Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh My Word

I love Gwen and most of her clothing line but her handbags are a COMPLETELY different story. I've seen plenty of FUG L.A.M.B. bags but this one leaves me speechless. Okay so you pick a ugly poop color, then you throw on a bullseye and top it off with a lamb in the center?? Interesting...but I have to ask...if you buy this bag, which outfit would you wear to "match" it?? Theres so many colors and different things going on here, I dont even know where to look first. Gwen, like Tory Burch, should really look into discontinuing her line of handbags and just focus on the things shes good at ;)

Bird Handbags

Ostrich has always been my favorite type of exotic skin and lately I've been dying for a new one. The problem? The price!! Ranging from $3000-7000+, its not like I can just skip over to a store and pick out my favorite ostrich purse whenever I feel like :P So imagine my excitement over Bird Handbags!! These delicious creations are by designer Liz Carey and I first learned about them awhile back through the Purse Blog. The slate bag on the left is the Lady and she'll cost you $1955. The emerald bag on the right is the Lil' Lady and goes for $1700. Now I'm not trying to say that $1700-1900 is cheap BUT compared to what other designers offer, these babies are darn good deals!! My favorite is the Lil' Lady in emerald and after some thinking, I've decided this bag should be #3 on my purse wish list. :D Here's another picture of the Lady so you can get an idea what it looks like when you wear it:

Of course you could also just wear it on the side of your body like Kate Hudson:

The style is a bit bohemian which isn't exactly what I usually go for but hey...simple design, well-made, good price, great colors and OSTRICH...what more can I ask for?

**UPDATE: I contacted Bird Handbags and found out that the price of the Lil' Lady is actually $1700 NOT $1610. Here are the size differences between the two: "The Lady is approx 32 inches from the knot in the strap to the bottom of the bag and about 11 inches across the body when lying flat on a table. The Lil lady is approx 30 inches from knot to bottom and 9 inches across the body. The Lady can be worn messenger style, across the body. The lil lady only works as an over the shoulder bag because the straps are a bit shorter." **

Saturday, July 26, 2008

All I Want For Christmas...

Last year all I wanted for Christmas was a new watch. This year all I want for Christmas is this VC&A Alhambra necklace in black onyx :D I dragged my mom into the VC&A boutique today at Southcoast and told her I wanted jewelry from there...she suggested I ask my dad to get my Christmas present from there and so I picked out this necklace. Of course I would like some diamonds on it but hey, I'm not greedy so this is plenty fine for me :P I haven't told my dad yet but I think its time for me to start doing some serious research and before he knows it, his inbox will be filled with emails from me regarding Christmas this year. My dad has always been against my purse addiction since he doesn't really see my collection amounting to much and he's always advocated that I switch to jewelry. Guess its time I start listening to him (at his expense of course...)!

If Only I Had All The Money In The World...

Okay I need you to imagine this bag...

In this color...

Its not the same as seeing it in person but this is the best I could come up with since I couldn't find a picture on google :P I saw this gorgeous Bvlgari ostrich bag at Southcoast and practically fainted. I ran in and asked the SA how much it was and as expected it was WAY out of my budget. At $7000, its about $4000 out of my budget :( She showed me the smaller size in the same color that goes for $5200 but that bag was so teeny tiny I would look ridiculous toting it around town. Oh well...guess I'll just have to make do with my lonesome ostrich Mulberry...

A Little Breathing Room For My Purse Wish List

Somehow, someway, I always end up with a hefty purse wish list. Just recently I had 5 bags on the list but I'm happy to say today my wish list can breath a little easier. I managed to eliminate one! I got a chance to check out the Maxi Fendi Baguette and I have to say...I was underwhelmed. The chain strap can be adjusted to long (I'm 5'2 and it came down to my waist) or short (a little above my elbows). I didn't care so much for the long but the short was aight. The problem however was the leather. I dont understand why Fendi and Dior think its okay to charge upwards of $1500 and use crappy leather. The leather is much too hard and feels like its fake. There is nothing luxurious about this purse although the clasp is kinda cool. Disappointing but at least now I only have to worry about 4 purses :D

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Me and My YSL Shopping List

The whole process of being addicted to shopping is actually quite complicated. Each year is divided up into the various seasons. Each season is precluded by the runway shows which gives you a chance to take note of what to watch out for or which items to ask your SA to put aside for you. Then you wait patiently for the season to actually begin (3+ months). Usually this is signaled by catalogs filling up your mailboxes or word of mouth (TPF). When the goods actually arrive in stores, you have to get yourself to the store, hope they still have it in your size (and that you can afford it), and finally skip home happily with your purchase.

