Sunday, September 30, 2007

End of September Shopping Spree....WHEEEEEE!!!

Okay so it hasn't even been a week since my dad and I had a heart to heart about me and my lack of control when it comes to shopping and I've already gone back on my word! You have to admit though, it was bad timing on his part since theres no way I can refuse a BDB sale, outlet shopping, and the fall BNY sale :) I do promise to be good after those though!!! Anyhow, I would love to sit here and re-account my glorious shopping adventure with DZ today but I'm beyond tired. I'm sure DZ will never want to hang out with Kent and I again after what we put her through today...SORRY but we really didn't know we would end up walking 5 miles :P I don't have the energy to look for nice pictures online so you'll just have to deal with these two pictures...I'll post more tomorrow when my body is functioning again!! Good night and god bless Rodeo Drive...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bottega Veneta Spring 2008 - Woven Frame Bag

Being a purse addict is similar to being addicted to crack (I'm imagining...not speaking from personal experience)...the minute I make a new purchase, I'm already thinking about my next purchase. I'm constantly looking for my "next target bag" and I think I've made my decision. Many BV lovers will tell you the simple weave is addicting and they're not lying. I think for my next bag purchase, I'm going to go for another Bottega. Since the ostrich bag is a little out of my price range right now, I think perhaps I should hone in on this classy frame bag from the upcoming Spring 2008 line :) I have to give credit to the fabulous bagsnobs for this find and picture. Although it doesn't look it here, this bag is a little on the huge side. Hopefully they'll have a mini version and maybe more colors!! I should probably check in with my Saks SA to see if he has more info and hey, if I order it now, it probably won't get here until March 2008 so I don't need to feel guilty :)

Gucci Indy Large Python Top Handle

Something new for a change, instead of praising and admiring luxury items, lets take a moment to trash one :) Although Gucci has been hard at work trying to promote the Indy Top Handle bags as the latest must-have, most people just aren't giving in. I don't blame them. Although I like the overall shape of these bags, I absolutely detest the whatchamacallit tassels hanging off in front. Don't you agree that this bag would be so much more attractive if those cowboy-ish things were removed?! This bag also comes in a hideous array of color combinations...out of the kindness of my heart, I'm only showing you the most classy (and expensive) version! But perhaps the most infamously negative feature of this bag is its handle. Sure it looks kinda cool on display, in pictures, and on someone else's shoulders but the minute you try one of these suckers on, you'll realize just how uncomfortable the handle is. Not only does it add 5lbs to the bag, it probably will leave a nasty bruise on your shoulders. I actually tried this bag on back in February at Neimans and can honestly confirm the nasty rumors surrounding this bag. People who were dumb enough to buy into this bag most likely broke out in sweat after an hour of dragging it around and grimaced in pain as red sores began to form on their shoulders. Sorry Gucci but impractical bags with tacky tassels and color patterns just aren't that easy to sell...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Designer Cars

Since school has started for all you lucky non-working people, traffic has become worse in the mornings for hard-working people like me (hahahaha). Today as I was waiting at a red light, I watched all the cars and their drivers turning onto the 10. Without really meaning to, I began to pay special attention to what car the person was driving and how the person looked. Sounds very shallow, I know, but it was fun! And to sound even more shallow and materialistic, the car the person was driving really made up a big part of how I imagined the person to be. Since I don't want to come off as a complete snob/bitch, I'll save the details for myself :P However, my concluding ah-ha statement is simply: The car you drive, whether you like it or not, will influence the way others judge you. Additionally, the car will also either enhance your image or take away from it. Of course you're good friends will know better than to judge you from the car you drive but I'm talking about strangers here. And yes, there are some very tricky people out there who spend their money on luxury cars just for the sake of looking good in front of others but at night drive home to a run down house. But that's another story...I'm digressing...I almost feel like I've lost my point in the midst of my rambling and I also realized a lot of the things I say may end up offending someone :P I'll just end this quick...Louboutins definitely look better coming out from certain cars than from others and I desire to one day drive a hot Aston Martin around with my ostrich birkin in the passenger seat :)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Louis Vuitton Vavin PM

Wow I'm on a roll right now! Blogging about expensive things is really putting me in a better mood :)

So I took a picture of my LV Vavin this weekend with the intention of posting it but then I realized that LV is much better at photography than me :P So here is the bag that started it very first designer handbag that I bravely purchased at the tender age of 17/18. I don't remember what got into me that day but I made it my mission not walk out of the LV boutique at Valleyfair empty-handed. I think I went in there hoping to walk out with the mini looping purse which is a shoulder bag but realized it was too mature looking for me. I ignored all the snooty glances I got from the SA's and tried to act like I knew what i was doing...I think I broke out into sweat by the time the SA was charging my credit card :P I tried on several different bags before choosing the vavin which I thought best fit my age. This is strictly a HANDbag and it can get a little tiresome toting this around all the time...definitely not a good bag to go shopping with. The other annoying thing is the fact that there is no way to close this bag...I used to be really paranoid about getting things stolen but they have a little secret area inside that fits small wallets perfectly. This was THE bag for me for about a year or so but I haven't used it at all for the last 3-4 years. Compared to my other bags, this one is on the small side but it holds a lot of sentimental value so I've refused to give this one up. Also I was looking at curretn price on eluxury and daaayamn...prices have gone way up since I first started collecting handbags...

