Friday, March 28, 2008


This morning I had a chat with my old, old friend ND and we were discussing all the people who annoy us. We both can't stand Beyonce and think Tyra is a little on the crazy side. Tyra is just too over the top for me nowadays but check out this 1993 video of her walking for the Herve Leger show. Even I have to admit she looks absolutely STUNNING...out of all the girls, she totally gets the award for best walk and pose!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Minor Slip-up

I decided to put myself on shopping probation after I unexpectedly splurged on the metallic purple reissue. Unfortunately I had a minor slip-up today...all thanks to stupid shopbop. Okay fine, I wont blame shopbop. I blame my work...if I hadn't been bored at work today, I wouldn't have gone browsing on shopbop! I couldn't decided between a Juicy Couture dress and a dress by Thread Social so I bought both! Yes, not only did I break my shopping probation, I once again went for dresses instead of separates :P

*Juicy Couture Cascading Ruffle Dress*

I'm not exactly a big fan of Juicy, actually I think I only own one other thing from Juicy, but I just couldn't resist those darn ruffles!

*Thread Social Bow Dress*

I've been wanting something from Thread Social for awhile now but never really felt like I could pull off any of their funky plaid designs. Yet, dontcha think this bow dress is so me?? The front is a bit boring but I LOVE the big bow on the back.

Okay now I'm REALLY going be on shopping until the end of May!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Manolo Pumasli

I've never been big on Manolos...their a bit too flat and strappy for me. However, I have a strong desire to run to Barneys and pick up these sandals. I will now exercise something called "self-control" because 1. I'm on shopping probation until further notice and 2. I've already told myself to focus my money on clothes instead of shoes and bags. *Sigh* The pain and suffering of being addicted to shopping...

Buy Some Get Some?

Us shopaholics see ads like these practically everyday...Neimans, Barneys, Saks, etc. love to lure you in with these so called buy some get some deals. But lets stop for a sec and explore if these promotions are actually worth your time and money. First of all, you do realize that in order to get some back, you need to buy ALOT right?? Take this ad for example...$150 for 2 pairs of shoes $400 or more. Sounds good but then again...most shoes at Saks aren't even $400 when they're on sale! Most likely, you'll be spending close to $1000 for $150. Okay so have a $150 gift card, now you gotta ask yourself, what can I buy with this $150 gift card? The most likely answer? Close to nothing. So now you gotta add a couple hundred more to your hard earned $150 just to make use of the $150 that cost you close to $1000 to earn in the first place. Still think its a good deal?? You know to be honest, this shoe deal is actually alot better than the normal buy some get some deals...usually you have a breakdown that looks something like this:

Spend $250-500, get $25
Spend $500-1000, get $50
Spend $1000-2000, get $150
Spend $2000-3000, get $300
Spend $3000+, get $450

Now just use the logic I just provided and you should be able to figure out that what you earn back is not worth all you had to give in the first place. The lesson here ladies? Dont jump at every "deal" or everything thats given to you for "free"...most of the time, you're better off waiting for the bi-annual sales!

YSL Tribute Sandals

Since I've blogged about every other sky-high YSL platform, it would be discriminatory if I didn't blog about the Tribute Sandals. These first came out with the Cruise collection in a wonderful blue color but is now available in a wide array of pretty colors. I love these shoes and so does everyone else in this world. I can barely go through my daily celebrity websites without seeing these on some famous person's feet. I haven't tried these on and I dont plan on it either since I know it would be unavoidably coupled to me pulling out my American Express :P These look deadly but I'm sure they're just like all the other YSL platforms...super comfy! Dont let the height of the heels (5 inches) scare you... the platform is so high, you have enough cushion to strut around comfortably. However you can expect to get looks of disbelief from males and females alike.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Fetish by Christian Louboutin and David Lynch

Now you all know that I absolutely love Louboutin shoes but his collaboration with David Lynch for an exhibit in Paris at Pierre Passebon's Galerie du Passage frankly gives me the creeps...