Earlier this year, I had made a mental note about which items I liked from the YSL FW08 collection and today I came home to find their catalog waiting for me :) Lookie what I found...the pumps that I've been dreaming about are HERE!!! YAYAYAYAYAY :D

YSL Escarpin pumps (105mm) in black patent leather. Comes with either a gold or turqoise sole. Now I just have to get myself to the store, hope they have it in size 6.5, take out my handy dandy CC, and skip happily back to my apt :D

I also couldn't help but to notice the new grey Muse and now I'm sorta in love. Another thing about being addicted to shopping...expect the unexpected splurges :P

(Sorry for the crappy picture)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I WANT Those MJs Lucy!!!

Yea this is a fabulous picture and all but OMG those SHOES!!! Yes, I know, I dont need another pair of shoes BUT aren't those MJs just absolutely TDF?!? At first I thought they were YSLs but they're actually by Alejandro Ingelmo. His website is currently under construction but I'm for sure going to start stalking it :) I know the pic is kinda small so its hard to see the details of the shoes...if you're really curious, go check out the latest issue of Bazaar with Jessica Biel on the cover ;)

Monday, July 21, 2008


Since my Campana wont get here until the end of the year, I had to get something just to scratch my shopping itch :)

DAAAAAAH!!! Finally, the zip around in Turbulence is mine!!! My poor Dior wallet has been used and abused to the max and has been dying to be replaced for the past year. I'm so in love with my new wallet, I almost feel bad stuffing it with all my credit cards, coins, and business cards :( As you can see from the above picture, its very spacious with lots of compartments and card slots. In my perfect world, I would have the complete collection of zip around colors but for now, I'm satisfied with my lonesome Turbulence.

Battle of the Purple B's

I was faced with a VERY tough shopping dilemma yesterday. I had to painfully choose between two gorgeous PURPLE bags :( Toughest decision EVER...

First up...

Balenciaga Giant Brief in Violet Sapphire with gold hardware (shown above with silver hardware)

Pros: very cute shape and who can say no to that gorgeous color?

Cons: heavy, trendy

Then of course there was this...

Bottega Veneta Campana (large) in Turbulence (shown above in small)

Pros: BUTTERY soft leather, classic and timeless elegance

Cons: compared to the Violet Sapphire of Balenciaga, the BV Turbulence is a bit dull

Verdict: While the color of the Balenciaga is hard to beat, the leather just doesn't compare to BV. When I tried on the Giant Brief, the outward appearance I loved but when I tried on the Campana, the overall feel was heavenly. In my perfect world, I would get both but as DZ reminded me, I do not need four purple bags :( So with a heavy heart, I chose the Campana. Only theres a twist. The small size is a bit dinky so I had to special order the Campana in the large size. It'll cost me about 20-30% more but I'll be one of the few, if not the only person, with a large Campana in Turbulence :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Where Do You Touch Up On Your Makeup??

Although I only put on eyeliner and a little concealer underneath my eyes, I still occasionally need to do a little touching up here and there during the day. The question posed here is WHERE do you touch up on your makeup?? Personally, I only do it in the bathroom or in the comforts of my own home. I find it highly tacky when girls bust out with their makeup brushes in front of everyone and start furiously brushing up on their faces. Being subtle is key. I mean do you really want everyone knowing just how much makeup you put on?? I think if you want to give off the impression that you're well-groomed, its best that you keep the whole process private. And honestly, I would rather be late to work than to do my makeup at my cubicle. Unprofessional and tacky.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

baby dior

I dont plan on having a kid anytime soon but lookit what I found!!

