Saturday, August 9, 2008

Whats Up Studs??!

HAHA...sorry, cheesy title but I had to go there :p Anyhow...seriously, what IS up with the studs??! After just 20 minutes of browsing, I've come across way too many studded shoes and handbags and all have but uuuuuuuggaaaaalllllaaaaaay!!

Now see...just after I write a whole post about pretty Chloe shoes, I just had to find these atrocious things...I DARE you to wear these...actually, to be honest...I'll probably see these soon on some stupid celebrity

Wow...has Gucci sunk to the level where their creative director had to get together with Juicy Couture's creative director??! HAH...okay that was mean :P

This Givenchy shopper isn't even cute in regular leather so I'm absolutely baffled as to why they wanted to make it uglier by going crazy with the stud gun...

I'm SURE there are LOTS of other examples of studs gone wrong but I'm tired and so can only offer you three examples right now!

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