Christian Louboutin Patent Loafer Pump

I'm trying to stay away from purses for a while since I feel like I've gone a little over the top with just the sheer number of bags that I've purchases thus far for 2007. Therefore lets talk about shoes! These Louboutin loafers first caught my eye when I was reading the latest InStyle (or one of the many magazines that I subscribe to) and it had a small article on the lady who started NAP. She had these pumps on in metallic silver with a simple black dress and it looked super duper chic on her. I haven't been able to find the metallic silver anywhere and even these black ones here are actually sold out...the only ones you'll most likely run into are the brown ones. I know at first glance these seem more suited for a working MILF but really I think it would look super cute with a simple shirt dress or maybe even some skinny jeans. Since winter is coming and theoretically temperatures are going to be dropping (although who knows with global warming upon us), it would be a great time to start looking for sweater dresses that I'm sure would go great with these shoes. If you do it right, you'll be able to add sophistication to your "I'm in my 20s closet" :)

**PS: To all my dear readers...did you know that you can easily leave a comment for me after any of my posts?? All you have to do is sign in with your gmail account name and password. You do not need to also have a blog to comment on my blog! I would really appreciate if I got more comments just so I don't feel like I'm writing to myself and two other friends :P Thanks a bunch **

Outfit Envy - Victoria Beckham

Girls envy Victoria for various reasons, sure she's married to David Beckham, drives a custom Bentley with her initials stitched onto the seats, and struts around in outfits worth thousands of dollars on a daily basis, but her Hermes collection is what really drives things home for me...who else can claim ownership to over 100 Hermes bags?! And here I am, hard at work plotting how I'm going to get my hands on just ONE birkin bag to be used when I'm in my 30s!!! I swear she has every birkin in every color made from every kind of skin you can imagine. Usually I just gloss over pictures of her with a birkin because really its getting old...we get it, you're rich as all hell :P But today I'm really obsessing over this outfit of hers. This is considered casual for her and although I can do without the skinny white jeans, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit. Her white birkin is blindingly white and is in my opinion more of an eye catcher than all her other colorful birkins. I love her cropped jacket which matches perfectly with her blue tank. And to top it off, she has fabulously cute white Louboutin peep-toes on!!!! A lot of people make fun of Victoria for overmatching her outfits but I think she did a great job with this one...she has two very basic colors spread out evenly and is doing the whole casual chic thing. Yea shes a little on the bony side and not exactly the prettiest girl ever, but I honestly think she can pull off outfits like no one's business. So lets stop the hating and turn our jealousy into admiration for this one fashionable lady :)

Kitty Washroom

As most of you know by now, I love my Libby dearly and want the best of everything for her. Lookee what I found!!! Of course Libby's current pink litter house is also fit for a princess but this kitty washroom will definitely make things much cleaner for her mommy :) I love how it comes with a little towel and pooper scooper hanger on the side and the fact that it can serve as a mini bathroom stand for us humans as well. Although my bathroom is not big enough right now for this upgraded litter box, I definitely plan on getting one in the future. I'm sure my mom is going to love this as well since the litter box is one of her big things against Libby :( Depending on my future bathroom, maybe I can get my dad or Kent to help paint it as well!! Or perhaps if you're already happy with your current litter box, you can use this as a mini-bedroom for your pet but I have a feeling Libby might prefer the ottoman over this...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Burberry Rainboots

Although LA has seen a total of only 2 gloomy days so far in 2007, I still want these Burberry rainboots. I've had my eyes on these since last winter and even dreamt of them once :P And although these boots are not even on the pricey side, I still feel somewhat retarded buying rainboots in LA. But these might prove to be useful for my visits back home...although I don't remember the last time it was raining in the Bay Area either... I remember the first time I heard that JC was moving to Boston, one of the first things out of my mouth was "You're so have an excuse to buy the Burberry rainboots and earmuffs!!" Gosh I wish I had been obsessed with these back when I was still at UCLA since I remember plenty of times where my jeans got soaking wet from walking to classes in the rain. Thanks to global warming, LA hasn't really seen rain that much and thanks to graduating, I don't ever really have the need to walk around in the rain anymore. So you see, if I ever bought these boots, I would probably wear these once a year at the very max and hence this would be a stupid purchase :P I won't even bother whining about the earmuffs since they would obviously be an even more outrageously senseless purchase. BTW...JK, I remember you telling me that you wanted the Burberry headbands but that they were sold can buy them online!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Designer Sunglasses

Please excuse this crooked picture but I never promised professional quality images!! I was trying to think of topics that I haven't blogged about and realized that I had completely overlooked the sunglasses category. Now everyone in LA knows how important sunglasses are and I believe everyone should own at least one pair of designer sunglasses. This picture here is my sunglasses drawer. Starting from the top right hand corner and going down, theres my first pair of Dior's, three Chanel's, my Bvlgari, and the recently acquired Tom Ford's. In the middle column I have another Dior, the Giorgio Armani that started my collection (I lost the case to this back in college...), and a pair of relatively new Oliver Peoples. The top right hand corner are all of my non-designer glasses which are nice to keep in your car and for days when you just don't feel like going through the hassle of carrying around a pair of designer glasses, directly below these are my D&G's, my two Gucci's, and finally my Marc Jacobs. I'm thinking of giving my first pair of Dior, Gucci, Armani, and D&G's to my mom since they're so outdated by now. If I do give these to her, she'll probably feel bad and give me permission to go out and buy new ones :D

Now let's talk about caring for your sunglasses. These don't come cheap so it would be nice if you treat them with the respect they deserve. First of all, leaving sunglasses in the car is a big no no!!! When I first got the D&G's, I left them in the car for half a day and found that the sun had bent them out of shape. Trust me, once a pair of sunglasses get deformed, even if you get them re-shaped, they just aren't the same anymore :( This is why you should also buy a few pairs of cheap sunglasses to leave in your car; you'll be covered if you ever forget the nicer sunglasses at home and it won't be a big deal if the cheap ones ever get deformed. Everyone should also invest in a sunglasses cleaning kit. The one I got from Sunglass Hut comes with cleaning solution, a cleaning cloth, and a mini screwdriver. Although most sunglasses come with a "cleaning" cloth, this should never be used to actually clean your lenses. Think of these as more of dust covers. The mini screwdriver is also handy since sunglasses tend to loosen with use. Finally, sunglasses are not sturdy so don't assume dropping them once or twice is no big deal. This seems like a no brainer but I don't want anyone to go through the heartache I went through with my first pair of Chanels. I think out of all of the stuff I own, I actually give my sunglasses the most TLC...weird now that I think about it...