Dior flats for your little girl!! KMN...these would be unbelievably cute on Mya!!! Sure shoes for babies are almost pointless since they can't walk yet but still...

I also found what might be the scariest teddy bear ever made...

Eck. Aside from the fact that its from monogram hell, dontcha think babies would be absolutely terrified if gifted with one of these teddy bears??? I'm a full-grown adult and I know I would be scared if I ever came across this bear...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Refreshing, Definitely Refreshing

Now THIS I like. Simple, muted elegance. No big logos, no fake fur popping out of the edges, no sequins on top. Just a simple bag with a simple closure and chain. Though it might be on the big side for shoulder bags, I'm hoping its sorta like the Jumbo Chanels. I may be slightly brainwashed by Chanel but I feel like the thin metal chain gives this bag a sort of vintage feel. Why couldn't Fendi have done more Baguettes like this instead of opting for those logo embossed Baguettes?! I like this so much I almost want to run out to the nearest Fendi and try it on. Wow...its been awhile since I felt like this about any Fendi bags. Anyhow, if the real thing is as good as the picture, this bag should be soft and roomy. A perfectly classic day-bag to add to your collection :)


Can someone please tell me why this Versace bag is priced at over $3000?!? The description on eluxury says its made from puckered nappa leather. Wow...puckered leather is that expensive huh?? No but seriously, have someone from Versace call me and enlighten me with the reasoning behind the price. Not only is it expensive for no good reason, its UGLY. Ugly AND overpriced. Niiice. What we're all looking for in a bag. BTW..whats up with that tassel?!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shopping Therapy Sessions

As silly as this may sound to some people, shopping is a real addiction. Though it may not be detrimental to your body physically, it does affect you mentally and can have long-lasting effects on your bank account. I was diagnosed with the addiction some years back and I have my ups and downs. Currently I'm in my calm phase. Like most addiction support groups, current addicts usually get better through the help of past addicts. It takes one to know one.

Its no secret that DZ and I are shopping buddies. Recently our relationship has progressed into one of patient and therapist. Shes the patient and I'm the therapist. Due to patient-therapist confidentiality agreements, I wont go into details but I thought it would be helpful to point out some general things that might help all you shopaholics out there...

1. Suppression is not the answer. When you tell yourself you wont shop for this amount of days or until that happens, you are creating nothing more than a trap. Your mind becomes obsessed with the fact that you "can't" shop and yearns for the pleasures that come with shopping. You start making wish-lists of what you'll get once you're out of probation and before you know it, you can hardly sit still. I think the best thing to do is to get it out of your system in a REASONABLE manner. This way you'll get to scratch the itch and you'll prevent future set-backs.

2. Dont be greedy. A common problem with shopaholics is the fact that we "want it ALL". One pair of shoes is not enough, we need 10. One bag isn't enough, we need one in each color. Before you go out and splurge and splurge, you really need to spend some quality time with your closet. Look at what you have, what you love, and what you dont need. Most shopaholics know what they have too many of and what they need more of. Save yourself some money and skip buying the same bag in a different color and invest in something that is actually missing from your closet.

3. Class not trend. So much time, money, and anguish can be saved if you just remember to be classy and timeless instead of trendy. Passing fads are always tempting but always short-lived. Why bother hunting down the IT item if its just going to be laughable the next season? You're much better off just sticking with the classics which tend not to change much and hence will automatically be much easier to keep up with.

4. Time heals all. Yes, believe it or not, sometimes the urge to shop just goes away with time. Take some deep breaths, go read a book or pick up a hobby that'll keep your hands and mind busy. Give it a few days and you'll suddenly realize your totally over those shoes or that bag or this dress!

5. A sale is no excuse. We're all guilty of buying something just because it was on sale. So many purchases sneak their way into shopping probations because of this excuse. Next time when you find something thats going for a ridiculously good deal, ask yourself "Can I live without this?" If the answer is yes, then why bother? Yes, its on sale but it'll add up!! Save it for something that you absolutely cannot bear to live without. You're closet and wallet will thank you.

