Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Prada Fairy

Call me crazy but I really dont understand what all the fuss is over. I swear, these days if you add the words "limited edition" onto any name, people will go nuts trying to get one. I mean the whimsical details are great but I'm not sure if I like that much art on my bags. Prada is following in Chanel's footsteps by releasing only 5 bags in each size to every store and shipment comes only every 2 weeks. Its exclusive and hard as hell to get but I still think it would look better on my walls. Oh and did you hear? After you pay $2400 for this bag, it'll bleed for you! Yes, thats right. According to TPF, any drizzle of water will make the ink run. There are a billion rumors out there right now as to how Prada will handle this mess...go amuse yourself at TPF :)

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