Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Before I start the actual post, I want to apologize for not responding to comments!  As you can probably guess from the lack of posts, the blog that used to be updated on a weekly basis has been put on the back burner.  I see comments as they come in but often after I publish them, I forget to sign onto the blog to actually address the questions/comments.  So yah, sorry!

Anyhoo, I was dejectedly looking into options for my 1L summer when I received an email from a fellow Chanel lover.  While looking for the answer to her question, I skimmed through a few of my old posts and suddenly became inspired to do a quick post to get my mind off of cover letters, writing samples, etc.

Before starting school, I knew my shopping habit would tone down but between August to December, I actually outdid myself by purchasing ZERO shoes and going on ONE shopping trip.  It was pretty amazing.  However, as soon as the fall sale season started, the itch came back with a vengeance.  After a lot of going back and forth, I ended up with three lovely pairs to get me through the semester:

Bibi - Tanzanite Suede:

Bianca + thicker heel = Bibi.  Some CL lovers love the Bibi and some are thrown off by the thick heel.  I ordered this pair from NM "just to try it on" and was surprised at how much I loved the thick heel.  So of course, I "had" to get another pair...

Bibi - Taupe Ostrich

My SA had told me abt these back in July but when pictures came out, I crossed them off my list.  Then of  when I realized I loved the Bibi, I decided I was too hasty with my initial assessment of the ostrich Bibi and yah :)

And finally, the pinnacle of my CL-collecting career...BROWN (aka Gold) CROC BIANCA:

I went to CL hell and back for these shoes.  Okay, maybe thats a little dramatic.  Long story short, I initially ordered the denim blue ones and was in CL heaven for approximately 24 hours.  My SA woke me up the next morning to tell me that she just realized that the shoes were two different tones of blue and wasnt sure if she should send them out.  What followed was five days of me bemoaning my ill-fated love affair with croc to anyone who would listen and nearly going blind from staring at the blurry Blackberry pic my SA had sent me.  Just as I had come to terms with the fact that it just wasn't meant to be, my SA emailed me pics of the brown crocs and life made sense again.

Of course, no shoe purchase is complete without Libby and Olivia trying out the boxes:

I'll have to update the collection post later cus I'm tired : /