I'll post more therapy sessions as they come up. And yes, I accept Chanels, Bottegas, YSLs, and Louboutins as form of payment.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Vogue China

Vogue China launched back in 2005 and is a true testament to how times have changed in China. I was born in Beijing, China and lived there until I was about 4 years old. The changes that have taken place are apparent just about everywhere. Changan street is barely recognizable nowadays, old apartment buildings have all but been replaced by modern skyscrapers. Luxury stores are popping up everywhere as the numbers of self-made millionaires go up. Sure the general population still carry fake LVs but authentic luxury goods are slowly making their way around as high-society circles expand. With that said........I am INSANELY JEALOUS of my cousin who just landed a summer internship writing for Vogue China. NOT FAIR!!!! What I would give (or wouldn't give...) for an opportunity like that :( I know my cousin will do a fantastic job writing for them BUT shes definitely not as addicted to all things related to fashion as me...NOT FAIR!!!!! *SOB* I'll go cry in my corner now and pray that she has the time to give me the complete rundown of every single minute of her internship...

Friday, July 11, 2008


You would think by now I'm sick of Loubs but I've fallen in love again...

Damn you Gattaca!! I wasn't going to pay these any attention since I still think the patent loafer pumps were cuter but I guess I made do with what I was given :P Again, these aren't as cute as the patent loafer pumps BUT they would still be pretty killer with some jeans!!! I was about to order them but with taxes these would be close to $1000 and I dont know man...thats pretty steep for some loafer pumps...

Okay the Very Croise are slightly cheaper with a totally different feel. The Gattaca would be for my preppy-casual days and these would be for my nights out. I probably wouldn't pair these up with jeans but they would work wonders with some of my dresses...

I'm hesitant to add these to my shopping list since its already kinda full and these two would probably tip me all the way over to 2010...not cool...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

From Italy...With Love

One of my trustworthy partners in crime, DA, was in Italy recently and took some pictures that she knew I would appreciate :)

Everything looks simply mouth-watering. Although I know you can find these styles/sizes in the US stores, its awesome knowing that DA thought of me when she passed by Chanel :) Plus, everything is better when its from Europe :P

Thanks DA!!! (I know you really meant to buy me a Chanel but didn't have time...its okay, next time I'll let you make it up...HAH!)

Monday, July 7, 2008

What What You Do If...

You got this as a gift...
Dont know about you but I'm not sure if I would be able to hide my disgust/disdain/displeasure/distaste...

It was an awfully nice gesture on Carries part but I personally would've gone for the Mahina instead of the Motard Firebird. When Jennifer Hudson's character busted this tragic looking thing out of the pretty brown box, me and NK both looked at each other and whispered "ITS SO UGLY!" I mean it really IS hard to believe that anyone could jump up and down in pleasure when gifted with this work of art. I mean seriously, what outfit would go well with this bag?? And who can honestly say they think this is a chic and classic bag thats totally worth $5400?? Yea, thats what I thought...

On the other hand, Jennifer Hudson's character could I guess auction this off on eBay and use the money from the auction to buy herself a better bag and hence would no longer have to rent bags :)

BTW...this is my last SATC post for the day :P

Judith Leiber Strawberry Cupcake Clutch

Sorry, I'm on a roll with this whole SATC thing. So anyways, I love cupcakes and I love clutches but a strawberry cupcake clutch? No thanks. As adorable as this is, can you imagine a grown woman carrying this around?? Not if you want people to give you that "I feel sorry for the loony chick over there" look. But the SATC movie opened my eyes. HAHA...sorta. I guess if you have $5000 to spare and you have a three year old kid who you think is deserving of a $5000 clutch, this would be the perfect pick. But to be honest...I'd rather save that $5000 and award my baby with a better, more classic clutch for later...when they're old enough to appreciate things worth $5000. OR you can just save it for their college fund...

The REAL Star of the Movie...