Louboutin designed 5 shoes for this exhibit and each shoe is featured in a photograph by David Lynch. While I understand these shoes are not meant to be sold or worn and are purely for the sake of art...aren't you also a little put off by the images?? I mean other than the fact that they're murder weapons, just the thought of a girl actually walking in these shoes screams Japanese horror flick *shudder* It also kinda reminds me of the White Stripes music video for Blue Orchid...also creepy...

Match Made in Shopping Heaven

Since I would prefer to refrain from using personal pictures of my friends and I, I decided to stick this picture of LC and Audrina in just to have some form of visual aid for this post :P Anyhow...I wanted to blog about the importance of having a GOOD SHOPPING BUDDY. I used to be one of those girls who could only really shop when they were alone but ever since meeting DZ, I feel like I need her to be there when I'm shopping. Not only do we catch up on gossip together, we take time to really discuss what we like and dislike. We both have our own unique styles but we're also both open to what the other person likes. Shes there to let me know if something is cute or if its fug and she's also very good at reminding me of the things I dont need! Usually when I find out anything about anything, DZ is the first person I run to with the news and really...who else can I have the following gchat conversation with (copy and pasted with only minor edits...)?!

me: so anyhoo
when i come out of my shopping probation
i've decided to try to avoid shoes and bags and go for clothes

DZ: too!

me: YEA!@
i realized it this weekend as i was dying in my bed

DZ: me too!
when i was doing my laundry

me: i realized i have nothing to go with my shoes and bags

DZ: i realized that i really need to invest in my clothes

me: well i do have dresses
but i want more clothes in general
and i realized
when i buy clothes i always its too expensive
but buy shoes and bags in a heartbeat
so what i'm going to try to do is aim that money towards clothes
Sent at 10:46 AM on Monday

DZ: yeah, i realized that i always say "oh, i won't have anywhere to wear that to"
but when that times comes, i always end up with nothing to wear

me: yeup!
so when do u get off of probation?
can i use this conversation in my blog?

While we do sort of sound like ditzy, spoiled brats...this is such a DZ and JJ conversation (and I assure you we aren't airheaded brats)! In closing I would just like to say that the two markers, in my opinion, of a good shopping buddy are:

1. Credible taste in style: Be dont want someone with bad taste giving you pointers now do you??

2. Independent thinker with strong opinions: You want someone to tell you the truth. Dont trust the ones that tell you everything is cute cus thats basically impossible and I personally like to avoid the ones who dont have opinions of their own and just buy whatever you buy :P

Hermes HAC Done Right

For the most part, Pamela Anderson is not really someone that I look up to. Her choices in men are a little bit out of whack and most of her "outfits" are really just down right hooker-gear BUT lookie what we have here! Yes, that is in fact Pamela all covered up and looking quite stylish with her Tom Fords and Hermes HAC. Now this is how one should utilize the ginormous entity known as the HAC!! Remember when I posted a picture of Katie Holmes trying to pull the HAC off as just one of her day handbags?? Didn't work so well for Katie cus the HAC really should be used as an expensive (make that very expensive...) duffel bag. It is just too big for anyone of any size to carry around as they go about their normal day to day activities. Save it for the weekend getaways and airport trips when you actually need a lot of room for your stuff!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

From Heels to Flats

I love working in a corporate office since it gives me an excuse to play dress-up everyday but my feet suffer a bit since wearing heels five times a week is not always comfortable. Take today for example. I finally decided to wear my bronze Rolandos that have been hibernating in my closet since I dont even remember when. They look great with my skinny jeans but I've been in them for about 7 hours now and I officially admit defeat! Good thing I thought ahead and had my gold Tory Burch flats handy...

For The Past 7 Hrs I Was In These...

Now I Am Breathing A Sigh Of Relief In These...

