Friday, November 30, 2007

Fugly Medium Vinyl YSL Downtown

Wow...its been almost a week since my last post :( I've really fallen behind my previous 3-4 posts a day record. Well I guess this is what happens when you're overworked at work...let alone not blogging at work, I haven't even been on gmail at work 0.0

Anyhow, this morning as I was checking my mail, I excitedly opened a email from YSL titled "Holiday Exclusive". You can imagine my shock and disgust when I realized that this piece of crap was the "holiday exclusive" from my beloved Yves. Um, do I even have to go into details about how this defines fugly fashion??!! I appreciate the attempt at trying to provide consumers a wide variety of styles to choose from but this is kinda murdering the Downtown. Where do I begin? Oh, maybe the ugly ass poo color for starters and things only get better when you realize the fact that this bag is transparent. Horrific isn't it?? The last time I had a transparent bag, I was about 12 or 13 years old. I know trends tend to appear at least twice in one's lifetime but that doesnt mean every ugly trend from the past needs to poke its ugly head out once again! And to add insult to injury, they decided to promote this as a seasonal exclusive...can we say wtf?? Okay enough bashing and back to work :(

Saturday, November 24, 2007

San Francisco's Union Square

Union Square is San Francisco's answer to Rodeo Drive. I rank Union Square as the #1 place in the Bay Area to get any sort of real shopping done and plus, the feel of shopping in the heart of SF is hard to beat. I usually try to make it out to Union Square at least once a year, usually around the holiday season since the whole area is decked out in Christmas spirit :) The selection of stores is great and you'll probably have more luck finding stuff in your size here than in LA. I dragged my mom to the new Barneys in Union Square today and boy was I disappointed. This BNY is as tiny as tiny can be, the selection is inevitably smaller, and I kept getting the feeling that the SAs had no idea what they were doing. I was also disappointed to find out that the huge ass Macys uses real kittens and puppies as part of their window displays...animal labor is just as bad as child labor people!!!! Those poor lonely, cooped up babies :( Anyhow, my mom and I mostly did a lot of window shopping and oh, um....I finally, Finally, FINALLY GOT THOSE YSL MARYJANES!!!!! Well, I guess I shouldn't jump for joy just yet...the YSL boutique at Union Square didn't have anything in my size but the SA placed a request for me for the YSL in Hawaii. So if everything goes according to plan, I should be expecting those shoes from Hawaii in about a week or so :) I'll update with pictures as soon as I get those suckers...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Fendi Suede Boots and Black Patent Leather B-Bag

Tis the season for chic boots!! It really hasn't been too cold this year but winter is the only excuse for us to splurge on nice tall boots :) My friend JC just moved to Boston this past summer and is now faced with the difficult task of finding some functionally cute boots. Lucky for us Californians, we don't have to buy functional boots since we don't do snow...we can get away with boots that serve no other purpose than looking cute on your feet :D I'm currently obsessed with these tall Fendi suede boots that I first saw during my last trip to BNY in BH. With these boots on I'll be able to wear my dresses and yet still be appropriately dressed for winter weather. I definitely plan on trying these on during my trip to Union Square tomorrow with my mom :)

While I'm at it, I might as well say a little bit on the Fendi B-Bag shown here in black patent leather. The B-Bag was Fendi's attempt at trying to outdo the spy bag. They weren't too successful. The "B" in B-Bag stands for "Belt" since the flaps are suppose to resemble two oversized belts. The B-Bag comes in all sizes and varieties but in my opinion is not a bag to go too crazy over. I had the intention of purchasing this bag back in May of this year but when I tried it on, I just didn't really have that immediate "I must have this bag" sort of feeling. I see this bag occasionally when I'm out shopping but again, it doesn't really strike me as a must-have bag. However, to be fair, the mini B-Bag clutch is actually kinda cute and would be great for nights out on the town.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tragically Trendy Bags

What we have here are two tragically trendy bags that I never should've bought.

The LV Papillon 26 was one of the two purses that I got from the flagship Louis Vuitton store in Paris, France back in 2003. Back then this purse was cool because it was a part of the LV craze...thats me trying to justify my purchase :P I remember that summer the only reason why I agreed to go to Europe was so that I could buy purses and I specifically wanted to buy my LV bags from the flagship store in Paris...puhahahahahah. I was close to tears when I found out that the day our stupid tour guide planned for us to vist Champs-Elysees was a Sunday, a day when basically all the stores are closed in Paris. My wonderful dad came to my rescue and immediately hailed a taxi so that we could rush to the LV store while the other people in our group shopped at some random department store. My family hauled ass for my sake...the entire process of getting there, waiting in line for the next available SA, making my purchases, and rushing back to the tour bus took less than an hour but the end result was worth it; I had my two new purses and I got to visit the flagship LV store (back then each customer was only allowed to purchase two items at a time and there was a line just to enter the store...don't know if thats still the case) :) So sad, all that work for a purse that would later be delegated as one of my worst purchases...I mean I'm sure some LV enthusiasts out there would argue that all LV monogram canvas bags are classics but to me the Papillon screams 2003-2004. Also the shape is just kinda awkward dontcha think?