YSL Logo Belt

Okay work has been absolutely insane...they shouldn't be allowed to do this to me!!! I didn't even get a chance to post anything yesterday...instead I got to stay until 6:45pm and it seems I'm only going to get busier...

The only thing that brightens my mood is the possibility of acquiring more materialistic things :) I've never been a big belt person mainly because I don't really know the correct and fashionable way to really wear one but I've always admired belts on other people. The other day, I totally vamped up my Diane von Furstenburg black chiffon babydoll dress with a random belt I found in my drawer. Now I'm convinced that I should begin investing in belts. One of my Betsy Johnson dresses comes with a red belt and I have to say, it totally makes the dress what it is. I love this YSL belt, its simple but has chic written all over it. Its available both in black and this gold color you see here. Ideally I want to stay away from always ordering things online (BTW...I just found out that I can send stuff to work so I really need to start being careful...) so perhaps I should make a little trip to Beverly Hills tomorrow :) Wait what I'm I saying?! I really shouldn't since I've basically been shopping non-stop and have two big shopping excursions with DZ coming up...but hey if I do go to BH, I'll also be able to pick out presents for Kent for our anniversary and my parents for Christmas!!! BTW...whats a good designer for men's wallets???

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I'm sorry but how can you not love this little girl?! She's MY Suri!!! When I grow up and have babies, I want them to be exact replicas of Suri :) I think human cloning is creepy and a sign that humans will end in self-destruction but for Suri I'll make an exception. I love her almost as much as I love fact they remind me of each Okay I just sound like a crazy lady now...
And yes, Suri is considered fashion because 1. Shes always dressed to impress and 2. Anyone would look good toting her around

Vintage Dior Haute Couture - Spring/Summer 1959

I'm having one of those days where I have a ton of stuff to do but just feel like browsing the many fabulous fashion sites out there :)

Okay...I think the history of this dress is worth more than the actual dress. Are you ready??? This is one of the couture dresses that Yves Saint Laurent (pronounced E-San-La-Ron...although dont quote me cus I still don't have the 'La-Ron' part down and this is not even his full name...) designed for the house of Dior back in 1959 for his second couture collection!!!!!!!!!! This is just absolutely priceless and my head would be in the clouds if I was to ever get my hands on this very delicate dress. I'm scared to call and inquire about the price but this is in my size and its not yet sold!!!!!! Meant to be? I'd like to think so!!

Yves' biography is fascinating and somewhat tragic...he left home in 1953 at the age of 17 to work for Dior and eventually took over/saved the house of Dior 4 years later when Dior died. Unfortunately, YSL was forced to join the French army where he was the target of hazing which left him mentally unstable. After his nervous breakdown in the army, Yves left Dior and started the famous YSL label. He finally retired in 2002 and the house of YSL is now owned by the Gucci group (lucky-ass Salma Hayek :P). Now that you know a bit of history behind the YSL label, don't you feel more connected to the clothes, especially this dress from Yves' early years??

Christian Louboutin Rolando Platform Pumps in Bronze

Although I am super busy at work and have yet to completely finish my applications for pharmarcy is a freakin' GREAT day!!!!!!! I just ordered the beautiful shoes you see to your left from Saks and just in time too since there was only one pair left in my size :) DZ was the first to bring these shoes to my attention about a month ago. She's more in love with the purple suede version but I immediately knew I had to have the bronze version (black satin would've been nice too but of course they're all sold out and plus I already have the sling-back version in black...). I didn't immediately order these online since I was counting on trying them on in the stores or even waiting for the BNY fall sale. I quickly realized my mistake as within that same week, these disappeared from both the website and the stores. By pure luck today, I was browsing the Saks website and saw that both the bronze and purple were back on!!! Determined not to make the same mistake twice, I immediately put these in my shopping bag, did some magic with the keyboard and bam, these pretty shoes are now mine!!! They're scheduled to arrive around the end of this month and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell that I'm excited?! I'm sure these will be uncomfortable as they are the same as my black Rolando Plateform Sling-Backs but I don't care!!! Daaaahh...okay, I think I'm going to go calm myself down with some important Greater China licensing work now...

PS: Thanks DZ for offering your work address to me :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier

I will be taking a loooong Thanksgiving vacation this year and I'm planning to bring Libby home with me to the Bay Area. Poor Libby is going to go on her first plane ride and I'm sure shes going to hate every minute of it :( This does however, provide the perfect opportunity/excuse for me to purchase a nice carrier for her. Although designers normally only make carriers for dogs, they make them for small dogs and Libby is basically the same size as a small puppy hence making it reasonable for me to splurge on this LV dog carrier, no? I think both Libbby and I would look pretty fashionable walking around LAX with this carrier :) Although I've semi-sworn off LV Monogram canvas bags (the only parts that are leather are the handles and lining...), I don't know of any other designers who have carriers available. I still have about 2 months to look around but at the same time, I should really think about how much is too much for my precious little baby. I've already spoiled her rotten, she has more toys than most human babies and I even turned my ultra soft and comfy ottoman into her personal bed, so I wonder if I'd be over doing it by buying her this LV carrier. But then again, the carrier would be more for me than for her cus she sure as hell wouldn't know the difference :P Let me know if you know of any other designers who have dog carriers!!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Asian Eyelashes

**April 18, 2010 - New and improved version.

I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say every Asian girl has had a lifelong battle with their cursed straight eyelashes. For us, ordinary eyelash curlers and mascaras just don't cut it. Over the years, I have tried just about everything and this is what works for me.

Starting from the left, we have the famous Shu Uemura eyelash curler, mascara base by Shiseido, heated eyelash curler from Sephora, mascara of your choice (as long as it doesn't clump, you're good to go), and Sephora eyelash comb.

Although time consuming, the end result is absolutely worth it. Take notes ladies 'cus this method really works!

