Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oh Yes, Yes I Did

Okay I lie, I do have the time and energy to blog...

My first day back to work and lookit what was waiting for me:

Yup, thats right, I went ahead and joined the studded VP club :) I hated these when they first came out. I thought they were a bit too overboard but when I started seeing pictures of people with these on, my heart softened up a bit. Then I went out with some fellow CL lovers and one of the gals had on her studs and the entire day, I only had eyes for her shoes. Thats when I realized I had to get a pair of my own. These have been sold out almost everywhere but Miami just got a new shipment in so HURRY AND CALL cus I'm sure they'll be gone soon.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays!!

I'm staying right here in So Cal this holiday season but I might not be able to post until next week or maybe even later than that cus...WE'RE MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my first house and the fourth for my parents :) Absolutely perfect ending to a phenomenal year ^.^

Happy Holidays!! Have fun, be safe, stay fashionable.

*EDIT: Since I probably wont have the time and/or energy to blog until after NYE, have a SAFE and fun New Years!!! Please have a few drinks for me but DONT DRINK AND DRIVE :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Everything In Moderation

As you all know, 2009 was the year when I officially went shoe crazy. You also all know that I've been working hard these past few weeks to eliminate unnecessary sale shoes. I'm proud to report that I've returned the following: YSL Divine booties, Chloe wedges, Silver Goa Rolandos, Red patent Rolandos (yes, I was finally able to admit that they were 100% unnecessary), and gold glitter Lady Lynch. So far, I'm not missing any of them. Returning these shoes also made me realize that a person's closet shouldn't be dominated by just one category of items. I love my shoe and purse collections but its about time I give other essentials some TLC...everything in moderation will be my new motto. Everything as in not just shoes and purses; moderation as in doing away with the 10 pairs of new shoes in 1 month habit :P I think I'll concentrate the next few months on adding new clothes (gotta have the clothes to go with the shoes!), watches (I have always loved watches and decided its time to get a collection going), and jewelry (I need to start forcing myself to accessorize more) to my closet. Stay tuned cus I already have two new purchases to share^.^

PS: When I was at Saks and BNY returning shoes, it was almost shocking how empty both places were. I was also amazed at how much inventory was still out on the sale racks. This can only mean one thing...get ready for second cuts!!

PPS: The picture is suppose to represent a well-rounded closet...the picture is also there because I originally had a different name for this post which went well with this picture...

Wish You Were Here...

Okay fine, I'm not really in Papeete, French Polynesia right now BUT I do have Papeete in my closet :)

My Bal Twiggy in the new pre-S/S 2010 Papeete has kept me company this entire weekend. I've been on this weird sea foam green phase lately and out of all the new Bal colors, Papeete was of course, my first choice. I would say this is more of a electric sea foam (you electric blue...) that some might even call turquoise but whatever the case, I love the pop in color. The leather this season is smoother than the F/W 2009 season. Less veiny, richer, and has almost a sheen to it. Luxurious Papeete butter. Happy to report that my Bal/sea foam green fix is now satisfied :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

All This Acid Is Giving Me A Headache!

Is it Friday yet?? No?! SUCKS!! It feels like Friday today and I dont know if I can make it through another work day tomorrow. My brother is back home for winter break and it was painful/sad for me to leave the house this morning while the rest of them ate breakfast, watched TV, and lounged around in the family room. To top it all off, my head hurts, I'm dizzy, my throat is itchy, and my nose feels a little stuffy. Sigh, once again, my pretty shoes are helping me through the day:

Debut of my blue acid python LCs!! The fit is very snug since its 1/2 size down from my normal LC size but I'm sure after today, these will be perfect :) I'm making an effort to wear all of my recent purchases..I only have two more shoes to go!! I should probably also force myself to wear the shoes that I've only worn once...reintroduce them to sunlight...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rockin' Tuesday

I officially do not feel like being productive today. I'm also feeling a bit sick and tired and cold. At least I have my shoes to help me through the day :)

Finally, finally, FINALLY wearing my Rock n Republic shoes :) These run big so i would advise to size at least one whole size down when ordering. Very comfy though.

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Glorious Monday

Hi, hi, hi, hi!! Its just been one of those days when a whole bunch of little things end up making me perky as hell :)

1. Woke up this morning to my adorable dad making me a 3 layer sandwich for lunch while running around trying to finish cooking my breakfast AND feed my cats. My heart melted a little.

