Monday, March 3, 2008

Fendi x 2

My weekend shopping with DZ also resulted in two, yes two, pairs of Fendi shoes. You see, I had also originally gone to Southcoast with the intention of not only buying the Hermes belt but also some silver Chanel flats. I've had a deep desire for silver flats for about a month now and figured Chanel ones would be the perfect addition to my tiny collection of flats. Well, too bad for me cus Chanel didn't really have any cute flats in silver :( But Fendi came to my rescue. I barely hesitated as I picked up a pair of Fendi folded ballet flats in a pretty bronze color from the Spring 08 collection. These shoes are not only cute but are seriously more comfortable than most socks out there...heck, I could probably wear them to bed! Even DZ loved them and shes usually anti-Fendi. For pictures, visit and view the shoe catalog. Click on USA/Hawaii and then 'Overview', my flats are the ones in the bottom-most row :) Okay but for some reason, these flats didn't quench my thirst for shopping and so naturally I went ahead and picked up a pair of Fendi Oxford pumps as we were browsing through the shoes at Bloomingdales :P
These Oxfords were from the Fendi Fall 07 collection and yay for me...were on sale for 50% off :) I'm still a little undecided on the heel (a bit too chunky and funky) but I think these would look super chic paired with a dress and some tights. DZ and I might go shopping again this weekend, this time in BH, so I can make a final decision on these shoes but for the meantime, they're resting peacefully in my closet. Oh yea, I'm also officially over silver flats :P


cheeky_deb said...

I'm not anti-Fendi...I'm just anti ugly bags and Fendi sure makes a lot of

But yeah, I do love those flats. Banana flats. I even love the name!

Irene said...

i like those oxford pumps!!!!!!! what a steal!!!!!!!!


Irene said...
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