1. Begin by turning on your heated eyelash curler (I use the one from Sephora but really any brand should work just fine). The hotter the better so give it some time to warm up.

2. Using the Shu Uemura eyelash curler, tightly curl eyelashes for 5-10 seconds. Repeat as needed.

3. Once you've achieved the desired curliness, apply 3 coats of the Shiseido mascara base.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to the other eye.

5. Apply 3 coats of mascara to each eye.

6. Curl each side again for 5-10 seconds with the Shu Uemura eyelash curler.

7. Go over your eyelashes with the heated eyelash curler. This will curl any stubborn lashes that the Shu Uemura curler wasn't able to get, it will also melt away clumps.

8. Use the eyelash comb to separate any eyelashes that are sticking to one another.

9. Go out and enjoy your curly eyelashes :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

End of Summer Santa Barbara Getaway

I've been MIA for the past few days due to my weekend getaway to Santa Barbara with Kent :) Since Kent used to frequent Santa Barbara, he did all of the planning and after two years together, he's figured out that I absolutely adore shopping. When we were unloading the stuff from the car today, it occurred to me that we looked more like we had just gone on a major shopping spree rather than a vacation in SB.

One of the first stops in our trip was State Street in downtown SB. As we drove by old antique shops, Kent eagerly told me "I think you'll going to like shopping here!", I tried my best to not let my disappointment show since buying antique furniture really wasn't on my to-do list. Just as I was beginning to wonder where the hell SB residents buy their clothes and if Kent really even knew what I considered to be shopping, I glanced up and screamed "SAKS FIFTH AVENUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" God bless materialistic America and my bf who knows just how materialistic I tend to be!!!! If you ever go to SB, you MUST stop by State St. which is lined with trendy boutiques and restaurants. I tried to limit my shopping to boutiques unique to SB and ended up buying wide-leg Rich and Skinny jeans at Blue Bee Jeans which seemed to be really popular with SB folks. Since I'm really not that big of a boutique shopper, we decided to save the shopping for the Camarillo outlets which would be on the way home.

I don't even remember the last time I went shopping at outlets, it was probably sometime in high school at the Gilroy outlets, but boy did we shop today :) Kent was a real trooper and waited patiently as I went into store after store, tried stuff on, and waited in line to pay; I rewarded his patience with Nike basketball :D Among my purchases, I am the most excited about my two Betsy Johnson dresses, one of which is pictured above (Spring/Summer '07). If you've ever been to a Betsy Johnson boutique, you know that shopping there is quite an experience. The walls are painted HOT pink and there are just racks overflowing with funky and colorful dresses; Kent was initially amused by the decor but after about 10 minutes in the store, had to take a breather outside:P I'm not really that big on Betsy Johnson formal wear since its a bit much in my opinion (some are just straight up fulgy) but her casual day dresses are on the uniquely cute side. The great thing about Betsy Johnson is that her clothes never go out of style because they were never in style to begin with! These dresses are great if you want to go for the young and trendy with a bit of funk look. However, I get the feeling that Betsy designs her dresses for gals with small boobs. For almost all of the dresses that I tried on, the dress overall would fit fine, some even a little bit big, but I had the hardest time zipping up past my chest area!!! Guess you win some and you lose some huh? Anyhoo, with everything said and done, I had a blast this weekend and shopping at the outlets was a great way to end the trip...right now I'm totally pumped for more outlet shopping, anyone up for the Desert Hills Outlets?! I am willing to drive if you are willing to shop hardcore with me :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

YSL Touche Eclat

Ever since high school, I've been on a constant search for a good concealer. I don't ever really break out or have weird colored spots on my face but I do detest the dark circles under my eyes. After years of looking, I've found my savior: the infamous YSL Touche Eclat. Who cares if I can't pronounce it and refer to it as "the YSL pen thingy"?! All I know is, I absolutely love my YSL pen thingy !!!! The Eclat comes only in 4 shades; the light number 1 (this is the one that I use), the even lighter number 2, the almost orange number 3, and the dark number 4. I was a little turned off when I learned that the pen works by you pushing the top clicker (I had a horrendous experience with the Dior liquid eyeliner and really never wanted to click anything again...) but this baby here works just fine. I usually use about two clicks every morning (be sure to hold down for about 20 seconds or so per click) and blend using a concealer brush. The trick to the Eclat is not to overblend it. Since the Eclat is so light, you won't ever get that cakey look that usually results from underblending. The first few times will take you a little longer than usual just cus you'll need to get used to the consistency of the Eclat but I almost guarantee that you'll end up loving this product which btw is YSL's top seller (one is sold every 20 seconds...I'm not joking...)!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Summer '06 Dior

I don't remember the technical name for this Dior but this poor thing here kept me company all through the summer of 2006. It comes with memories of long hours at the local Starbucks with my MCAT books :P Its been sitting in my closet for a while now and its in desperate need of a bath. I was quite careless with this one and shamefully will have to admit that there are a number of stains on there from a trip to Mr. Noodle in Westwood with Kent...

This bag actually has a somewhat funny story behind it. I remember back in early 2006 I saw this on eluxury and decided that it would be my next bag. It just so happens that my dad was going to HK on a business trip so I emailed him a picture of this bag and asked him to pick it up for me at the Dior boutique in HK (you bypass taxes this way...). A few days later, at about 3 or 4 in the morning, I start getting phone calls from a man who just kept yelling "HELLO?!" I kept on hanging up on him 'cus I thought he had the wrong number. Finally when I decided to ask the man who he was, he replied "Jenny?!!!" and I realized that it was my poor dad calling me from HK. He explained that the Dior boutique was having some special gift drawing where every customer had a chance to win prizes after their purchase; turns out he had just won 5000 HKD worth of Dior credit and he wanted to know if there was anything else that I wanted!!!! At the time, I really could not think of anything specific to describe to him so I just asked him to pick out a wallet. The next day when I told my mom the story, she was furious at the fact that I would suggest a wallet instead of asking my dad to buy her a bag...oops :P To make a long story short, my dad is a wonderful husband and used his better judgement by going against my wallet request and using his prize money to buy a Dior Shopper for my mom :)

BTW...the last time I went to Rodeo with Kent, we saw a newer and improved version of this bag! Instead of cloth, the new version has sort of like the Prada Nylon bag thing goin on and in place of the Dior name plate, theres a Dior charm dangling off of the straps.

