Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Preppy Chic: Oxford Pumps

I feel like I'm losing readers because I dont update as often as before :( I'm going to try to blog more despite being swamped at work!!

In any case, lets take a moment to talk about Oxford pumps. Almost every designer out there has a version of these and I have the Lanvin ones pictured here. I think when you just look at these shoes alone, they come off as somewhat awkward and yes, a bit nerdy. However, you must believe me when I say these are super chic when you pair them with leggings and a cute mini. And when I say mini, I dont mean slutty mini, I'm referring to classic mini's (and really, when are slutty mini's ever a good idea??). Its a perfect mixture of chic + classy + trendy!! I really think Oxford pumps and loafer pumps are going to be the big thing in
'08 and it wont be long before we all own a version of them so why not get a head start and get yours today??!! The wedge versions are also great, although not as widespread just yet. I would recommend getting a pair of Oxfords to go with your conservative mini's and loafers for those preppy jean attires ;)

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Irene said...

so cute! i saw a girl today at lunch wear louboutin ones w/ purple tights and a black skirt. it looked REALLY CUTE.