Thursday, July 3, 2008

TPF (aka The Purse Forum)

I know I throw "TPF" or "TPFer(s)" around every so often but I think its about time I do a little ode to my support group :D Anytime you google anything about anything that has to do with purses, you'll notice that the top search results are from TPF. TPF is an AWESOME forum that currently boasts more than 124K members, all addicted or share the love for purses (and shoes and clothes and everything else luxurious on this planet).

I know personally for me, its always been hard to find others around me who share my addiction to purses. You can then of course imagine how thrilled I was when I discovered this wonderful resource. Not only do you have 124,000+ other people just as into purses as you, you also have a whole team there to give you advice and knowledge about literally every purse out there. If you ever need a place to show-off you latest purchase, TPF is the place to go. If you ever need advice about a bag or need help deciding what to buy, TPF is the place to go. If you have any questions about styles, prices, colors, seasons, etc., TPF is the place to go. If you ever want to vent or whine about a situation, TPF is the place to go. You get the idea.

Besides the complete 101 on purses, TPF also has forums about shoes, clothes, the news, and threads meant for members to get to know one another better in the General Discussion area. My other personal favorite is the Deals and Steals forum. You can find shopping discount codes and the latest info on sales! And finally, can you find nicer, more encouraging, and helpful people?? Nope, not really.

Sign up today and even if you're too shy to create threads or reply to other threads, you can also just go to oogle at pictures of other people's AMAZING collections!!

PS: I'm CCKL on TPF NOT purse.addict cus I know there is a member with that name!!!


inagreyforest said...

I heart tPF!

Nice blog, Purse Addict. :)

Purse Addict said...


i totally heart TPF...has something on there for everyone :)

jane said...

ure so cute! <3