The Boston Dior bag in Dior Girly pink was of course from the Girly Dior craze that happened around 2004 or 2005. *Sigh* What can I say? Seemed like a great idea at the time...a boston bag in pink with Dior logo all over it...LOL. Hey, at least I didn't buy the ones that were pink with white plastic flowers all over them (no offense to any of you that did...)!! This comes with patent white leather trim and is really quite spacious...too bad it only matches with an all black or all white outfit. It didn't take long for this bag to go out of style and I think this sadly is my least used bag of all time.

Although these two bags weren't great purchases, I still don't believe in selling bags on eBay or whatever for a little profit...if you're really that cheap then maybe you shouldn't be buying designer stuff in the first place. Who knows when things will go back into style right? In the meantime, my mom goes grocery shopping with these two tragic bags...kikikikikikikikiki...LOL...only JK would get that...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Barneys New York Dog Carrier

I flew home this past Saturday with Libby so that we could both enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with my parents and Rowland. Libby did exceptionally well for a first time flyer who was forced to stand in line with her Mommy for two freakin hours while stupid United tried to get us on a new flight to SF. My poor Libby was in her carrier for a total of FIVE hours!!!! When we finally got on a new flight, I had to speed walk with my Chloe and Libby across the the airport to get to the new boarding arm muscles were in pain cus I swear Libby and her carrier must've been like 10 pounds all together!!! What did this experience teach me?? Well for one, never fly United again and second, Libby needs a new carrier. Since Libby broke her pink and brown soft carrier earlier last week, I decided to play it safe and buy her one of those ugly plastic carriers. Totally inconvenient and un-fashion forward but I didn't want to risk her jumping out of her carrier during the middle of the flight. Well, now I know that while the plastic carriers will keep Libby from escaping, they are unbearably heavy, ugly, and inconvenient since you can't wear it on your shoulder. Libby needs something like this chic leather carrier from Barneys...well-made so that she can't easily break through and it'll be a hell of a lot easier to carrier her around since theres a shoulder strap. Its on sale right now...go out and pamper your pets because they love and adore you!!!

More on Barney's Private Sale

Its no secret that my favorite department store is Barney's New York. You see, the buyers for Barney's like to go for the uniquely trendy items and since every trendy item will at one time or another become untrendy, almost all the items at Barney's will at one time or another (usually within a year) go on sale :) Barney's has two major store-wide sales a year, each sale season ends with the infamous Barney's Warehouse sale in Santa Monica or New York. Unlike other places, Barney's always puts great items on sale...I bought 6 pairs of Louboutin's to date from the sales and plan on collecting more in the years to come. The clothes are also wonderful. The third floor of BNY in BH will have certain racks marked as "SALE", however it is important to make sure you go through all of the racks cus most of the time stuff in the non-sale racks are also actually on sale. At first glance, a lot of the clothes will seem a little too funky but I swear its one of those "you have to try it on" things.

The Fall sale started last Thursday with a modest selection of items...not to worry, I am certain that as time goes on, more and more fabulous items will be added to the list. As most of you probably know, I have that "early bird gets the worm" mentality so of course I had to go check out the sale on the first day :) Like I said, the selection was small but I still managed to buy some great stuff. Shown here are my new Giuseppe Zanotti metallic gold pumps and my Christian Louboutin Criss Cross Vamp pumps.

Barney's Private Sale - Lanvin Hero Bags

Holy shizniz...I don't check the Barney's website for three days and I find out that they added the Lanvin Hero bags to their Private sale list AND sadly has already sold out in both colors!!!!!!!! Okay I think this is a sign from the shopping god that Lanvin and I are doomed to be ill-fated lovers. Oh well...I'm not as much of a Hero fan as I am a Kansas fan but these two colors were so awesome and came at an incredibly cheap price... I guess I shouldn't really be surprised that they're both sold out :( I know I don't need another bag but we're talking cute shoulder bags made of buttery soft leather people!!! Another thing to consider, if the Hero follows in the footsteps of the Kansas, it will be re-created in a uglier version with uglier colors in the future ... NOOOOOO!!!
Lanvin, founded in 1889, is THE oldest Parisian fashion house that is still in operation today and was born out of Jeanne Lanvin's fabulous mother and daughter dress sets. Jeanne's daughter Marguerite was her muse and their relationship is symbolized by the house logo, a depiction of Lanvin and her daughter going to a THATs what the little dangling coin-like charm hanging off of the bags are!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

YSL Patent Tribute Bag

I swear everyone and their mom has this YSL bag. Definitely every celebrity in Hollywood is carrying this around and to be honest, I dont understand why. I really am not a fan of the shape and I would rather have fake ostrich than fake crocodile print :P My guess is that its popularity comes from the fact that it caters to all the bag fads out there right now: 1. oversized 2. patent and 3. exotic skin/print...and I guess cus its not super expensive. The only reason why I would buy this bag is cus its YSL but really if I wanted an YSL bag, I would pick the Muse over the Tribute anyday. Any thoughts?