Tory Burch - Clothing and Bags

While I am somewhat addicted to buying Tory Burch flats, I am a bit turned off by her clothes and bags. The "T" signature really only works well on her flats...Tory should think twice about covering her clothes and bags with it as well. To be fair, not all the clothes from Tory are horrendous...the ones without the "T" are aight. BUT...Tory should definitely lay off of the bags...

I think I've proven my point...I'll end the parade of fugly bags and move onto the clothes...

Compare the stripped shirt with the big ass "T" in the middle to the white "T"-less tunic dress below it. Which one is better?? I don't think you can argue with the fact that the big "T" is just flat out cheesy on clothes (and lets not even waste our time going back to the bags...). So my advice? Keep up the good work with the flats, avoid using your signature "T" on your clothing, and immediately halt all production and designing of handbags :)


Both DZ and I are big fans of two-piece dresses...thats my name for dresses that were designed to look like its two separate pieces when in actuality its a dress. I bought a MJ dress at the BNY warehouse sale that is a two-piece dress and I absolutely love it. However, when it comes to two-piece dresses, Iisli is what you should look into. The prices are not over-the-top and the designs combine chic with sporty. Available at Saks, Neimans, Nordstroms, etc.

Bored in Class

I usually dont mind my microbio class since our professor is really good at making the concepts relevant to our everyday lives but last night was just torture! So to amuse myself, I took pictures of my pretty LN bracelet. This is probably my favorite piece from LN and I could not stop staring at it yesterday during work. I love the color combo of the beads, the fact that the double strands fit perfectly over my watch, and those dangling flower petals are just adorable. I've already requested another one from LN! The picture is on the fuzzy side so perhaps I'll update with better pics later this weekend :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Exotic Skins

Much to PETA's dismay, exotic skins have been rapidly gaining popularity in the past few years. Calf and lamb skin are no biggies these days, not when you have ostrich, croc, python, and even stingrays running wild. Its taken me awhile to get used to the idea of exotic skin purses but its finally happened, I'm now officially a fan.

The Bird

I've always loved ostrich purses and while I still want a white ostrich Birkin for my 35th birthday (gives me about 12 years to save up...HAH), I'm not as enamored as I once was. Some people find ostrich skin on the creepy side but I personally love the texture of those little dots :) I did some research and the "little dots" are the quill follicles and can be found on only a small portion of the body; the crown. The crown is where the neck of the ostrich meets the body and is the most commercially sought after area on the body. Ostrich purses usually start around $3000. Nuti is usually a great go-to designer when it comes to ostrich since the styles are great and the prices are even better.

The Snake
The python scales actually still creep me out but I think this is DZ's favorite exotic skin. Python is banned in California but I'm sure if you're a true python lover, you wont let a few laws get in your way right?? Watch out for PETA though...currently python is a hot topic among animal activists who insist the skin is not harvested from the natural shedding by snakes. I'm still undecided when it comes to python but if you're interested, Zagliani is great for python bags and most start around $3300.

The Ray

I personally never really paid attention to stingray leather until I saw this gorgeous bag by Oscar de la Renta on the bagsnobs. The texture is what gets me. Not sure how much stingray bags usually run for but definitely something to keep an eye out for :)

Last But Definitely Not Least...CROCS!

Crocs are my new obsession. If someone offered me a choice between a ostrich and a croc purse right now, I would pick the croc without hesitation. Nancy Gonzalez is synonymous with croc products and her prices are super reasonable, especially when compared with some of the other choices out there (ie. the $11K croc Zagliani purse). BUT, if you really want to splurge...go for Lana Marks...a croc clutch from Lana Marks has been my fantasy ever since high school and I'm still determined to own one before I die!! Okay I'll stop ranting about purses that go for thousands and thousands of dollars cus its not helping my shopping probation at all...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

