm sure its soft and delicious but I'm not a fan of the oversized quilted look. And for the asking price, I can't help but to feel a little cheated...its like they wanted to upgrade the famous Bottega weave and ended up with an extremely mundane bucket. Lets hope this is not a look that BV will be continuing in future seasons cus it sticks out like a sore thumb :P

Tiers And Ruffles

Ever since I bought my Geren Ford black tank with ruffles, I've had a new found appreciation for ruffled tops and even tiered tops since they usually tend to look like they're ruffled. Its like you add a little bit of dress and class to your everyday casual outfit. Of course, its easy to go terribly wrong with tiers and ruffles so keep it at a level where your body isn't swallowed up by them! Here are some great ones that I found on Saks:

12th St. by CV:

Tiers and ruffles, oh my!

See by Chloe:

Just that little patch of ruffles will work wonders!

Ali Ro:

See what I mean by dressy/classy but causal??

Madison Marcus:

Pretty simple tanks but just give it a try and you'll see :)


And if you really get into ruffles, expand to jackets and whatever else you can find that is tiered and/or ruffled but once again...make sure they dont eat you alive :D

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Man oh man oh man!!!! I practically fainted when I saw this Durga clutch on just now. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. Gorgeous shade of purple made from my all-time favorite ostrich!!!!! The best part?? The affordable price!! I'm seriously about to add this baby to my shopping bag...

It measures 7x12 inches and so its a pretty nice size for a clutch...would be absolutely delicious for nights out and would still be able to fit all your daytime necessities if you dont mind carrying around a day clutch (I personally dont like it but I might make an exception...).

Also available in brown and gray but of course purple is the best :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And The Point Is...

When I was in college, pointy pumps were all the rage. I of course amassed a fairly decent collection but sadly those pumps have been collecting dust for the past year as I switched my focus to round-toe pumps. Now after browsing around the internet, I was reminded of just how elegantly sexy pointy pumps can be. Todays findings have definitely inspired me to bring out some of my old pointy pumps and to start looking for new ones to invest in :)


DZ showed me these a few months ago and now I'm passing the torch to YOU. A useful tutorial so that you dont sound like an idiot when shopping around Rodeo :)

PS: Heres how to pronounce Lanvin

Givenchy Sacca Chain Handle Bag

I'm totally loving this bag right now. This is one of those simple, classic but functional bags that you can use and use and use and use. There really isn't much going on but I love the shape that it forms and of course that chain adds a little rock and roll to the muted elegance of the black leather. Pretty reasonable price but before you jump the gun and click the buy button, as always, I recommend going to scope it out in person first. Check to make sure that the leather is nice and soft or at least durable. Also make sure that the hardware doesn't make this bag too heavy to wear. I'll be on the look out for this bag next time I'm at BNY and will report back on what I find :)

*Update* I got to try this bag on in person and its okay. The leather isn't buttery soft but its definitely sturdy and of good quality. The Chain is cute but the bag overall is just okay. I guess thats expected since there really isn't much going on with it. Convenient and useful...the top selling points for this bag...

Revolving Clothing - Flagship Store!!

Revolve Clothing is one of my favorite online shopping stores. They have literally 1000s of items for sale and on sale from a huge range of designers. I always find great deals on there and it usually helps me pass time at work since theres just so much to oogle at :) Anyhow, I'm uber excited about the opening of the Revolve store on Melrose. Here are the details:

Grand Opening: Saturday, August 23th 11am-8pm.
Phone Number: 323-944-0311
Location: 8452 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood CA 90069

There will also be a special preview Friday, August 22nd from 11am-8pm.

If you can't make it to the preview, dont fret...the online store will still always be at your service ;)

Monday, August 18, 2008


I blogged about this purse in crocodile awhile ago but I think I'm now in love with this python version :P I've always found python to be a little creepy but gosh dangit, this color is just TOO perfect. Its suppose to be gray but I swear I see lavender...what do you think?? Compared to the price tag of the crocodile version, this bag is a steal at $2900.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Name Dropping

