Sunday, September 30, 2007

End of September Shopping Spree....WHEEEEEE!!!

Okay so it hasn't even been a week since my dad and I had a heart to heart about me and my lack of control when it comes to shopping and I've already gone back on my word! You have to admit though, it was bad timing on his part since theres no way I can refuse a BDB sale, outlet shopping, and the fall BNY sale :) I do promise to be good after those though!!! Anyhow, I would love to sit here and re-account my glorious shopping adventure with DZ today but I'm beyond tired. I'm sure DZ will never want to hang out with Kent and I again after what we put her through today...SORRY but we really didn't know we would end up walking 5 miles :P I don't have the energy to look for nice pictures online so you'll just have to deal with these two pictures...I'll post more tomorrow when my body is functioning again!! Good night and god bless Rodeo Drive...

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Julia said...

Post pix of ur YSL shoes & belt!!

How was BDB sale??