Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jessica Alba Bag Envy

This is a pretty simple outfit that Jessica has on but I'm in love with her Chanel shoulder bag!! This looks like a funkier version of my Chanel Soft Chain purse but in a smaller size and more eye-catching color. I love, love, LOVE the great with all-black outfits and overall works with her pretty purple scarf :) The chain resembles the soft chain line of Chanel purses but this one seems to have a fold-over clasp instead of my top button closure. The smaller size will also mean an end to digging and searching for stuff :D I'm in dire need of this bag!!! And even though I love this pretty blue color, if I was to really get this bag, I would try to buy it in a more classic color and by that I mean BLACK! Yes, it'll be slightly more boring and less striking but black would mean more use and abuse (I'm really bad at maintaining quality...)! Since there are so many different Chanel styles and everyone has their own name for the styles, it'll be hard to find information about this bag on the Internet which means I need to go visit a boutique like TODAY! But of course, I'll wait a few months before I get this bag since I dont want my dad getting mad at me again :D

Friday, December 21, 2007

Tory Burch Ballerina Flats

I'm not particularly tall, actually I'm on the short side, but I've always firmly believed what I lack in stature, I gain back in the form of sky-high heels :) Thus, its not a surprise that I usually forgo flats for pumps. However, lately I've started to appreciate the beauty of flats. Back in September, I bought two pairs of cheap ballerina flats from Nine West mainly because they were cheap but soon became more and more attached to those suckers. Comfy, warm in comparison to flip-flops, and goes with just about every casual outfit I have. So about a week ago, I added Tory Burch flats onto my "Must Have Now" list and wah-lah, I bought a pair today at Neimans with my mommy :D I went for the dark, dark navy mainly cus its so dark its basically black but I would also love to have them in white and metallic gold! I also tried on a pair of black Chanel flats and must say, those are super duper comfy but will cost you about three times more than what Tory's offering...not sure if I love flats that much just yet :P Many girls complain about how flats hurt and well, they hurt especially if they're too big on you cus your heel tends to get rubbed raw and if they're too tight, your toes wont be so happy. Avoid the ones that are rock hard and look for something flexible, something that's willing to mold itself into the shape of your feet.

**UPDATE: So I'm totally in love with these flats and feel like I could practically wear them to bed! I love them so much that I just ordered them in gold fron Neimans :D I also found that they take about a day to break in...I went shopping and dancing in my navy ones and now they're as comfortable as comfortable gets!**

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Merry Christmas to MEEEEEEEE!!!

I think the pictures speak for themselves but a few words...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my parents; major upgrade from the Constellation; mother of pearl dial with diamond bezel encased in a 35.5mm stainless steel case with sapphire crystal and white crocodile strap :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Valentino Drape Bag

This reasonably decent bag is on sale at Saks :) What's not to love? Cute and convenient satchel shape, simple but oh so creative leather ruching, anywhere, anytime color, and couple hundred dollars off the original price tag! Nothing too exciting going on, arguably a little on the boring side but hey, simple is chic!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Lindsey Lohan Does Us Proud (For Once...)

I think Lindsey is sporting just about every trend thats hot right now in this one outfit. Shes got the dark, oversized sunglasses, the "I dont' care what my hair looks" like ponytail, the tight leather jacket, the wide-leg jeans, and a cute belt. Lets dissect her outfit, shall we?!

1. The hair: Back when I was in middle school, there was nothing cooler than having your hair in a perfect ponytail. I'm talking no fly-aways, no bumps, no nothing. Just a pristine ponytail. Nowadays, more and more people are going for that messy hair look. Its always nice to have a few strands loose on the sides, I think it communicates the "I didn't spend an hour doing my hair and I still look fabulous" message :)
2. The sunglasses: This is a look made famous by Nicole Richie and widely copied by girls everywhere. I think just about everyone I know has a pair of oversized sunglasses. I remember once reading an interview where Posh said her secret to looking good at all times is simply having her big Chanel sunglasses on. Its true! With dark sunglasses on, you can leave the house with no make-up on and still look great.
3. The jacket: I will forever be somewhat scarred from high school...seeing all those Asian boys with their leather jackets on every single damn day of the year really made the leather jacket not so appealing to me. I still think leather jackets are hard to pull off cus they can easily look cheesy; however, with its come back in the fashion world, there are some decent cropped ones out there. Mike&Chris is famous for their leather jackets but I still haven't found one thats really to die for. I must say though, Lindsey looks great in hers!
4. The jeans: Can I just say, I absolutely love wide-leg jeans?! I've never really been particularly fond of my legs so to have jeans that hide the shape of my legs is a blessing from the heavens above! Some people might think the wide shape makes you look fatter but actually I think wide-leg pants make people's legs look longer. The key to wide-leg jeans is the tailoring. You must have them tailored perfectly to your height. They shouldn't drag on the floors but they also need to be long enough to cover your feet! When you go in to get them tailored, bring the pair shoes that you will most likely wear with the pants so you can get an accurate idea of how long they should be.
5. The belt: Belts can make or break an outfit. Investing in a good belt is crucial. I've been wanting the Hermes logo belt for a while and as of this week, its officially on my "MUST HAVE NOW" list! I would go for one with a silver buckle since my YSL belt is with a gold buckle. Last time I was at the Hermes in SF, I noticed that the belts are sold with the buckles separately. Don't know if thats always the case but either way, it'll cost you plenty of pretty pennies but it'll be so worth it!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

