Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tragically Trendy Bags

What we have here are two tragically trendy bags that I never should've bought.

The LV Papillon 26 was one of the two purses that I got from the flagship Louis Vuitton store in Paris, France back in 2003. Back then this purse was cool because it was a part of the LV craze...thats me trying to justify my purchase :P I remember that summer the only reason why I agreed to go to Europe was so that I could buy purses and I specifically wanted to buy my LV bags from the flagship store in Paris...puhahahahahah. I was close to tears when I found out that the day our stupid tour guide planned for us to vist Champs-Elysees was a Sunday, a day when basically all the stores are closed in Paris. My wonderful dad came to my rescue and immediately hailed a taxi so that we could rush to the LV store while the other people in our group shopped at some random department store. My family hauled ass for my sake...the entire process of getting there, waiting in line for the next available SA, making my purchases, and rushing back to the tour bus took less than an hour but the end result was worth it; I had my two new purses and I got to visit the flagship LV store (back then each customer was only allowed to purchase two items at a time and there was a line just to enter the store...don't know if thats still the case) :) So sad, all that work for a purse that would later be delegated as one of my worst purchases...I mean I'm sure some LV enthusiasts out there would argue that all LV monogram canvas bags are classics but to me the Papillon screams 2003-2004. Also the shape is just kinda awkward dontcha think?

The Boston Dior bag in Dior Girly pink was of course from the Girly Dior craze that happened around 2004 or 2005. *Sigh* What can I say? Seemed like a great idea at the time...a boston bag in pink with Dior logo all over it...LOL. Hey, at least I didn't buy the ones that were pink with white plastic flowers all over them (no offense to any of you that did...)!! This comes with patent white leather trim and is really quite spacious...too bad it only matches with an all black or all white outfit. It didn't take long for this bag to go out of style and I think this sadly is my least used bag of all time.

Although these two bags weren't great purchases, I still don't believe in selling bags on eBay or whatever for a little profit...if you're really that cheap then maybe you shouldn't be buying designer stuff in the first place. Who knows when things will go back into style right? In the meantime, my mom goes grocery shopping with these two tragic bags...kikikikikikikikiki...LOL...only JK would get that...


Irene said...

DUDE. those bags bring me back!

omg i remember when i wanted the boston bag in navy...... i'm still a little sad about it. b/c back then bags were so much cheaper compared to now


Julia said...

not even on halloween??? j/k, kikikikikiki.. LOL

Julia said...

btw, i took the dior girly bag (mine is messenger bag) when i went to the japanese garden with my parents but only b/c i couldn't find my prada messenger bag.. i didn't really care b/c i only saw really old & children there.. kikiki