Monday, October 8, 2007

Sample/Warehouse Sales

This hot and cold weather that we've been getting lately is starting to get to me. I think I feel the beginnings of my annual cold. I'm extremely drowsy right now and work is tedious so I need to blog in order to keep myself awake.
DZ posted a entry about sample sales last week on her blog and today I'm going to borrow (hehehe) her idea :) I would give the link to her blog so you can read what she has to say but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do that yet :P
Where do I start?? Sample sales I think is a phenomenon that that reigns exclusively over LA and NY. I personally have a love/hate relationship with sample sales. For those of you who don't know, sample sales are when one designer offers clothes from past seasons at discounted prices; we're talking about 70% or more people! There are also organizations (BDB, Top Button, etc.) that will offer many sales a year from all sorts of different designers. There are various websites that you can sign up for to receive information on upcoming samples sales but sign up for these at your own discretion! It may seem like a good idea at the time but before you know it, you'll be getting emails every day and sometimes more than once a day! Other than filling up your inbox, these info emails will only tempt you into spending your hard earned cash. There comes a point where every LA and NY gal just needs to learn how to pace herself and that requires learning how to say NO to all the sample sale out there. Hey, of course you can go to all if them if you really want to but you'll be one busy gal! You can also rely on word of mouth for getting info about sample sales...let others sort out the emails for you! Lately my friends and I have been bombarded with the sheer number of sample sales going on in the LA area...theres honestly been like 2-3 vendors per week!! Here are some things to expect at sample sales and some tips on how to tackle sample sales:
*Things to expect at sample sales*
1. There will always be a line and the girls in line will not smile kindly at you if you cut by association, meaning you jump up in line because someone you know is in the front of the line.
2. When the doors open, people will break out into a sprint.
3. Depending on how big the vendor is, the racks will be cleaned out within 15 minutes.
4. It will eventually become impossible to find an open mirror.
5. There will be girls trying to trade their stuff with yours.
6. There will be late comers who will form a circle around you, waiting for the clothes you toss out.
7. There will be a LONG and SLOW line to pay.
8. You will see a lot of naked girls walking around.
*Tips on how to survive a sample sale*
1. Come at least 30 minutes before the sale begins.
2. Plan to go with at least one friend and advise them which size you wear so that they may help you grab some stuff too.
3. Power walk (if you don't mind looking retarded, go ahead and sprint) into the sale and GRAB WHATEVER YOU SEE AS SOON AS YOU SEE IT!
4. Try to finish the "shopping" ASAP and begin looking for a open mirror to claim.
5. Take turns trying stuff on with your friend since that way you ensure the clothes that you grabbed will remain with you until you are done (trust me, girls will take other girls stuff).
6. Be nice and give the unwanted clothes to the less fortunate girls.
7. If you want stuff at the lowest possible prices, go during the last day of the sale (but of course, if you want the best pick you must be there when the doors open on the first day).
8. Yes its a sale but still remember to look at the price tags...things will add up and before you know it, you'll be handing over $1000 if you're not careful (I speak from personal experience..)
9. GO TO THE COSMETICS SAMPLE SALES!! Makeup rarely ever goes on sale and its a great place to stock up on gifts for girlfriends.
*Specific Tips for Mike and Chris Sample sale*
DON'T GO ON THE FIRST won't be able to move and the stuff are marked at pretty expensive prices...the best time to go is the second day :)
*Specific Tips for Barney's Warehouse sale*
RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN TO THE BACK WHERE THE BAGS AND SHOES me, in less than 60 seconds, the bags will be completely gone and within another 5 minutes, the shoes will be gone as well :)
You're first sample sale will always be somewhat shocking but trust me, you'll become a pro in no time :D


Irene said...

sounds scary.

you've def matured since your first sample sale experience from when i saw you back in august. hahahhaa

Julia said...

The first time I went to a sample sale was with my mom and her best friend. We were the first ones to get there and in fact, we were a little too early so I even went and got breakfast for us.. I ended up spending a lot more than I had planned but it was well worth it because I was able to get what I wanted both in size and color for my parents, sister and me.