Monday, September 24, 2007

Kitty Washroom

As most of you know by now, I love my Libby dearly and want the best of everything for her. Lookee what I found!!! Of course Libby's current pink litter house is also fit for a princess but this kitty washroom will definitely make things much cleaner for her mommy :) I love how it comes with a little towel and pooper scooper hanger on the side and the fact that it can serve as a mini bathroom stand for us humans as well. Although my bathroom is not big enough right now for this upgraded litter box, I definitely plan on getting one in the future. I'm sure my mom is going to love this as well since the litter box is one of her big things against Libby :( Depending on my future bathroom, maybe I can get my dad or Kent to help paint it as well!! Or perhaps if you're already happy with your current litter box, you can use this as a mini-bedroom for your pet but I have a feeling Libby might prefer the ottoman over this...

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