Prada Glace Calf Handbag

I kinda, sorta desire to have this bag. I could do without the gold trimming but I just love the shape of this bag. However, the Prada nylon bags kinda ruined it for me...that and probably seeing all the fake Pradas running rampant in every Asian country. For some reason, I can't get the perception of Prada being cheap out of my head!! I understand Prada is still considered high fashion but lets just say I would rather spend $2400 on a Chanel, not a Prada. Anyways, I think Prada is outrageously overpriced...especially for a house that was almost bankrupt a few years back. I guess they're trying to make up for the losses or something...who knows. Anyhow, its no secret Prada made its comeback with the Gauffre line and has slowly gotten back in good graces with the fashion world. Although I must admit I too am a fan of the Gauffre design, this bag here is kinda like a toned down version. This is a must more mature looking bag...cus ya know, I'm very mature and professional :) The size looks decent but my only concern are the handles...I hope its not like the Gucci top handle bags where the handles add 10 pounds :P I dont know...maybe I'll try this one on the next time I'm at BH and I'll let y'all know how it goes.

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Nappa Hobo in Moutarde

Look at this pretty yellow color from Bottega! This is one of my favorite Bottega simple and timeless. It fits really comfortably on your shoulder and looks super cute on the shoulder. I personally wouldn't splurge on such a seasonal color but this bag would go great with either an all black or all white outfit. You can also buy this bag in almost all other Bottega colors. This is one of the cheaper designs from Bottega...probably due to its small size but really its not even that small! I'll be good and wait for the spring designs to come out and perhaps splurge then :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Oliver Peoples Harlot and Aero

It just occurred to me that I've really slowed down on the blogging :P

This weekend I picked up two new pairs of sunglasses. I got the Oliver Peoples Harlot sunglasses for me-self and the Oliver Peoples polarized Aero aviators for Kent. I was a little scared buying sunglasses for Kent without him there to try it on so I picked a pair that looked pretty decent on me as well...I figured if he didn't like them, I could just keep the aviators for myself :) Turns out Kent pretty much loves his new sunglasses...yay for my excellent shopping skills. These aviators come with super dark black lenses and Kent says he feels like a movie star with them on...PUHAHAHAHAHAHA. I didn't even realize it, but the Aeros are also polarized and since Kent is way into polarized lenses, these turned out to be an even better buy than I had originally thought.

Anyhow, my new Harlot sunglasses kinda remind me of my round Marc Jacobs sunglasses but Kent thinks they look way nicer. They're at a good oversized size with a nice fade on the lenses. These would also be super cute in black huh? The Harlot isn't polarized but thats okay cus I hardly can tell the difference anyways.

A little note on wearing sunglasses on top of your it sparingly if ever at all!! I know its super convenient and some girls even use the sunglasses on top of their head as a fashion accessory, but by sliding your sunglasses over your head, you will eventually stretch out the frames which could result in the lenses popping out! I speak from personal experience :( A few weeks ago when I was shopping at BH, the lenses popped out from my Tom Fords. I took it to the sunglasses department at Saks and the SA helped me put the lenses back. She scolded me for wearing them on my head and now I make a conscious effort to avoid wearing my sunglasses on my head.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Stella McCartney Pumps

Heather Mills, eat your heart out :P I've always found these Stella McCartney pumps attractive in a funky way but don't they just look positively fabulous actually on someone?? I admit these stray on the little too odd looking side when viewed by themselves but this picture proves that they look absolutely chic, unique, and cute in action :) I think its one of those things where you have to try them on in person to really see the full potential. I have yet to try these on but now I reaallly have an urge to take a small trip to BH. I know DZ is not a fan but come on, can you honestly cay these shoes are ugly??!! I don't know whats up with that bag but the shoes are undeniably fabulous!!! Another item to add to my shoe wish list...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Saks Fall Preview Sale

