Friday, January 25, 2008

The Many Faces of Fashion

As much as we all love to hate them, models are an essential part of the fashion world. Not only do their great figures lend themselves to fashion as real-life walking hangers, most designers gather inspiration from their muses. I thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of the muses that have had profound impacts on the fashion world during the past 2 decades :)

*Early 90s = The Glamazons*
The early 90s was probably the heyday of modeling. This was the era when top models didn't bother "getting out of bed for less than $10,000". The famous Glamazon trinity was of course Naomi, Christy, and Linda. As the name suggests, fashion was all about glamour.

*Cocaine Chic = Enter Kate Moss*
As the Glamazons aged, the new models to saturate the fashion industry were walking twigs who lived off of drugs and cigarettes. Fashion took on a grunge era and this was really when fashion and its coked out muses got disconnected from mainstream.

*Amazon Beauties*
When people finally realized looking like a druggie was not at all what fashion should be about, the Brazilian beauties began debuting their fabulously long legs in every commercial store/ad imaginable. Models were once again back in favor with the masses and unlike the glamazons who were high and mighty, the Amazon beauties tried more to connect with the everyday person. This basically translates into a gradual mixing of high-fashion and commercial fashion as top models became "just like you and me".

*The Doll with the Piercing Eyes*

Jessica Stam seems to be the muse for just about everyone right now and with people like Lily Cole walking the runway, I believe we are now in the era of the dolls. Designers seem to be drawn to girls with a innocent "doll" face whose eyes are usually strikingly big and eerie. BTW...the infamous MJ Stam bag was created for if only I could inspire Karl Lagerfeld to make me a purse :P Oh and one more thing, dontcha just LOVE this picture?!?!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

All Hail Victoria Beckham!

I am just dying over this outfit VB has on!! I mean, who else can even say they own all of the pieces to this outfit?! Lets take a moment to appreciate every item we see before us:

1. The Dress: This is the stunning Neptune dress from RM's collection which is available on NAP but all sizes are sold out cept sizes 8-12. Posh has also been photographed wearing the pink Moon dress, also from RM, also almost sold out on NAP.

2. The Bag: I am so utterly devastated by this bag...why oh why can't I be as filthy rich as VB and own every Birkin ever known to man?! I mean regular leather birkins in black are already fabulous, but a purple ostrich Birkin...?!?!

3. The Shoes: These are the famous Rolandos (collaboration between RM and CL) that I keep going on and on about. I have them in black as slingbacks and bronze as pumps. VB has them in the red patent leather which are available at BNY. Not the most comfortable shoes out there, actually more like the most uncomfortable shoes I have, but too sexy to pass up!

4. The Fur: I'm not a big fur person since the process is just too brutal but I'm sure fur lovers world- wide are going nuts over this cute white number while PETA members are planning how to corner Posh and set her straight about animal cruelty.

This outfit is Posh's answer to being named as one of the worst dressed women of the year.

Lucy...Shame On You!!

Lucy, Lucy, Lucy!! Just because your new character in Cashmere Mafia has the same eccentric fashion tastes as Carrie, it does not mean its okay for YOU to wear whatever the hell you want when you go out in public! Okay fine, this little pink puffy number could've worked on set but at an actual, real-life event?! I dont think it takes a genius to figure out that the answer is N to the NO. I mean what in the world made you look in the mirror and think "Hmmmm, I think this cute purple dress and silver shoes need a little extra umpf" ?!?! Really, I'm actually really curious to find out why anyone thought looking like the Michelin tire guy was good idea.

**UPDATE** So it seems that Lucy wore this little getup to the Valentino haute couture show which explains the bubble thingy a little bit but at the same time...lets leave the crazy, unwearble stuff to the models on the runway, yea??**

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

LV Nimbus

When I first saw this bag, way back in early 2007, my first reaction was...LV has officially and literally gone down the drain. In pictures, the Nimbus almost looks like a big wad of wet toilet paper but trust me when I say, pictures don't do this bag any justice!! I saw a lady wearing this bag at the Century City mall and was shocked to discover that this bag is actually cute. I personally love this bag in Anthracite and was super duper close to getting it but realized I didn't LOVE love this bag (I guess I still can't get over my distaste for Louis). Unlike most other LV bags, the Nimbus is made from (real) lambskin and isn't ridiculously overpriced :) A lot of people are going nuts over the Mahina (the bagsnobs have a great little number on it on right now, which is cute but at $4000, I'd much rather settle for the Nimbus or a Nuti ostrich bag.

