Sunday, November 11, 2007

Oliver Peoples Harlot and Aero

It just occurred to me that I've really slowed down on the blogging :P

This weekend I picked up two new pairs of sunglasses. I got the Oliver Peoples Harlot sunglasses for me-self and the Oliver Peoples polarized Aero aviators for Kent. I was a little scared buying sunglasses for Kent without him there to try it on so I picked a pair that looked pretty decent on me as well...I figured if he didn't like them, I could just keep the aviators for myself :) Turns out Kent pretty much loves his new sunglasses...yay for my excellent shopping skills. These aviators come with super dark black lenses and Kent says he feels like a movie star with them on...PUHAHAHAHAHAHA. I didn't even realize it, but the Aeros are also polarized and since Kent is way into polarized lenses, these turned out to be an even better buy than I had originally thought.

Anyhow, my new Harlot sunglasses kinda remind me of my round Marc Jacobs sunglasses but Kent thinks they look way nicer. They're at a good oversized size with a nice fade on the lenses. These would also be super cute in black huh? The Harlot isn't polarized but thats okay cus I hardly can tell the difference anyways.

A little note on wearing sunglasses on top of your it sparingly if ever at all!! I know its super convenient and some girls even use the sunglasses on top of their head as a fashion accessory, but by sliding your sunglasses over your head, you will eventually stretch out the frames which could result in the lenses popping out! I speak from personal experience :( A few weeks ago when I was shopping at BH, the lenses popped out from my Tom Fords. I took it to the sunglasses department at Saks and the SA helped me put the lenses back. She scolded me for wearing them on my head and now I make a conscious effort to avoid wearing my sunglasses on my head.

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