2. Realized I have pretty good timing/shopping karma when it comes to NM online: a few months ago, I bought my mom's Christmas present from NM online. That qualified me for a $200 gift card. Got the gift card today and spent it on presents for my dad and brother. This in turn qualified me for ANOTHER gift card. LOL..yes, I am really THAT good when it comes to shopping :P Oh, and I also have yet another gift card coming my way due to my InCircle points!!

3. Got word today that my new Balenciaga Twiggy is en route to meeeeeeeeee!! Should be here by the end of this week. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! I got to see some pictures of it today and the color is actually better than I had thought it would be :)

4. Got a phone call from my mom this afternoon. The big project that consumed six months of my life earlier this year has paid off...for the third time!! Sorry, can't say too much more until a few months from now...stay tuned!!

Hope you guys all had a great day :) LOL, sorry, I realize this post is a bit out of place but I just wanted to share my good mood with everyone!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Updated Pics, An Exciting New Addition, And Some More Editing

As promised, here are some updated pictures:

10C red Maxi:

I've been wearing this for about a week now and I love it a little bit more each time.

Blue Acid Python LC:

I can't make up my mind about the color on these. Sometimes I look at them and I see why some people thought they were too close to black but other times I see the blue and then still other times, I see purple.

Lanvin Pumps:

God, these are so amazing. So, so, SO amazing.

And the latest addition to my CL addiction:

Gray Python Nabuck Decollete:

I had held off on getting the Altadama version for months but last week I got weak and started calling the boutiques. The Altadamas are sold out everywhere but I was able to locate the decollete version from Horatio :) The color is a true blue-gray and the sueded texture is almost like the softness you get from watersnake. I have to admit, when I first got them I thought "Crap, these are just like my Lanvin pythons..." I'm happy to report that while close, these two are still different enough for me to justify the purchase:

The Lanvin is more of a true gray, right?? Right. I'm also not exactly sure on the treatment of the Lanvin python. Is definitely not sueded but it's also got that watersnake softness going on.

On a much less exciting note, I'm sad to report that the Chloe wedges are also going back. After awhile, they weren't as comfy as I originally thought and I feel like I can find cuter wedges if I just practice some patience. For new readers, I promise I'm not the type to buy a lot only to return a lot after a few days. I hardly ever make returns but this season, the guilt factor has been eating me alive. I feel a bit more at ease and I think my editing has all been well justified :) The jury is still out on the rouge Rolandos...on one hand, the Rolando is one of my favorites styles. On the other, I realize it is unnecessary to have two closed-toe pumps in the same exactly color. BUT then again, they're so pretty on :( ACK - I'll give it another week or so before I put my foot down once and for all.

Finally, on a completely random note, I spent I dont even know how many hours last night wiping down every single pair of shoes in my upstairs closet and seized the opportunity to take a picture of my pretty Lanvin shoe boxes:

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Missing: Self-Control

I always seem to out do myself with each sale season. When this F/W sales first started, I told myself that I was only allowed 3 pairs of sale shoes. 10 pairs of sale shoes, 2 pairs of regular priced shoes, 2 Chanels, and 1 Bal later, my self-control is finally making a come back. I think, I hope. The reappearance of my self-control is actually why I haven't been blogging this week. For the sake of my sanity, I've been busy trying to edit my sale shoes. Heres what I came up with:

Keeping (these are in addition to the shoes that I've already posted):

Chloe wedges on sale at Saks:

These are just adorable and SOOOOO incredibly comfortable. In fact, I might try to hunt down a pair for my mom...

Lanvin pumps on sale at BNY:

I originally was trying on the burgundy version but when I asked the SA to look for a smaller size, he came back with this bronze patent. Once they were on my feet, I think I actually started jumping up and down out of pure shoe joy :) I think these might actually be one of my favorite sale purchases this year.

Plum suede Ataldama on sale at Saks:

Most stores were REALLy low on stock this year so I feel incredibly lucky to have scored these from the Saks pre-sale. Thank you Shopping Gods and my wonderful SA in Atlanta!!

Rouge patent Rolando on sale at Saks:

Again, very lucky find :) These are about 1/2 size too small for me but no worries - I'm almost an expert when it comes to stretching shoes! To be honest, I'm a bit on the fence about keeping these. I already have the Biancas in the rouge patent and I have 3 other pairs of Rolandos in my closet. Not sure if this is really necessary buuuuuuuut I just feel like I would regret returning these shoes...especially since I've had red Rolandos on my list for awhile now. HELP!!! What do you think?? Keep or return??