YSL Ostrich Mombasa

Do I really need to even write anything about this bag?! Please just respectfully admire this piece of art...

PS: I will make an effort to stop dedicating entries to ostrich bags...

Hello Kitty

Okay admit it, back when you were in high school, one of the coolest places to be seen at was Sanrio. I remember when the Sanrio store first opened at Hillsdale, it was the hippest place to be. Although I no longer pass time by browsing through the pretty stationary and taking pictures at those Sanrio picture machines, my heart will always have a soft spot for Hello Kitty and friends :) Neimans started carrying the Kimora Lee Simmons (the fabulously obnoxious ex-model who married and divorced the hip hop gold mine also known as Russell Simmons) Hello Kitty jewelry collection a few years back and I've always secretly loved this collection. The only problem is, I just can't justify spending so much money on a diamond studded cartoon cat. Sure it would look cute now but when I'm 40, will I really wear my Hello Kitty diamond necklace to the next big party? Lets hope the answer will be NO! Perhaps in the future, I can spoil my daughter with one at an young age so that she can wear it on her pretty little neck all throughout her childhood, teen years, and early 20s :P The collection also includes rings, bracelets, zodiac sign pendants, and even watches.

Monday, September 10, 2007

7 High-Rise Wide Leg Jeans

I've been absolutely swamped at work and really have so much other stuff to do at home that I really should not even be signing on to this blog. Just a quick blurb about jeans. I've always thought the high-rise, wide leg look was a big no no since its just too easy to mess up. Unless your 6 feet tall and weigh 110 lbs, chances are, you're going to look a little stumpy with that fit on. However, DZ has given me hope and inspiration. She was rockin' a pair of wide leg jeans that looked great on her. I was amazed at how slimming the fit was and kept on complimenting her the whole day (something I rarely high school buddies know this about me...). I think the important thing is to make sure you have the jeans tailored to the perfect length. Trying on a pair of wide leg jeans is definitely now on my to-do list. I still don't know about the high-rise part, but I'm going to give the wide leg look a shot...

Bottega Ostrich Woven Hobo

Okay I lie, I just realized that I had started this entry at work so I might as well finish it :) So basically what Bottega did was take their most basic and classic bag, vamp it up with ostrich skin, and offer it to you at more than three times the amount normal BV bags go for. And you know what? I'm a complete sucker for this, love, LOVE it!!! If you flip through the most recent fashion magazines, chances are you'll see this bag or its bigger and pinker sister featured in the BV ads. Once again, I am not greedy so this "cheaper" version will do just fine (the big version is 4 times the amount of normal BV bags which is a helluva lot of money...). I love how the signature BV weave is tied in with the ostrich skin...letting all ya'll out there know that yes, this is a ostrich bag and yes, it is a Bottega Veneta ostrich bag!!! How hot would this bag be with an all black ensemble?! This would be perfect with my black turtleneck sweater dress and my knee high boots...*sigh*...okay must not desire such extravagant items...there are kids starving in Africa and the money saved from this bag could probably feed the village for a year or more...

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Badgley Mischka Spring 2008 Collection

Oh My Dear Dear God...I WANT THE ENTIRE BADGLEY MISCHKA SPRING 08 COLLECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These pictures give you an idea of what lucky New York Fasion Week goers got to preview this past week at the show...*whimper* I don't even have a favorite because I love all of the pieces the genius duo are putting out for the upcoming season. Most of the dresses in the collection have that sort of goddess, ethereal flow to them and they come in the most amazing colors and patterns. *Deep sigh* Although I love them all, I would be happy if I even got to own just one of the dresses...maybe just even trying it on would be, who am I kidding...trying these dresses on would be like self-multilation unless I had the money to buy them all :( This past spring and summer, I have become addicted to buying dresses. The dress side of my closet has gotten awfully crowded but there will always be room for more...especially if the dresses are Badgley Mischka dresses. I wear dresses almost four days a week now and the idea of wearing pants seems confining. Dresses are so don't have to worry about matching the top with the bottom, in one easy motion you have a fab outfit for the day! Its just so much more easier to move in dresses rather than tight pants and BTW...tight pants give you cellulite because they push all your fat cells to the surface and the end result is that cottage cheese look :P *Anguished cry* why oh why must I be tortured like this?! Just one...I won't be greedy, one will do...

Team Angelina Forever

Besides the fact that shes absolutely gorgeous, incredibly sexy, and shacks up with Brad Pitt everyday, this pictures sums up my love and admiration for Angelina. When I grow up, I seriously want to be just like her :) Of course I'll try to have my own kids first before adopting one from every third world country but when I have a baby girl, shes going to be just as stylin as Zahara!!!! This picture is just too frickin cute...matching mother and daughter Valentino Histoire bags!!!! When DZ and I were at Saks on Friday we actually saw this bag and we both cried out "Angelina's bag!!!" I personally don't care too much for this bag in particular but heck, Angelina looks hot carrying it and the baby version is adorable. Maybe Valentino can make a version for kitties and Libby can run around with it in her mouth :D DZ and I didn't try this bag on because we both were kinda indifferent towards it but this white version looks awesome against Angie's all black attire. DZ and I are both more in love with the Valentino Maison bag in metallic silver but it really is an uncomfortable bag. The patent leather handles cuts into your skin when worn on the shoulder and the handles are kinda short so the bag fits really tightly on the body. I hope Katie Holmes see this pictures of Angelina and Zahara and goes out and starts asking the designers to make mini versions of handbags for little Suri...daaaaaahh....Suri would look so cute trailing behind her mom with a mini Valentino Maison!!! If you don't know already, you will soon discover that I am absolutely obsessed with Suri Cruise...

Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Chanel J12 Watch

I've had my Omega Constellation watch for about 3 years now so I think its about time for a serious upgrade :) The Chanel J12 is all I want for Christmas this year and I've already given my dad the heads up. Of course I don't need two rows of diamonds surrounding the face, one will be just fine for me. However, some diamonds on the actual face of the watch wouldn't hurt anyone now would it? I remember when we were at the Chanel boutique in HK a few years ago, the SA tried to get me to look at these watches but at the time I was just so deliriously happy that my dad had gotten me my first Chanel bag that I had turned down the offer. Now I think I'm ready for some alone time with these beautiful white ceramic watches. The SA at the Southcoast Chanel told me that these were very scratch resistant and she found it easy to match with most of her outfits. I'm a big watch wearer so this purchase would be totally worth it and I'm not just saying that because I'm feigning for the sparkling diamonds! Now I just have to be on my best behavior and make myself worthy of the J12 :D

YSL Update

Yesterday I discovered that I had completely underestimated the power of YSL. Those YSL Maryjanes are harder to get than any other luxury item I've desired in recent months. First of all, there are actually two different versions and Barney's is the only place that carries the one that I like. However, Barney's doesn't even carry them inside the store and there are only sizes 8.5 and up left on the website!!! Saks and Neiman's carry the less desirable version but even if I liked those, I would have to order them online because both places are sold at in stores. I have huge reservations about ordering these without trying them on first so I think I'll skip that option. I guess I could try the YSL store at Southcoast but quite frankly, I'm tired. Tired of spending so much energy on something that is going to cost me alot of money. Geez...who would have thought giving your money away could be so difficult?! So now I must keep telling myself "No, you do not desire these classy stripper shoes!!!" BTW...DZ...I found these purple ones just for you :)

Bottega Veneta Woven Trapezoidal Hobo

The Bottega Veneta slogan says it all: "When your own initials are enough" . The BV classic and simple weave pattern puts monogram logo bags to shame. Bottega has made it a strict policy to never rely on trendy fashion fads to stay on top; they understand that good quality and craftsmanship are enough. Most BV bags are as simple as simple come. You won't find any dangling charms or random pieces of leather hanging off of these bags. Bottega offers their classic colors white (I'm not sure what the BV term for white is and I'm also unsure if white is only a classic summer color...), black (aka Nero), and dark brown (aka Ebano) year round and comes out with limited seasonal colors that usually sell out before the season has even begun. I was lucky enough to snatch this pretty Bottega at Saks the day that I gave up the Nuti ostrich bags. I remember I asked Chuck what the new colors were and he pointed out this bag, immediately I grabbed it before anyone else could even think about coming over to my territory. The interior of the bag is lined with beige suede and there is a magnetic closure hidden on the flaps. The more you use this bag, the softer the leather gets and I fall more in love each day. I also take great pride in owning this in-demand grey color because apparently it sold out within the a week of my purchase! Not only is grey the IT color of this season but this particular shade of grey is unique in that its almost a blue shade of grey. If you ever do see this bag in this same color, please let me or SY know 'cus she's been looking for this bag everywhere!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Chloe Lambskin Bay Bag

I've never really been a big fan of Chloe and never really completely understood the fascination people had with the Paddington (although I have warmed up to it a bit more). However, I am not one to turn down handbag sales and so when DZ invited me to join her for the Chloe BDB sale, I quickly accepted the offer. We rushed over to the BDB office and was led into a disappointing room with various old styles from Chloe. Sure they were cheap but these bags were no where near what we had been anticipating. We spent a total of 10 minutes at the sale but left feeling determined. Determined to spend our hard earned cash elsewhere or in DZ's case, the $500 gift certificate she just received from her boss. We stopped by my beloved Barney's where we first determined that I was going to put Balenciaga behind me once and for all then we went to check if they had the YSL Maryjanes in my size. Sadly, those darn shoes are sold out everywhere (stupid size 9 people, shoes are always available in your size!!). Unfazed, we marched steadily over to Saks where I began trying on every bag in sight. We ran into Chuck who sold me my Bottega and he delivered the bad news: some stupid SA got wind of the two Nuti ostrich bags that he had been trying to clean for me and bought both of them. Its okay, I'm not angry, the stupid lady can have those dirty bags for all I care. My recovery time was almost instaneous because by then I had already laid eyes on the Chloe Bay bag. DZ and I both sighed in contentment as I tried the bag on and realized I had found a new friend. This bag definitely looks better on the shoulder than on display so to really appreciate it, you have to see it on someone else. The leather is distressed lambskin which gives it a sort of worn out look and I absolutely love the beige color. DZ also didn't go home empty handed. Today she bought her very first Louboutin!!!!! She decided to go for the Black Patent Activa shoe which both JK and I purchased during the Barney's summer sale back in May. She'll look extra sexy with those on at work...muahahahahahha :)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Fendi Zucca Spy

My Fendi Zucca Spy bag is the bag that started my 2007 mad shopping spree. I originally went into Fendi at Southcoast and purchased the Fendi Zucca Magic bag but later found a slight imperfection with the leather. When I went to the Fendi on Rodeo to exchange the Magic bag, I ended up walking out with the Spy bag instead. Yes, it was an impulsive and major upgrade (the Spy is double the money), however its been worth every penny. This is one of my favorites and I only put it away in an attempt to be fair to my other bags. I know many people detest the Fendi logo but I think this bag incorporates it in a very classy, nonchalant way. The surrounding calf leather is ultra soft and was one of the main reasons why I opted to get the bag. Kent also loves telling people that they killed a tortoise just to make the handles (they really didn't but it sure looks like they did!). Theres plenty of room to throw whatever it is that you may need into this bag and theres two secret compartments to the Spy bag. The flap over the top of the bag opens up into a small compartment where I usually keep my keys and makeup in. And that elongated tube dangling off of the front flap is actually a lipstick holder (unfortunately my Blistex wont fit in there so I usually leave it empty). This bag looks great both hanging off of your arms or on your shoulders and is super durable. I managed to get sour cream all over it once but all I had to do was wipe and problem solved ;) Fendi stopped coming out with crazy variations for this bag but you can still find this bag in basic colors almost anywhere. So please, lets try to remember Fendi for this great purse instead of all the fugly furry stuff they have for their fall line!

