Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Summer '06 Dior

I don't remember the technical name for this Dior but this poor thing here kept me company all through the summer of 2006. It comes with memories of long hours at the local Starbucks with my MCAT books :P Its been sitting in my closet for a while now and its in desperate need of a bath. I was quite careless with this one and shamefully will have to admit that there are a number of stains on there from a trip to Mr. Noodle in Westwood with Kent...

This bag actually has a somewhat funny story behind it. I remember back in early 2006 I saw this on eluxury and decided that it would be my next bag. It just so happens that my dad was going to HK on a business trip so I emailed him a picture of this bag and asked him to pick it up for me at the Dior boutique in HK (you bypass taxes this way...). A few days later, at about 3 or 4 in the morning, I start getting phone calls from a man who just kept yelling "HELLO?!" I kept on hanging up on him 'cus I thought he had the wrong number. Finally when I decided to ask the man who he was, he replied "Jenny?!!!" and I realized that it was my poor dad calling me from HK. He explained that the Dior boutique was having some special gift drawing where every customer had a chance to win prizes after their purchase; turns out he had just won 5000 HKD worth of Dior credit and he wanted to know if there was anything else that I wanted!!!! At the time, I really could not think of anything specific to describe to him so I just asked him to pick out a wallet. The next day when I told my mom the story, she was furious at the fact that I would suggest a wallet instead of asking my dad to buy her a bag...oops :P To make a long story short, my dad is a wonderful husband and used his better judgement by going against my wallet request and using his prize money to buy a Dior Shopper for my mom :)

BTW...the last time I went to Rodeo with Kent, we saw a newer and improved version of this bag! Instead of cloth, the new version has sort of like the Prada Nylon bag thing goin on and in place of the Dior name plate, theres a Dior charm dangling off of the straps.

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