Wednesday, August 27, 2008

From Your Sushi Plate To Your Closet??

I was completely caught off guard when I was reading Daily Candy today. The LA version featured handbags by One October. One October is focused on bringing eco-friendly exotic bags to the world of fashion and they're doing so by using farmed salmon skin. Totally a great idea since farm raised salmon will be eaten anyways and so the clutches are like a by-product of what we eat. The clutches run from $250-$370ish so its affordable and you're not harming any cows, lambs, snakes, lizards, crocodiles, or ostriches. The only problem I see? Salmon skin might take a while to catch on. I personally love what One October is doing but at the same time, I'll admit, the thought of carrying salmon around is just kinda weird (for example...will the leather smell be replaced by a fishy smell??). I mean yes, carrying any other animal around on your arms or shoulders is just as weird but I guess its just one of those things that takes time to get used to...

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