Yesterday morning I was a complete grouch. I seriously don't remember the last time I was so cranky! Anyhow, my mood brightened a little when I saw the email for the Saks fall preview sale. The sale started yesterday and will end today. You save 30-40% on selected items and you'll get free shipping if you spend $150 (code: AUTUMN). The in-store sale is tomorrow and will last only one day. To save myself the gas, crowds, and time off work, I decided to go for online shopping instead of live action. I didn't really find anything too great in the handbags, shoes, and accessories category. I did however had to exercise self-control when it came to the dresses...big surprise there. I ended up purchasing only TWO dresses and they'll arrive right on time for the Thanksgiving holidays :) I finally got the Missoni dress that I've been eyeing for months now and a pretty Twig dress in cobalt blue. BTW...I just checked both items and the Missoni dress is no longer available. If you do decide to check out the Saks website today, be warned that the site is extra slow due to everyone else in the world also trying to take advantage of the sale. The pages take forever to load and a lot of the stuff will only have the xtra-larges left or might be no longer available. Good luck shopping gals! This post has encouraged me to check out the sale one last time for myself as well :P

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Joie Mary-Janes and Suede Wedges

I first saw these two pairs of Joie shoes at Cusp and has since been kinda, sorta obsessed with them. I'm trying to make my dad proud by controlling my shopping problem but now I really regret not buying these with my shopbop coupon this past week. Kent says they're too "round" which I understand but they would be so incredibly cute with my dresses!!!! My only consolation now is the fact that shopbop is all sold-out of the black ones anyways...but the wedges also kinda look cute in brown (or "plum") and I think I could make the mary-janes work in beige :P I've learned my lesson, next time I'm for sure going to use my coupons...

BTW...Steve Madden apparently has a wannabe version of the mary-janes and Dolce Vita has a version of the wedges...I however will stick to the original ones. I'm basically ready to call a boycott on Steve Madden and Nine West...they shamelessly offer knockoffs of other brands...just go to the Steve Madden website and you'll be amazed at all of the "original" designs he has...or I guess if you want, go ahead and buy Steve Madden and Nine West shoes but just please don't support the wannabe designs...

My Original 3 Louboutins

As some of you may have noticed, this past week has been a slow blogging week for me. I have a MASSIVE Taiwan project at work that's taking up my usual blogging time. I'm trying to make up for it right now...can you tell??

Anywho, I found this picture in my computer and decided to do a little bit about it. I took this picture the night I came home from my BNY shoe sale high. Theres nothing like buying your first pair (or three) of Louboutins!! I remember that night, I proudly tried and re-tried all three pairs until I was tired of walking around my apartment with them on. The black Rolando sling-backs were once my ultimate dream shoes. You can imagine how excited I was when they went on sale at BNY. Too bad their so uncomfortable :P The brown suede ones in the middle are for dressier occasions but they aren't as uncomfortable as they look. I wore them to Temmy's wedding reception and danced the night away in them...perhaps all the alcohol numbed the pain or perhaps they really are just well-made shoes. And of course the black patent activa sandals which I think need no further introduction. Looking at this picture is making me want to go shoe shopping...can't wait for the fall/winter sales to start!!

Burberry Scarves

Its finally starting to get a little cold which means its time to bring out the Burberry scarves :) As you can see, I have the baby blue, bably pink, dark blue, and lavender versions. The dark blue is long and the other three are all short. These scarves are what I live off of during winter...they generally go with every outfit and do a seriously good job of keeping you warm. The Burberry scarves make keeping warm fashionable and do such a great job at keeping you warm that you'll be able to avoid those bulky winter jackets. My mom was actually the person who encouraged me to stock up on these scarves and I wouldn't mind getting a few more colors :D When DZ and I went to the Desert Hills Outlets, we discovered that the Burberry outlet actually carries a decent collection of these scarves and you save about $50 or so...or in DZ's case, you end up walking away with a $50 dollar one...

Dior Saddle Bag

There were three things that Carrie Bradshaw made famous: 1. Manolos 2. Fendi baguettes and 3. Dior Saddle bags. If you watch carefully, chances are that one or more of the three are featured in every SATC episode. I've replaced Manolos with Louboutins, waiting patiently for the reissue of baguettes to hit stores, and decided to finally blog about my Dior Saddle (unlike Carrie, I don't have one of each of the many variations...). I bought this bag in Milan, Italy back in the summer of 2003. That year, before we went on our tour of Europe, I wrote down the three bags that I wanted to purchase while in Europe and the Saddle bag was one of them. Although I had originally intended to get the denim Saddle, I ended up (THANK GOD) getting it in this neutral version. If I could, I would go back in time and pick the black calf leather version and at the larger size, but at the time I was pretty stoked about this pick. The bag is fairly small, it has about enough space for a small wallet and a thin cell-phone. I think the last time I wore this bag was sometime during my senior year in college. I think this bag is still fairly cute but just inconvenient since it forces me to carry only the bare minimum. I think the genius behind this bag is its shape. It fits beautifully as a shoulder bag, not bulky and not too heavy. Also when its worn, it proudly displaces the CD hardware from the front and the back. Although this is probably considered as one of my more trendy bags, I'd like to think of this bag as a piece of Dior history in my possession :)