BV Frame Tote

I've been so busy running around these past couple of days that I haven't even had a chance to really sit down and blog :( Anyhow, the BV Frame tote is finally here girls!! Last fall when the Spring 08 collection came out, I was super duper excited to see the frame tote on the BV runway and actually vowed that this would be my next bag. Too bad it got beat by the Chanel Original Classic and Reissue :( What can I say? I'm slightly compulsive when it comes to buying bags and usually dont have the patience to wait for stuff to slowly filter into stores :P So anyways...I'm a big fan of frame bags and when you combine the frame shape with the BV weave, I'm 100% sold :D This bag is on the huge side but like I said, I love frame bags! I can totally see a stylish MILF toting this has enough room in it to serve as a diapper bag but it'll save her from having to tote around a duffle bag (okay...thats not fair for me to say since there are actually quite a few cute diaper bags out nowadays)! I'll make sure to keep my eyes open for this one when my shopping probation ends :P

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Prada Fairy

Call me crazy but I really dont understand what all the fuss is over. I swear, these days if you add the words "limited edition" onto any name, people will go nuts trying to get one. I mean the whimsical details are great but I'm not sure if I like that much art on my bags. Prada is following in Chanel's footsteps by releasing only 5 bags in each size to every store and shipment comes only every 2 weeks. Its exclusive and hard as hell to get but I still think it would look better on my walls. Oh and did you hear? After you pay $2400 for this bag, it'll bleed for you! Yes, thats right. According to TPF, any drizzle of water will make the ink run. There are a billion rumors out there right now as to how Prada will handle this mess...go amuse yourself at TPF :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

2.55 Reissue vs. Original Classic 2.55

This whole spring forward thing is really throwing my sleeping schedule off :( I can't sleep right now so I decided to clear-up an old post that I had done a ways back. I deleted the original "2.55 Reissue vs. Original Classic 2.55" post cus I realized I had made numerous errors in clarifying the difference between the two. So here, for the last time, is a quick summary of these two iconic bags from the House of Chanel:

The double metal chains, the original Mademoiselle lock, and the distressed leather signals the 2.55 that was released in February 1955. This is the original design by Coco Chanel for the purpose of freeing up her hands. This is a double flap bag, with the mini flap opening up on the inside of the bag (with the interlocking CC stitched onto the inside flap). The top flap has a zipper enclosure that was once used by Coco to store love letters. This design was brought back to life in 2005 and is now known as the 2.55 Reissue. It comes in sizes 224, 225, 226, and 227. When it first hit the runways in the fall of 2005, it instantly became one of the most sought after Chanel bags. Not only because it is the original design by Coco, but also because Chanel fanatics weren't sure just how long Karl was going to keep it around for. 3 years later, the Reissue is still going strong, though it is still more rare and more expensive than the Original Classic 2.55.

The interwoven leather chain, the caviar leather (though some are smooth leather), and the CC lock signals what is known as the Original Classic 2.55. These changes to the 2.55 were done in the years following its original release in 2.55. This is why I think I have a hard time understanding why the word "original" is in the name since this actually isn't the original design. Anyhow, the Original Classic 2.55's do not have an inside flap and the zipper compartment on the top flap is moved to the inside of the bag. Sizes for the Original Classic 2.55 include the small, medium, and jumbo.

Similarities between the two include the quilted pattern and the back compartment intended for easy access to extra cash.

Hope this finally clears up the confusion between the two :)

Saturday, March 8, 2008


This past Thursday, I fell in love with a picture of the metallic purple Chanel Reissue 2.55 but was also sad cus I immediately realized there was no way in hell I would be able to find one still available (eBay doesn't count in my book...). Chanel bags are always highly coveted and basically sell out even before they reach the stores. Most SAs selfishly set aside the "it" bags for their loyal customers and tell us normal folk that we must wait patiently on the wait-list (which BTW is a bunch of crap cus you will never move up on that thing...). So to save myself the time and trouble, I didn't even consider lusting after the metallic purple Reissue since I kinda felt like it was a lost cause.