Okay so I'm a late-bloomer. It took me a little over a month to finally get my butt into a movie theater to watch SATC but I finally did it this weekend. Overll, I enjoyed the movie (even got teary-eyed at parts :P) but felt like the label-dropping was a bit tacky. The original series made numerous labels that much more coveted not because the four gals were constantly talking about labels but because they wore them nonchalantly with class. I guess they had the pressure of sponsorship on them. Anyhow. Before watching the movie, I had noticed numerous blogs and forums talking about the famous blue satin Manolos. Those were nice but dontcha think the real star of the movie were none other than these Dior Extreme Cutout Sandals??

Sure they dont have as much sentimental value as the Manolos but these Carrie wore these shoes with numerous outfits throughout the movie and I think I even saw Samantha wearing them at one point. In a movie where it seemed like the stylists pretty much had full blown cases of ADD, I think it speaks volumes that these shoes were one of the few recurring pieces throughout the movie :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Steve Madden Midory

When I was in middle school (8th grade), I rocked these 4.5-inch Steve Madden loafer heels. That was followed by 3-inch Steve Madden white sneakers (remember when everyone had those white Cathy Jeans sneakers??). Yeup, Steve was the man back then. But in recent years, its come to my attention that he does a lot of copying....BOOOOOOOOO! I can't remember the last pair of Steve Maddens I bought and I certainly dont remember myself liking peep-toe booties but these suede booties from Steve are just adorable. I think the side strap does wonders for this shoe and makes it that much more stylish. These would probably be great with either a cute winter dress or skinny jeans. Definitely worth trying on!!

TPF (aka The Purse Forum)

I know I throw "TPF" or "TPFer(s)" around every so often but I think its about time I do a little ode to my support group :D Anytime you google anything about anything that has to do with purses, you'll notice that the top search results are from TPF. TPF is an AWESOME forum that currently boasts more than 124K members, all addicted or share the love for purses (and shoes and clothes and everything else luxurious on this planet).

I know personally for me, its always been hard to find others around me who share my addiction to purses. You can then of course imagine how thrilled I was when I discovered this wonderful resource. Not only do you have 124,000+ other people just as into purses as you, you also have a whole team there to give you advice and knowledge about literally every purse out there. If you ever need a place to show-off you latest purchase, TPF is the place to go. If you ever need advice about a bag or need help deciding what to buy, TPF is the place to go. If you have any questions about styles, prices, colors, seasons, etc., TPF is the place to go. If you ever want to vent or whine about a situation, TPF is the place to go. You get the idea.

Besides the complete 101 on purses, TPF also has forums about shoes, clothes, the news, and threads meant for members to get to know one another better in the General Discussion area. My other personal favorite is the Deals and Steals forum. You can find shopping discount codes and the latest info on sales! And finally, can you find nicer, more encouraging, and helpful people?? Nope, not really.

Sign up today and even if you're too shy to create threads or reply to other threads, you can also just go to oogle at pictures of other people's AMAZING collections!!

PS: I'm CCKL on TPF NOT purse.addict cus I know there is a member with that name!!!

Fendi F/W 08

I'm at work super early today since I wanna get out of here early :P Since its the 4th tomorrow, our VP told us we can work 5 hours today...since I got here at 7am, I can leave at 12pm :D Anyhow, I opened up my Gmail and saw Neimans advertisement for the F/W 08 Fendi collection. Fendi has been somewhat disappointing for the past two years (purses, not the shoes or clothes) but its common knowledge that it only takes one really good season for a house to turn around ;)

So Fendi has gone through bag phases over the years. The Baguettes ruled the world for quite a while. Then when they retired, the Spy came to dominate us in a wide array of designs. When everyone in the world owned a Spy, the B-Bag was introduced. Too bad the B-Bag never really took off and it seems like Karl is trying something new this year. A Secret Code...

Interesting name but can't say I'm dying to break the Code. I guess you can't be sure until you try it on but this for sure does not have my heart racing. Its too....whats the word...ornate?? It almost looks like an antique artifact that should be displayed at some quirky museum. Any fans? (In the words of IC...*cricket, cricket*)

I guess I like the clutch version slightly better but the more I look at this picture, the weirder the bolts are to me. And plus, I almost feel like the motif of this clutch is closer to the B-Bag then it is to the Secret Code (I swear, everytime I say this name in my head, a little voice automatically goes "OOOoooOOOOo....seeeeeeeecreet...").

