Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Saks Fall Preview Sale

Yesterday morning I was a complete grouch. I seriously don't remember the last time I was so cranky! Anyhow, my mood brightened a little when I saw the email for the Saks fall preview sale. The sale started yesterday and will end today. You save 30-40% on selected items and you'll get free shipping if you spend $150 (code: AUTUMN). The in-store sale is tomorrow and will last only one day. To save myself the gas, crowds, and time off work, I decided to go for online shopping instead of live action. I didn't really find anything too great in the handbags, shoes, and accessories category. I did however had to exercise self-control when it came to the dresses...big surprise there. I ended up purchasing only TWO dresses and they'll arrive right on time for the Thanksgiving holidays :) I finally got the Missoni dress that I've been eyeing for months now and a pretty Twig dress in cobalt blue. BTW...I just checked both items and the Missoni dress is no longer available. If you do decide to check out the Saks website today, be warned that the site is extra slow due to everyone else in the world also trying to take advantage of the sale. The pages take forever to load and a lot of the stuff will only have the xtra-larges left or might be no longer available. Good luck shopping gals! This post has encouraged me to check out the sale one last time for myself as well :P


Julia said...

good choices!

Debbie said...

2 cowlneck dresses...wow.