So anyways, DZ and I decided to stop by the Chanel on Rodeo today just so we could inquire with the SAs if it was possible to order the metallic purple and blue Reissues. As soon as we walked in, DZ exclaimed "Oh my god they have it!" She later said she expected me to jump for joy and was surprised when I froze and just stared at her. I think it was a combination of shock, disbelief, joy, and terror. Shocked and in disbelief that we would find it in BH of all places. Overjoyed with the possibility that I could actually own a metallic purple Reissue. Terrified at the thought of my next credit card statement. I wont bore you with the details of my purchase but say hello to my newest and most prized purchase yet!!I cannot get over how gorgeous the purple is...can you just imagine this with one of my black dresses?!? The double chains also give this bag a more young/hip look than compared to the Classic 2.55. The inside of the bag is just as beautiful as the outside and I just adore the stiched interlocking C's.
Hands down, today was the bestest shopping day ever and I'm so happy to know that the shopping gods love me this much :)

OKay I lie...

Remember last week when I said I was officially over silver flats? Okay well that was a lie. Today DZ and I met up for a mini shopping trip to BH and well, I just couldn't say no to the Tory Burch silver flats. I know, I know...I'm bad, I'm really bad. At least I can finally sit back and know that my collection of flats is complete! I have all the colors that I would ever want (black, brown, bronze, silver, gold, and navy) and I am now officially, 100% happy and content :) I think I actually like these silver ones better than my gold TB's and they would look absolutely stunning with my other purchase from today (check back later for post...).

Friday, March 7, 2008

Jewelry Boxes

I have a problem. I love buying jewelry but most of them just end up collecting dust :( I desperately need a BIG jewelry box with lots of little compartments to store all my random pieces of jewelry. Ever since I met LN, about a year ago, my jewelry collection has gotten even bigger :P I can't help it...I go through LN jewelry withdrawls!! But anyways...I have yet to find a jewelry box that is capable of holding ALL my stuff. Any suggestions?! LN?! DZ?! IC?!

Bag Hooks

I've found my answer to life! Hahaha...just kidding. But seriously guys...I can't believe it just occurred to me that what I really need to purchase is a beautiful bag hook from!!! These bag hooks are so pretty and elegant and serve such a great purpose!! I've always hated having to cram my purses behind my back when I eat out since besides being uncomfortable, my handbags always end up getting squished out of shape. But with these awesome bag hooks, both my purses and I no longer have to suffer!! Going a little too far for purses you say? Uh, no...if you're willing to shell out $1000+ for something, you sure as hell better make sure you take good care of it!!! I think I'll call my mom and see if she wants one too cus she's usually way more paranoid than me about getting bags dirty :)

Fridays with Chanel

I'm was in the midst of my daily routine which consists of me visiting all my favorite sites (popsugar, fabsugar, bagsnob, purseblog, pursepage, dlisted, perezhilton, fashiontoast, usmagazine, people, DZ's blog, etc) when I discovered that Chanel finally decided to make their website more user friendly! You know you're a Chanel fanatic when you get this excited over some technological advancements on their website!!! But seriously guys...for the past god knows how many years, I've despised the Chanel site due to the many hurdles they made you jump through just to view some damn pictures. They still haven't gotten to the point of listing their prices online but they have now made it SO much easier to view all their current and classic collections...categories include bags, small leather goods, shoes, sport, eyewear, jewelry, ready to wear, and other random Chanel accessories. I'm just giddy over the fact that I can once and for all figure out what the hell they're selling each season!! I hope Hermes follows in Chanel's footsteps and upgrades their skimpy site next :) Okay now go on and explore the many wonderous (and expensive) goodies Chanel has to offer!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


My shopping/expensive dinners buddy, DZ, just got a nice promotion at work and to celebrate, I'm MAKING her (yes, thats right, you HAVE TO...) go shopping :) We've been trying to think of all the things she should buy and we've narrowed it down to a wallet, Louboutins, and maybe a new purse! I'm bored so I decided to search the net for some goodies that she can choose from...