And then you have Ugly. HAHAHA...sorry, I know I own a Zucca Spy but that HUGE logo is just tacky, tasteless, and UGLY.

Good thing the shoes are much better (which usually tends to be the case with Fendi...) :

How very Louboutin of Fendi! Love the high platform and the bow and satin material make this a perfect shoe to go with all your fabulous evening gowns :)

I'm not big on t-strap shoes but this'll do, I guess. Actually, these would be pretty bad ass with some skinny jeans OR if you have the legs (meaning...long, slender, and straight) for it...those black latex leggings...

I love riding boots. Even though I dont own a pair, I still looooooove them.

Okay cheaters! These boots came out in suede last year. Dont think I dont notice little changes like that!!! I have a very sharp eye for these types of things...

And finally, the F/W dresses (which I unfortunately can't afford...but no worries, I'm sure in a few years I'll be able to spend thousands of dollars on a day-dress)...

Not sure if this is F/W but still love it!

What would a post be nowadays without some purple??!? I mean the puffy sleeves could potentially be sorta spacey-ish (image of Anna W at this years MET gala comes to mind...) but I love the body hugging silhouette of this dress.

The final verdict? Bags are yet again a disappointment and yet again, the shoes and clothes keep Fendi alive.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

YSL Negative, New Clothes Affirmative

So this morning Rue La La had a great YSL sale. The colors and styles available were great. You had the Muse in Large or Oversize in red, black, and white. You had the Downtown Large and Tall in black, blue, aqua, metallic silver, and metallic gold. You had the Tribute in magenta, gold, and violet. You had the Uptown in black. You had the Rive Gauche in black and white. There was a couple more styles and colors but those were my personal favorites. I was debating between the blue Downtown (Large) and the white Muse (Large) but apparently I was too slow at decision-making because both were bought before I could even get DZ or IC on the phone :( I've learned my lesson yet again...ALWAYS buy before you think! HAHA...kiiiiiiding. No but seriously, since Rue La La has a good return policy, it might not be a bad idea to just go for it next time. So anyways, yes I am a bit sad/disappointed/bitter at how the sale turned out but I did some retail therapy at Revolve and bought me a new dress and sweater :)

Whitley Isabel dress in deep sapphire. I know it seems like I'm addicted to purple but to be honest, I really dont own that much purple! I just like to talk about it alot :D

Ella Moss Patridge silk cashmere sweater in electric blue. Ever since I bought my C&C cashmere sweater, I've been convinced that cashmere sweaters are one of THE most versatile items one can own. I've worn my C&C sweater so much, I've had to have it mended twice already so I think its about time I bring in a replacement :P

Both items worked out to be under $100 and so not only did I find great deals today, I feel somewhat better about the whole YSL fiasco.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Death Becomes Her

Is it just me or does it look like her head is on backwards?? Very creepy. When I first saw this on Revolve, I sorta paused for a sec and did a double take. The more I look at it, the more odd it looks. It sorta looks like her head was stuck onto the body and the hair is just there to cover up the evidence. HAHA. Reminded me of that awesome movie from the 90s...Death Becomes Her :P

Yet Again With The Purple...

Yea, sorry...another purple bag :P Givenchy seems to be making the Nightingale in just about every color but my favorite so far is this purple version thats available for the Fall/Winter collection. Look familiar DZ?? Hehehehe...DZ spotted this bag (the version we saw might've been the cracked leather vs this patent leather but the color is about the same...) last time we were shopping at Southcoast and she promptly made a mad dash for it. Both of us took turns trying the bag on but we both agreed that the length of the straps is just awkward. Although this bag should technically work both as a handbag and as a shoulder bag, it really only works as a handbag. And even though it looks great dangling off of your arms..theres just something thats incredibly unattractive about that short, stumpy strap. The bag is very spacious and not that heavy but again, not too keen on that strap...