RM Neptune Dress

When I first saw this dress on a few months ago, I immediately went onto NAP to check out the price tag. As gorgeous as this dress is, the price is just outrageous. I've been trying to stay away from posting prices on this blog 'cus people tend to get wrapped up in the numbers, but I'll make an exception. This pretty grey number will cost you $2385 and remember, this is without tax and shipping!!!!!!!! I am also shocked to find that the only sizes left are 8, 10, and 12...(*(&!*(&(*)#(!*)#(!!!!! This much for a bag, yes; this much for a dress...uhhh, I WISH :P I remember JK was in pain when I showed her the Moon dress because its perfect for her but it also carries a hefty price tag, though $200 less than the Neptune. As much as I would like to prance around in a $2000+ dress, I'd rather save the money for the Bottega ostrich bag or the Chanel white ceramic watch. I am proud to say however, that I do own the Louboutin for RM black leather sling-backs :) Oh and I plan on buying the pumps as well...double :) ARRGGGHHH...but both pairs of shoes would go so well with this dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Random Post

This post probably should've been my first entry but that's okay, its my blog so I'm allowed to post random things every now and then :) I just wanted to take a moment to discuss where I see this blog going and to talk about my obsessive behavior when it comes to shopping. I think I'm going to stay away from posting personal pictures and using names just 'cus it can get a little creepy every now and then on the internet :P However I don't think my little kitty Libby would mind the exposure since she normally loves getting all the attention :) Anyhow, I named this blog "Purse Addict" for obvious reasons but I also plan to blog about other fashion prepared to see me write about anything from clothes to cars (yes, cars are also considered fashion statements to me)! I'll also start writing more about stuff that I own instead of just whining about stuff that I wish I had. However, you will have to excuse the pictures I post for the stuff I own 'cus chances are, they won't be the world's greatest pictures.

And about my shopping problem...I am a collector at heart and I immensely enjoy adding new items to my various collections. My first collection was collecting stickers in the first grade and by the time I was in the fourth grade, I had managed to fill one box with stickers. Next came my obsession with pens and erasers. If you want evidence, I can show you my tub of erasers and two Polo bags filled with pens. When I was in high school, I started collecting lip glosses...just ask ND who still makes fun of my lip gloss drawer :P I think its only natural that with time and maturity, I would turn to collecting fashion items. I started off with bags and for the longest time, hangbags were the only things that I could justify spending large amounts of money on. Since getting my job, I've also started collecting shoes and dresses. My dad is encouraging me to start collecting jewelry next and I think I just might take him up on that offer :D

Nuti Sevillana Ostrich

A few weeks ago I was at Saks for the sole purpose of finding out if they had the Tom Ford's in black when I accidentally wandered into the handbags section of the store. I was looking at the YSL handbags when I happened to glance up and see this beautiful ostrich bag dangling off of a mannequin. I gracefully ran over, grabbed the bag, and began posing in front of a mirror with it. When I realized I was in love, I looked for the price tag and was absolutely shocked to find that it did not cost an arm and a leg like most ostrich handbags do. Then I began to wonder if this was even real ostrich because I just couldn't get it through my head that I had found an ostrich bag at such a reasonable price. I found a SA and asked him if the Nuti purse was real and he assured me that Nuti specializes in making REAL ostrich handbags. He also politely informed me that the bag I was holding was on sale for 70% off. I calmly looked at him and asked if he had another one that was not on display since I am against purchasing display items. He managed to dig up one that was tucked away in the drawers. However, upon inspecting the bag I realized it was completely dirty. There were numerous markings from I don't even know what on there. The display was no better. Chuck could tell I was disappointed and so he quickly assured me that if I buy the bag, he'll have it sent out to be cleaned. In the end, I had just couldn't bring myself to pay money for a bag that was already somewhat damaged even though it was being offered to me at a once in a lifetime sorta deal. In order to move on from this ordeal, I've been telling myself over and over again "OSTRICH BAGS LOOK NASTY, YOU DO NOT LIKE NOR WANT A BAG MADE FROM OSTRICH!!!!!!" However, I'd be more than happy to accept one as a gift :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Quick note on VPL...

Okay, so apparently the tidal tote is the ONLY good thing to come from VPL. Their clothes are fugly as fugly get. I agree with JK...they seem to be designing stuff for chic space aliens...acutally maybe the space aliens aren't even chic because I'm not sure I would want to wear these designs even if I was living in some other cosmic planet...
Its okay...lets just concentrate on the trendy bag below...

VPL Tidal Tote

One of my bestest friends JC just showed me this bag and I WANT IT NOW!!!!! I've never heard of VPL before but this bag is so funky and unique its making my heart flutter. I haven't seen anyone with this bag before but according to JC, it looks even better on the shoulder and I would believe it. I can already see myself walking around with this bag...right now I'm trying to visualize my closet to see which outfits would go best with this. This bag is so young and hip...I LOVE IT! Okay just had to share my excitement with ya'll :)