Marc Jacobs Reverse Heel

I'm sure you have all seen this hilarious ad from Marc Jacobs by now and yes, its quirky, funny, eye-catching, yada, yada, yada. But this blog isn't about photography so lets take a moment to look at Posh's shoes! The reverse heel isn't everyones cup of tea but I have to say, this version is adorable. Love the simple pink and black combo. All other versions of the reverse heel seem to feature bright highlighter colors which begs the question, where in the hell would bright neon shoes be appropriate?! This cute color scheme is much more practical and dare I say, wearable!! I would almost consider hunting these shoes down but I'm not sure if I'm mentally prepared for all the "What the hell is she wearing" looks I'll be getting from less fashion savvy folks or the "OMG, SHE ACTUALLY BOUGHT THE REVERSE HEEL" look from people who know a thing or two about MJ. I will be honest and admit, I'm dying to find out what it feels like to walk in these funky shoes!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Miu Miu Spring Footwear

I've been browsing through various websites for the past hour or so and sadly had to come across these monstrosities from Miu Miu. Um, yes, please, I would like to have a flower bush growing from the front of my shoes!!! I mean, both shoes would have been pretty horrendous without the flowers but I guess Miuccia wanted to make extra sure everyone knew this was part of her spring collection. I would love to see someone actually buy these shoes and attempt to pull them off. Okay, I'm going to go back to laughing my ass can too :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Tops Galore

Most of you know by now that I've been addicted to dresses for the past year and well, I've finally come to realize that I really need to stop buying dress and start looking for more tops to go with my jeans. My only concern is how expensive tops are nowadays...for one little top, I could purchase an awesome day dress!! Anyhow, I vow to stop immediately checking out the dress section of every website or store and begin to gravitate more towards the tops in order to make use of my jeans :) I've been looking the whole day and the above selections were some of my faves...enjoy!

Yet Another Louboutin Pump

Okay ya'll are probably sick of Louboutin pumps by now but seriously, a girl can never have too many black pumps!!! I've had great experiences with all my Louboutin pumps (minus the Rolando...but only because its slightly big on me!) and I'm dying for another pair. My options are: 1. Get another pair of the New Simple Corta pumps, this time in Pewter or 2. Get these cute Covered Platform pumps from Saks. I was on NAP last night and saw these pumps and fell in love but was extremely sad to see that they were completely sold out. So you can imagine how excited I am that they're available at Saks :) Yes I know, these are just slightly more rounded Rolandos but its these or another pair of New Simples. I need to decide quick before both sell out!! Help :(

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Way Too Ginormous

Okay yes, Hermes is the ultimate status symbol and a must-have for all fashionista's world-wide but really Katie, is this necessary?? We get it!! You're the real Cinderella story; married to your wacked-out prince charming, mother to a freakishly cute baby, and loaded with enough money to buy an entire Hermes store but there are other ways to go about toting this ginormous Hermes HAC. The purseblog estimates this bag at 40-50cm which really puts it in the chic travel bag section. If this picture had been taken at LAX or JFK, it would've made more sense but on the streets of NYC?? Just as a regular day-bag?? NO. Girls take note: there is indeed a limit to the oversized bag trend and this is way beyond it! I mean seriously, when is it ever necessary to carry all your belongings with you on a regular day out?? The answer? NEVER.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Lanvin Maryjane Pumps

Yesterday DZ and I reunited for a long overdue shopping day and lookee what i picked up at BNY! My very first pair of Lanvin pumps :) Yesterday was the last day of the insane BNY in-store sale and I was lucky enough to find these in my size at about 60% off!! I personally think Lanvin shoes are overpriced so this buy was a definite steal. Love the geometric heel, the supple leather, and comfy fit. Since leather stretches with time, these shoes come slightly tighter than normal but trust me when I say they stretch with time...I tried on two pairs of size 7s in the store and the more tried-on pair felt like a normal 7 whereas these newer ones feel like a 6.5. I also love the box Lanvin shoes come in! Weird right? Not if you check out these fancy shoe boxes...comes complete with a black ribbon tie and two double sided dust more squeezing my babies into one bag! Anyhow, can't wait to wear these out...I'm thinking either my new Club Monaco dress or my new Grace Sun dress...totally different looks depending on the dress, another reason why I'm so excited about these new shoes :) Oh yea, did I mention? Libby also couldn't get enough of these shoes (no, I did not force her to pose...she was actually annoyingly attached to the Lanvins) :

Friday, January 11, 2008

M&C Kian Leather Jacket

I'm so in love with this leather jacket from M&C right now! Cropped, hooded leather jacket? I'm sold! With this jacket, I'll be able to stay warm and still avoid the cheesy leather jacket look. Not sure if this comes in any other colors but honestly, I prefer this "mud" color over black since black is like the most cliche leather jacket color dontcha think?? My weekend go-to outfit is almost always a long black tee over jeans with a cropped (and usually hooded) jacket so this would be an absolutely perfect addition to my closet :) excited!!

Top 5

If you could pick 5 handbags in the whole wide world, which ones would you pick?? Suppose these 5 would be the only 5 handbags you would ever own. Anyone brave enough to share their top 5???


