Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy Birthday IC!!!!

Happy belated Bday IC!!!! LOVE your new Crystal Tedior Necklace :) Since I haven't seen it in person yet, perhaps you can leave a few words of wisdom in the comments section :) MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER...even if I remembered a day late...hehehheehhehe!

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Irene said...

i love my little pink swarovski crystal encrusted tedior!!!!!!

the chain sparkles to match the crystals, and the head and limbs also dangle to give my little teddy some life as it dangles from the chain.

def an eye catcher, wore it to work the day after my birthday and didn't have to say anything before people started noticing and asking me about my cute little teddy necklace. def a nice and cheaper alternative to the diamond encrusted hello kitty necklaces....