Sunday, September 16, 2007

End of Summer Santa Barbara Getaway

I've been MIA for the past few days due to my weekend getaway to Santa Barbara with Kent :) Since Kent used to frequent Santa Barbara, he did all of the planning and after two years together, he's figured out that I absolutely adore shopping. When we were unloading the stuff from the car today, it occurred to me that we looked more like we had just gone on a major shopping spree rather than a vacation in SB.

One of the first stops in our trip was State Street in downtown SB. As we drove by old antique shops, Kent eagerly told me "I think you'll going to like shopping here!", I tried my best to not let my disappointment show since buying antique furniture really wasn't on my to-do list. Just as I was beginning to wonder where the hell SB residents buy their clothes and if Kent really even knew what I considered to be shopping, I glanced up and screamed "SAKS FIFTH AVENUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" God bless materialistic America and my bf who knows just how materialistic I tend to be!!!! If you ever go to SB, you MUST stop by State St. which is lined with trendy boutiques and restaurants. I tried to limit my shopping to boutiques unique to SB and ended up buying wide-leg Rich and Skinny jeans at Blue Bee Jeans which seemed to be really popular with SB folks. Since I'm really not that big of a boutique shopper, we decided to save the shopping for the Camarillo outlets which would be on the way home.

I don't even remember the last time I went shopping at outlets, it was probably sometime in high school at the Gilroy outlets, but boy did we shop today :) Kent was a real trooper and waited patiently as I went into store after store, tried stuff on, and waited in line to pay; I rewarded his patience with Nike basketball :D Among my purchases, I am the most excited about my two Betsy Johnson dresses, one of which is pictured above (Spring/Summer '07). If you've ever been to a Betsy Johnson boutique, you know that shopping there is quite an experience. The walls are painted HOT pink and there are just racks overflowing with funky and colorful dresses; Kent was initially amused by the decor but after about 10 minutes in the store, had to take a breather outside:P I'm not really that big on Betsy Johnson formal wear since its a bit much in my opinion (some are just straight up fulgy) but her casual day dresses are on the uniquely cute side. The great thing about Betsy Johnson is that her clothes never go out of style because they were never in style to begin with! These dresses are great if you want to go for the young and trendy with a bit of funk look. However, I get the feeling that Betsy designs her dresses for gals with small boobs. For almost all of the dresses that I tried on, the dress overall would fit fine, some even a little bit big, but I had the hardest time zipping up past my chest area!!! Guess you win some and you lose some huh? Anyhoo, with everything said and done, I had a blast this weekend and shopping at the outlets was a great way to end the trip...right now I'm totally pumped for more outlet shopping, anyone up for the Desert Hills Outlets?! I am willing to drive if you are willing to shop hardcore with me :)

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Irene said...

i want to go the cabazon outlets. i heard they have hugo boss, gucci, and club monacco. but i heard those outlets are worthless.... but i still want to go....