YSL Divine booties on sale at Saks and BNY:

These are amazing shoes but at the end of the day, not really me. I think its the heel that bugs me. I dont know..they looked great while I was at the store but when I got home, I wasn't so into them anymore.

Lady Lynch in nude glitter from NM online (not on sale):

I've been getting so many lovely comments from all of you about how pretty these shoes are but unfortunately, they're not as lovely to walk in. I know, so unlike me...returning shoes because I can't walk in them!! Sigh. I would've definitely kept these if I didn't get so carried away with the shopping but since I did, I had to eliminate shoes that I knew wouldn't get much wear. I went back and forth on these for about two days before I finally sent them away...SOB.

Silver goa Rolando on sale from NM online: Sorry, I didn't even get a chance to take a picture of these (they're also completely sold out online so I can't even copy and paste a pic for you...)! My dad was a bit too eager and returned these before I got a chance to take pics and have DZ try them on :( These were really pretty but way too big for me. Even with double and triple padding, they still felt loose and were not comfy at all.

So there you have it. My net = 8 pairs of sale shoes, 1 pair of regular priced shoes (ETA: this Friday!!!), 2 Chanels, and 1 Bal (ETA: next week??). At one point, I'm going to have to remember to buy new clothes...

Annnnd...this is for BCBG :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Today I turned 25. I feel old. I think I would ideally like to be 23 forever ^.^ To make up for turning one year older, I came home yesterday to find TWO packages waiting for me.

I had wanted to take pics last night but didn't get around to it until just now. I'll update this weekend with better pictures but for now...

Louboutin Lady Claude in Blue Acid Python:

These are without flash...not really what the shoes look like in real life but what the heck, posting them anyways :)

Sorry, I got a little carried away with the pictures :P Its really hard to capture the color on these...I feel like they're more purple than blue in real life. Anyhow, blue acid python was a BIG deal for Louboutin Fall 2009. I was originally on the list for the LV boutique but I chickened out when they actually came in...I just wasn't mentally ready to spend $1300 on one pair of shoes. Lucky for me, they WENT ON SALE for 40% off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*UPDATE* As I was falling asleep last night, it dawned on me...I had surpassed my original CL goal. At the beginning of 2009, my goal was 25 CLs by 25. These Lady Claudes bring me to 50 CLs by 25.

And then there was this.....

F I N A L L Y - my red maxi!!!!! I've been waiting for this sucker for I dont even know how long. This color was even harder to capture than the blue acid python. I gave up after awhile but I'll try again in natural sunlight this weekend. This red is described as a "true red"...very vibrant. I would say its like a tomato red with a slight hint of red-orange. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it :) My Chanel family is almost complete - I need sea foam green, bronze, and fuchsia to complete the color wheel buuuuut truth be told, I probably wont rest until I also get purple caviar, beige caviar, and patent...

I was playing around with my iPhone when it freaked out on me:

Kinda nifty...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lilac Love and Heidi Montag??!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving weekend :) I received two more shoes this week and finally got around to taking pics. Sharing my newest CL additions:

Lilac Ron Ron:

FINALLY!!! I've been waiting for these to go on sale for ages!! I really wasn't suppose to buy any thing from the SCP pre-sale but once I saw these, self-control just went out the window and unfortunately, hasn't been seen since :P The good news: I'm almost in the clear...just need to see the list for a few more places and I'll be done with the sales. I hope.

CL lilac suede family pic:

Purty, huh? There is a lilac patent coming out for the Spring collection but I'll probably hold off on that cus my CL senses tell me they'll eventually go on sale.

Now onto something a little less pretty, Heidi Montag. I hate the fact that I have to lump her into my lilac post but I didn't think it was worth doing a separate post. Anyhow, Heidi makes me cringe no less than you but the girl does have a drool worthy closet. Example:

This outfit as a whole is gross but lets just concentrate on the lower half. Those Miu Miu socks are GORGEOUS!! I couldn't get myself to spend $400 on them BUT I was able to get myself a pair of the CL Mamimo booties that shes wearing with the socks:

I have to admit, I hadn't paid these any attention until I saw them on Heidi. You see, Speidi is good for something after all!!