I'm not exactly a big fan of the LV monogram but I do admit to liking them when I first started my bag collection. When I discovered that they were actually made of canvas and only had leather handles and trim, I became bothered by the mass appeal of these bags with the general public. I think part of the reason is because a lot of people dont realize that their bags are not actually made of leather. I think the other reason is because with an LV monogram bag or any monogram bag, you're letting everyone and their mom know that you paid a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars for your bag. I myself was one of those newbies who thought if I spend my money on something expensive, I want EVERYONE to know that its expensive. I write this in shame and hope that my rep isn't tarnished by this admission :P Anyhow, the thing that I hope people realize is that TRUE fashion lovers know each design house frontwards and backwards. They dont need a flashy logo to id a bag, they simply know the style. More importantly, TRUE fashion lovers respect and appreciate the classic, muted styles ALOT more than the trendy, flashy styles. So next time you pick out a bag, think twice before getting the one with "LV" or "Gucci" plastered all over it cus you might be getting eye-rolls instead of looks of admiration. I say go for the "quiet" bags that will garner you more credibility and respect :) Plus, the classic ones always outlast the trendy ones...

Is This Really Necessary?

I completely understand why fashion houses like to expand their collection so that it goes beyond apparel, shoes, purses, jewelry, sunglasses etc. but there are still some things that are pretty darn unnecessary. Take for example this Bottega picture frame. I love Bottega and think that their quality of leather is the best there is but even if I was filthy rich, I would save my $400 and forgo this picture frame. I mean even if it was the most valuable/meaningful photo I had, I still dont think I would spend $400+ for its frame. I'd much rather drive to Ross and get one for $4...LMAO! No but seriously, some things are better left untouched by high fashion and I think picture frames falls under this category.

Get Your Priorities Straight!

After I went crazy during my shoe phase back in May, I've had nothing but handbags on my mind. Not a big surprise there I guess since I do call myself Purse Addict :P But seriously my WANT list of purses is at a all-time high. This is especially worrisome since the prices of these babies have been increasing steadily and my tastes have gotten much more expensive in the past year. So how am I suppose to check off every item on my list without going into debt (or face the wrath of my dad)?? A priority list!! I took a look at my WANT list and decided to prioritize the purses and in that way come up with a shopping schedule for myself. This allows me to pace myself (and money) while still being able to indulge myself in purses :) There are many ways of coming up with your own priority list but here are some suggestions:

1. Prioritize by price: If you're low on funds, it might be a good idea to get the less expensive items now and save up for the more expensive ones. OR you can forgo the less expensive items and save the money to get the more expensive ones sooner.

2. Prioritize by what you need or currently missing: If there is a specific style or designer that is missing from your collection or that you feel like you "need", you can put those towards the top of the list and save the repeats for later.

3. Prioritize by how much you want it: This ones simple. Put the items that you REALLY want on top and save the ones that you're lukewarm towards for later.

I personally created a priority list first based on everything I could think, purses, clothes, jewelry etc. Of course purses ended up being #1 since thats what I'm currently craving and so I went ahead and prioritized my list of purses. Again, there are infinite ways of doing this and of course, it doesn't even have to be for shopping but I find that it really helps to put my mind at ease!! Hope it works for you ;)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Butt Of Our Jokes

The Chanel Coco Cabas denim bag has been a long time inside joke between me and DZ. We both agree that if you're going to spend thousands of dollars on a bag, it should be a classic style made from leather or exotic skin. I mean why do you want to spend your hard earned money on a bag that will be an embarrassment within 12 months and have absolutely no upgrade value since its made from denim or canvas??! To us the bag you see here is the epitome of what NOT to spend your money on. Yea sure, its Chanel but tell me what part of this bag is worth $1300?? Is denim really that expensive?? I'll make you one and it'll probably cost me less than $100. I mean sometimes its a issue of taste. Some people just like this kind of stuff and dont mind spending their money on it. Fine, more power to you. Then there are those who buy this kind of stuff cus "Its a Chanel!". Those are the people I feel sorry for. They think they'll get an immediate status upgrade cus they have "A Chanel" dangling from their arms when in reality, they just went broke over an unfortunately overpriced piece of junk. So please, if you're going to splurge on a bag either A. Make sure you truly love it or B. If you want a social upgrade, make sure the bag is worth the investment...

**Note: If you are one of those people who think materialistic things give you an automatic social upgrade, I would also recommend spending some money on therapy...