Chanel Modern Chain Classic bag

This post is dedicated to my buddy SY who started off her Labor Day weekend with a brand spankin' new Chanel purse!! Her bag is a modern twist on the classic 2.55. By just looking at the picture, you can see that the chain starts from the side rather than coming up from the top of the bag and the bag closure is a button rather than a clasp. In person, the metal chain and interlocking C's have a sort of brassy look to it, giving the bag a classy vintage feel. The leather of the bag is softer than the 2.55 making this version more malleable. The leather from the chain extends down to the sides of the bag in a criss-cross pattern and is fitted through the chain in a different pattern than the 2.55. And finally the size is comparable to the small 2.55.
This bag is definitely one of those bags that look better on you rather than on display (this is actually also the case with the 2.55). I really should have SY take a picture of her wearing the bag so you can see just how cute this bag looks both from the front and the side. The funky criss-cross pattern of the leather down the side makes this bag more suitable for us gals in our 20s; this bag would be perfect for you if you're one of those people who complain that the 2.55 looks too "old" for you. The softer nature of this bag also makes it more comfortable to wear.
The only downside to this bag is that it may just be too similar to the classic 2.55. The problem of being molded after such an iconic bag is the fact that you run the risk of others judging your precious purchase as a "wannabe" rather than a "hip alternative". Yea, yea...who cares what others think, blah, blah, blah. Be honest, when you spend $1000+ on anything, you DO want others to admire your purchase and you definitely don't want others to shrug it off as a wannabe!! Simply put, if the Chanel 2.55 didn't exist, the modern chain bag would be the ultimate purchase, however since the Chanel 2.55 stands right next to the birkin in iconic status, its really hard to say how this bag will hold up. SY and I are planning a weekend trip to Chanel to settle this matter...I'll let you know what the verdict is next week :)

YSL Medium Downtown in Metallic Silver

*Sigh* This blog just wouldn't be complete without an entry dedicated to the YSL Downtown. The large is stupid big and the small is stupid tiny. The "medium" is reasonable compared to the large size but would be considered big by normal purse standards. YSL really went to extremes with the sizes; the large will fit your whole closet and you'll be lucky if you can fit your cell phone into the small. I was going to hold off on writing about the Downtown until I came across an absolutely beautiful picture of Halle Berry with her silver Downtown on While staring at the picture this morning, I couldn't decide what was more stunning, Halle or her purse.
My love affair with the Downtown started back towards the beginning of this year, I fell in love with its unique shape, the two parallel zippers in the front, and the amazing colors it comes in. Before I bought my peach soft chain Chanel, I came this close to buying the Downtown in white. Since choosing Coco over Yves, I've tried this baby on many different times and sadly began to realize just how ridiculously big this bag is. Granted stores stuff the bags with tons of tissue paper in order to present the shape in its entirety...this bag is still just too big. I've seen two or three people with this bag and each sighting only confirmed that the size is unreasonable. Unless you carry a whole lotta crap with you everywhere, the bag will end up looking like a floppy deflated balloon. And depending on how tall you are, the bag could very well end up looking half as big as you. Sure it comes in a rich, deep purple and forest green, sure the metallic silver looks beautiful on Halle, and who could forget Jessica Biel's white version? But I really can't rationalize how odd I'll look dragging this ginormous fashion statement around...
BTW...don't even think about the small'll end up looking like a full grown woman sporting a toy purse...yes, its THAT small...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Lanvin Kansas

Ever since the she-devil at the Barney's Warehouse sale shot me the look of death for just inquiring about how much her Lanvin Kansas tote was going to be, I've been inspired to go out and get my own...take that BIATCH! This bag is so adorable and before that Asian chick laid claims over it, I managed to feel the leather and its of the buttery soft variety :) I remember I stood in awe of the white leather version when I saw it at Barney's back in May but at that time I had just purchased my white Rock and Chain Chanel and decided that another white purse would be overdoing it. I WANT I WANT I WANT!!!!!! This bag is roomy but not unreasonably big, looks great both on the shoulder and on the arm, and WAS ON SALE AT BARNEY'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Whimper* This pretty metallic bag you see here is my biggest shopping regret of the year...

YSL Platform Maryjane

At first glance we have here a fancy remake of classic stripper shoes, however if you look long enough, you might just fall in love with these YSL Maryjanes. Yes, I know, how in the world can one walk in them and will I cheapen my outfit with these on? A few months ago I would have answered "You can't and yes it will" but since then, I've fallen madly in love with these puppies. So much in love that any day now I plan on going to Barney's and paying full price for them. For those of you who know me (which means all of you reading this because I think only people I know are currently onto this blog...), you'll know that I've been holding out on x number of Louboutins all for the sake of waiting for them to go on sale. So the fact that I'm willing to pay full price for these Maryjanes means a lot! These would look unbelievably hot with any black or grey dress and maybe even jeans!! To ensure others won't mistake you for a high-class escort gal, make sure the dress you pick is classy and not too tight or revealing. And yes you probably won't be able to walk at your normal pace, but I think walking slower is well worth how hot you'll look :) Plus, the high platform should help you out a little. Lets all join hands and pray that they still have them in my size!!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

First Entry!

After months of browsing through other people's blogs, I finally decided to create my own. I want to use this space to share with others my love for all things designer. My addiction started when I purchased my first designer handbag about five years ago and my love has grown exponentially over the years. This being my first blog since my try at Xanga, it'll take some time before I'm on par with the rest of the bloggers out there but hopefully I'll be able to amp up this blog soon with lots and lots of pretty pictures for ya'll to oogle over :)
I think for my first entry I'll whine about my love/hate relationship with Balenciaga. A couple months ago, I rushed over to Barney's during my lunch break with the intent of purchasing the Giant Weekender in this gorgeous blue leather. I had had my eye on this bag after seeing photos of Fergie carrying the black version all over town. However, upon inspecting the bag in person, I was a little underwhelmed to say the least. Besides the fact that this "handbag" really should be considered luggage, I found the signature bolts a bit on the tacky side. In pictures, the bolts look timid but in actuality they're HUGE. I tried different angles with the bag but in the end had to come to the painful admission that I just wasn't crazy about the bag. Although I don't regret not purchasing the bag, I am annoyed that it still catches my eye when I see it on other people or in pictures. Unlike my breakup with the YSL downtown bag, I just can't seem to put this one behind me. For now it will remain as a "I would buy this in a heartbeat if it were on sale" bag.