As the time for me to go back to school draws nearer, I'm starting my back-to-school shopping list early :) Top of my list?? A chic leather bound agenda for me to capture the numerous project due dates and exam schedules. The OCD side of me loves keeping written schedules and a to-do list and so naturally agenda's are a must-have. I have a few in mind but not really leaning either way. There is of course the famous Hermes Globe Trotter and the LV Suhali agenda but I'm also curious to see what Chanel and BV offer. Its important that the leather is sturdy since no doubt it'll get tossed around in my bag alot and will accompany me practically everywhere as I try to get my edumacation (no that is not a spelling error DZ...LOL) :) DZ, my favorite shopping buddy, and I are planning a shopping day this weekend to BH so I'll add agendas to my ever-growing list which already includes loafer/oxford pumps, belts, and a new wallet!

Bottega Origami Clutch

Next to the Chanel Classic clutch, the BV Origami clutch is
probably one of the most well-known clutches out there today. Although this is only big enough for your credit cards, ID, and some cash, it is just so adorable and classy!! Nicole Kidman famously carried this a few award seasons ago and now I'm completely sold! Perfect size for your palm which means you'll have your hands free during those special nights out with the girls or your special boy toy ;) The downside? The price of course! This pretty accessory is a bit on the pricey side for clutches...personally I would spend $4k on a ostrich bag rather than this tiny gadget but I would of course, gladly accept this as a gift :)

Chloe Oxford Pumps

DZ and I have Oxford/Loafer pump fever! I almost died when I saw these Chloe Oxford pumps from '06 :( I'm so sad I didn't see these when they were still available!!!! I love the height on these shoes and the overall shape is just fabulous. And although the only place where I can buy these now is eBay (not an option as I just dont trust eBay or any of those auction sites), I'm determined to add Oxford or Loafer pumps to my shoe collection within the next month!!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy Birthday IC!!!!

Happy belated Bday IC!!!! LOVE your new Crystal Tedior Necklace :) Since I haven't seen it in person yet, perhaps you can leave a few words of wisdom in the comments section :) MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER...even if I remembered a day late...hehehheehhehe!

Preppy Chic: Oxford Pumps

I feel like I'm losing readers because I dont update as often as before :( I'm going to try to blog more despite being swamped at work!!

In any case, lets take a moment to talk about Oxford pumps. Almost every designer out there has a version of these and I have the Lanvin ones pictured here. I think when you just look at these shoes alone, they come off as somewhat awkward and yes, a bit nerdy. However, you must believe me when I say these are super chic when you pair them with leggings and a cute mini. And when I say mini, I dont mean slutty mini, I'm referring to classic mini's (and really, when are slutty mini's ever a good idea??). Its a perfect mixture of chic + classy + trendy!! I really think Oxford pumps and loafer pumps are going to be the big thing in
'08 and it wont be long before we all own a version of them so why not get a head start and get yours today??!! The wedge versions are also great, although not as widespread just yet. I would recommend getting a pair of Oxfords to go with your conservative mini's and loafers for those preppy jean attires ;)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

YSL Uptown Bag

If you know me, then you know that I read certain websites religiously everyday and the fabulous bagsnobs are two gals whose opinion I trust the most when it comes to all things fashionable. The bagsnobs, like me, love YSL and they seem to especially love the Uptown bag which is sorta like the Downtown's older, more sophisticated sister. To be honest, I never really paid too much attention to this bag...kinda boring dontcha think? In any case, I saw a lady with the black patent one the other day and I must say, I was very impressed. The shiny patent leather was super eye-catching and the quality of the leather was undeniably superb...the patent leather was simply beautiful and somehow managed to avoid the tacky look. This bag was designed with the image of high-society, sophisticated ladies in mind. I would definitely not recommend this bag to girls in their 20s as it'll simply come off as immature kids trying to play dress-up with a mature woman's bag collection. This bag would be great for chic ladies in their 30s and 40s...a great high-class MILF bag :P The only thing about this bag that is undesirable is the fact that is literally a H A N D B A G...meaning, you will not be able to free up your hands while toting this bag 'round town. Overall, this bag has left me excited about the whole aging process and I can't wait to be a sophisticated and fashionable mom!!

Fendi Wedge Pumps

I just read a recent entry on DZ's blog and it bashed the life out of Fendi handbags. So in defense of Fendi, here is a decent wedge pump from Fendi :) I love wedges cus they go great with just about everything. They have the ability to dress up a causal outfit but can also dress down a over-the-top outfit. These shoes also come in black but the white is much more eye-catching ;D So you see, while Fendi is indeed guilty of the wide array of fugly bags, they still have some good in them! And call me an optimist, but I still believe that one day in the near future, we will get a return of decent handbags from Fendi!!