Monday, August 11, 2008


Before I started obsessively buying every dress I came across, I spent all my time and money on skirts. My once huge collection of skirts has dwindled down in numbers since I donated and gave away the ones that I knew I would never wear again but my favorites are still hanging in my closet collecting dust :P Anyhow, I've been slowly getting tired of dresses...I think its cus I've managed to buy so many, nothing really excites me anymore. I found this picture of Penelope on and I'm feeling inspired! Maybe its time to bring out some of my old skirts and start investing in new ones :) But the problem with skirts is that I would also have to start buying more shirts to go along with them :P Anyhow...I think I'll go home tonight and play around with my skirts to see how many different outfits I can come up with...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Whats Up Studs??!

HAHA...sorry, cheesy title but I had to go there :p Anyhow...seriously, what IS up with the studs??! After just 20 minutes of browsing, I've come across way too many studded shoes and handbags and all have but uuuuuuuggaaaaalllllaaaaaay!!

Now see...just after I write a whole post about pretty Chloe shoes, I just had to find these atrocious things...I DARE you to wear these...actually, to be honest...I'll probably see these soon on some stupid celebrity

Wow...has Gucci sunk to the level where their creative director had to get together with Juicy Couture's creative director??! HAH...okay that was mean :P

This Givenchy shopper isn't even cute in regular leather so I'm absolutely baffled as to why they wanted to make it uglier by going crazy with the stud gun...

I'm SURE there are LOTS of other examples of studs gone wrong but I'm tired and so can only offer you three examples right now!


I'm always a little bit on the fence about Chloe but some of the shoes from the Fall 08 season have definitely impressed me...

Okay, I'll admit, there are MANY wedges that look like this but these are still cute, no? I love the big buckle in the front and the height of the wedge will give your causal outfit a little sex appeal :)

I can see how some might think these are ugly but I think with the right outfit and style, these could work wonders! The round toe is cute and yet that thin heel on the back is ultra the contrast...almost like a good girl gone bad type of thing :) The strap in the front is almost like a throwback to the days when women wore nothing but those fancy booties...right??! Anyways...

And then some funky pumps that are sorta 80s glam. I dont remember the 80s that well but from what I was a pretty cheesy time period :P BUT...everything in fashion repeats itself at least once in your lifetime! I think with a spunky dress, these would be killer.

And the flat version isn't so bad either! Although these would be kinda hard for me to personally pull off, I can definitely see some of you funky (in a good way!) gals pulling these off with some sass and confidance...WORK IT :)


I'm a pretty big YSL fan but the Trooper Platform shoes are just WAY TOO UGLY. So ugly I'm almost looking forward to seeing if anyone will actually spend $700 on these things and wear them around town. I mean I get it...they thought it would be cute to combine those military boots with a pump. Too bad theres a good reason why the military doesn't pass out pumps to female soldiers during war...IT JUST DOESN'T GO (and of course it wouldn't be very practical...)!! There are just some things in life that should remain separate...

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Sorry!! I know its been awhile since I've posted anything...I've been busy running around caring for a new baby while trying to make sure my other kid doesn't die from jealousy :P

Anyhow...amuse yourselves with this challenge/brain-teaser:

Group the following designers into categories and explain your reasoning behind each separate category:

Aeropostale, Gap, Splendid, James Perse, Ella Moss, Ya-Ya, Harajuku Lovers, Eli Tahari, Theory, BCBG, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Nicole Miller, Tahari, True Religion, Antik Denim, DIESEL, Dolce & Gabbana, Oscar De La Renta, Akademiks, Rocawear, JLO, Diane Von Furstenberg, Costume National, Betsey Johnson, Rena Lange, Steve Madden, Nine West, Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo

I'll post my response a bit later!

PS: My kids...I'm of course referring to my cats :P

Sunday, August 3, 2008

2 VERY Important Lessons...

#1: It is NOT a good idea to bring prized possessions out when you know you will be around lots of alcohol...especially if the people you're around can't hold their alcohol...

#2: Dont let your unreliable "friend" borrow ANYTHING. Chances are you wont see them or your stuff again. Oh was only $20 (complete set of SATC from China) so I guess I'll let her broke-ass get away with this one...

PS: Sorry I know I sound like a bitch but everyone is allowed to be pissy once in awhile right??