Sunday, April 25, 2010


I'm taking a few days off from blogging bc my grandmother passed away this weekend.  It's very up and down for me right now.  I'll be fine for a few hours and then for the next few hours, I get an overwhelming sense of heaviness.  During the moments when I feel okay, I try to do "regular" things to keep myself busy but I either end up feeling exhausted within a few minutes or feeling guilty/insensitive.

To keep myself occupied, I'm going to go through the list of people who follow my blog as well as all of the comments I have received thus far in order to get to know all of you a little bit more.  I will also follow and add people onto my blog roll as I go through the list. 

PS: For those of you who have access to my private blog, I will probably start writing in there again within the next day or so. 

*Edit* Okay, so I lied.  I procrastinated on just about everything this past week including updating my private blog and catching up with fellow bloggers.  These are still on my to-do list!  The good news: I'm doing much better now..thank you all so much <3  I'll also have updates tomorrow...I'm trying to make them not so shoe-orientated but it looks like CLs will be taking center stage yet again :P

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spotted: Fashion Victim

Yes, I know it isn't polite to snap pictures of strangers while at lunch and then blog about them for all the world to see but can you blame me? Did she really wake up in the morning, look inside her closet and think "Hum, now THIS would be a great top to wear to lunch!!!" ?? Tragic, so very tragic.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

3 Wishes

I wish...

Number 1: I had legs that went on for days so I could rock these ankle chain Lanvins:

Number 2: I never saw these Chanel pumps in the Saks catalog. I NEED THEM, I MUST HAVE THEM, I'LL DIE WITHOUT THEM. Love is the most beautiful form of insanity.

Number 3: My grandma's condition will improve soon cus I hate seeing my dad sad.

PS: Click here for the updated makeup 101 post (sorry, the updates are sorta spread out all over the place..). Click here for the updated Asian eyelashes tutorial.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fear Not...

I am alive and well. Not only did I survive the throat infection from hell, I have new shoes on hand and en route. Double yes! Only thing left to conquer is this damn sinus infection.

Silver cosmo python Altadama:

Um, yea. Enough said.

Magenta suede Samira:

You know when you buy something just because everyone else is and then five minutes later you feel incredibly guilty because you really didn't need what you just bought but then when you finally receive what you bought, you're totally happy you got suckered into buying it because you love it so much more than you ever thought you would???? Yea, thats me with Samira.

Click here for updated shoe collection :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I've been sick since Tuesday night and haven't had the energy to do much of anything. At first I thought I was just tired, then it became a sore throat, and now I can barely talk. I'll be back later this week with updates but for now, back to watching mindless television.

UPDATE 4/13/2010: My throat infection is slightly better but now I have a sinus infection and can't breath. Why me?!?!? To help me feel better, I just got some new shoes :) New CLs help clear my should try it next time youre sick!

Monday, April 5, 2010

April Showers

A few weeks ago I had a chance to score 10,000 NM points if I spent $500 on something from their premier designer category. I had a red Burberry jacket all picked out but at the last minute, changed my mind. I figured I shouldn't get suckered into promotional deals like this unless I really wanted whatever it is that they're offering. I've been regretting that decision ever since. This weekend I somehow ended up at Burberry (alright, fine, I specifically planned my shop-a-thon around a trip to Burberry...) and walked out with two new jackets :) Now I can rest in peace. The best part: I had an excuse to wear my new rain trench today cus it was pouring in the morning. Besides being at good at shopping, I apparently can also coordinate my purchases with the weather. Sweet.

What I had on inside the trench:

One of my coworkers annoyingly likes to make fun of this top bc of the over-sized bow. I in turn think hes a bit clueless in the fashion department :P

Some outtakes with the kids:

Yes, thats right, Libby finally decided to make an appearance today to wish you all HAPPY MONDAY!!

Outer: Burberry, Top: Free Generation, Jeans: BR, Shoes: YSL

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Me, Olivia (Libby ditched us somewhere between me trying to set up my tripod and me trying to take pictures...), and Samira (my new Loubs)!

PS: I was having trouble with my tripod at first but I ended up liking the test shots better than any of the pictures I took later on...hence the missing forehead..

PPS: I'll probably post better pics of the Samiras later on this week when I get CL #62 (yay!) but for now, I need to rest cus I went on a maaajor shop-a-thon today :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Black, Gray, and Blue

The weather has been lame this week. It cant seem to make up its mind on whether it wants to be sunny or rainy. I snapped this picture on my way home the other day...sorta sums it all up:

The problem with this in-between weather is me not knowing how to dress for work. I hesitate on wearing dresses and even my shoes because what if it starts pouring in the middle of the day?? My outfit, shoes, and purse would all be screwed. In short, my outfits this week have been lame just like the weather...jeans and t-shirt with TB flats and a jacket. Today was my first day wearing heels all week!!!

BLACK distressed skinnies from BR, GRAY New Simples by Msr. Louboutin, and BLUE Vince sweater. The most dressed up I've been all week. Sad.

My little Olivia is so loyal. Always gets up from her nap to welcome me home. Libby on the other hand is too lazy...doesn't even bother to open her eyes to greet me :P

TGIF tomorrow!! Too bad I have to get up early for a dentist appointment :(