The Louboutin Minibout! This has her name written all over it!! If she gets any Louboutin, my vote is for the Minibout!! Yea sure, it'll probably hurt but thats okay cus these sexy shoes will make a certain butt-head wish he was dead :D

DZ isn't so into purses and doesn't think she can spend "thousands of dollars on one" but I also know that she loves BV! So why not do a mini splurge and treat yourself to the BV Intrecciato Nappa Hobo?!? This isn't for "thousands of dollars, you'll only be spending a thousand and a half on it!! Its classic and will last her years and years and years :D

The wallet will probably be tricky since a wallet needs to be cute and also functional. However, I dont think you can go wrong with a Chanel wallet which has actually just recently moved up to the #1 spot on my MUST HAVE NOW list :)

Oops! How did this absolutely stunning Crocodile Satchel from Zagliani get in here?! Okay, yea I dont expect DZ to dish out $11K for this bag but I'm so in love with this bag right now I just had to stick in it here...

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Baguettes Have Arrived...

My SA at Fendi called today to let me know the baguettes have arrived! She said they had already sold a few and when I asked which colors, she said the black and baby pink seemed to be the more popular ones. As you may or may not know, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the famed baguettes, Fendi is re-releasing the bag that was as much a staple in Carrie's closet as her Manolos. I'm not a fan of the Fendi embossing that pretty much covers these bags but I'm hoping Fendi will release other designs later on. A baguette is a classic and would probably rank third on my Top 5 list so I definitely plan on checking these out this weekend :)

Fendi x 2

My weekend shopping with DZ also resulted in two, yes two, pairs of Fendi shoes. You see, I had also originally gone to Southcoast with the intention of not only buying the Hermes belt but also some silver Chanel flats. I've had a deep desire for silver flats for about a month now and figured Chanel ones would be the perfect addition to my tiny collection of flats. Well, too bad for me cus Chanel didn't really have any cute flats in silver :( But Fendi came to my rescue. I barely hesitated as I picked up a pair of Fendi folded ballet flats in a pretty bronze color from the Spring 08 collection. These shoes are not only cute but are seriously more comfortable than most socks out there...heck, I could probably wear them to bed! Even DZ loved them and shes usually anti-Fendi. For pictures, visit and view the shoe catalog. Click on USA/Hawaii and then 'Overview', my flats are the ones in the bottom-most row :) Okay but for some reason, these flats didn't quench my thirst for shopping and so naturally I went ahead and picked up a pair of Fendi Oxford pumps as we were browsing through the shoes at Bloomingdales :P
These Oxfords were from the Fendi Fall 07 collection and yay for me...were on sale for 50% off :) I'm still a little undecided on the heel (a bit too chunky and funky) but I think these would look super chic paired with a dress and some tights. DZ and I might go shopping again this weekend, this time in BH, so I can make a final decision on these shoes but for the meantime, they're resting peacefully in my closet. Oh yea, I'm also officially over silver flats :P

Hermes Logo Belt

Yes, its true...I finally got my butt into Hermes and walked out with something wrapped up in that pretty orange box :) I finally, Finally, FINALLY got the Hermes logo belt in black and dark brown leather with a silver logo! I've been waiting patiently for months now to purchase this belt and couldn't be happier with it. DZ and I were both surprised to discover that this belt is actually have to pick out the color combo of your choice, along with the color of the buckle. Additionally, each belt and buckle are textured differently. What could have ended up as a bad math problem worked out great for me...I picked out black(shiny, smooth) and brown (dull, textured), I figured those were the most versatile colors to have, and of course got the dull silver buckle since I already have the YSL belt in gold. This belt is sure to get a whole lotta use since I love dressing up my dresses with belts and its extra cool since I kinda got 2 belts for the price of one ;) The picture below is kinda what i got...only my brown is darker.