White Cable Knit Purse

So LN is my go-to jewelry person and JY is my crazy little knitter :) As IC said, JY probably never needs to buy clothes again cus she can just knit stuff for herself...LOL. But JY's knitting skills are no laughing matter, just look at this cute cable knit purse she did a while back for herself! It comes complete with a pink satin bow, wooden handles, and button closure. JY got the idea for this purse from and she decided to do her own version since she felt that they were overcharging their customers. LOL...leave it to JY to be the Robin Hood of knitters!!! Last time I was at her apartment in Westwood, she also showed me some cute and colorful shrugs that she knitted for herself and they were store quality shrugs...actually probably better than what you find in stores!! Much like LN's jewelry, this is no small obsession to take on...yarn doesn't come cheap and JY spends weeks and months working on her items. It seems JY has her knitting bag with her everywhere she goes...last time she was at my house, my mom was in awe of the red sweater she was working on. I take after my mom and we're no good with our hands so I'm always in awe of crafty people like JY. Most of JY's stuff aren't made to be sold but if you ask her nicely, she'll probably put some items up for sale :) She also takes special requests...JY...knit me a sweater!! LOL...jk :P

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lanvin Python Hero

You know, just yesterday I was thinking about how my bag-buying phase is over and now today, this metallic python Hero bag is making my heart beat all fast again. This bag is on sale right now at Barneys for a VERY reasonable price! The Hero is already a great shoulder bag to begin with but this pretty metallic color and python skin just makes it that much better. I also love the strap on this version of the Hero. *Sigh*...I feel like I'll regret this bag if I dont get it since exotic skins don't come cheap but I REALLY shouldnt get another bag. Okay I want to cry now...what should I do?! Well I guess one way to look at it is the fact that this bag would not be a good everyday bag...probably only good for special nights out but then again...this is one hell of a special night out bag! *Whimper*...HELP!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Isabella Damon

I dont mean to turn this blog into a site for celebrity baby watch but it seems Suri's got competition! Isn't Matt Damon's little girl pretty pretty for someone her age? Of course, she's not as stylish as my beloved Suri but this little gal has potential :) I love her pale skin tone and that little "whutchu-lookin-at" look on her face.

Monday, December 10, 2007


Okay so the H&M at the Beverly Center wasn't this crowded but it was still pretty bad when Kent and I were there this past Saturday. I wasn't even sure if I should even bother looking since the lines were practically out the door but when I checked with Kent, he surprisingly was still up for shopping so I thought...hell, we're already here! And shop we did; Kent was nice and shopped for both himself and his family while I did my usual too-selfish-to-shop-for-anyone-else thing :) Its been almost a year since I last shopped at H&M and I have to say it was great finding fashionable styles at ridiculously inexpensive prices. Some of the material used isn't that great but H&M's stuff is definitely a level above those stores that offer disposable clothing that wither away upon being introduced to the washing machine :P In the end, we walked away with 5 bags jammed packed with goodies...we were true H&M whores but it was fun and we're both happy with our choices :)

Oh and btw...the Roberto Cavalli for H&M collection is completely sold out...there isn't a trace of it left anywhere...too bad, so sad...

Karen Millen

This weekend I got soft and went shopping again :( But I'm super excited because I've discovered Karen Millen dresses :) I've always seen her store at the Beverly Center but since the last time I was at the Beverly Center I wasn't so addicted to dresses yet, I never paid it any attention. Yesterday the pretty dresses on display caught my attention and so I decided to poke my head in. Pretty dresses + amazing prices = my kinda store. Her
dresses are chic and totally well made at unbelievably fair prices...they are however the kind of dresses that will require you to suck in for the duration that you have them on. Unless you're a stick, you'll probably have to go one size up than normal and even then, might have problems breathing...but everyone knows being fashionable does not mean being comfortable :P I ended up buying the two dresses shown and I was going to post other pretty dresses from her store but theres too many to post so please just go visit! Looking at her website is making me want to go back for more already :(

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Chanel Lilac Python Pochette

Dear Mom and Dad,

I think by most standards, I've been a great kid...I've never gotten myself into too much trouble, never given you guys a reason to worry, and have always done my best to make you proud. Hence, don't you think I should be rewarded for good behavior? This breathtaking Chanel pochette would be good. This stunning bag speaks for itself; the gorgeous color, the rare python skin, the ideal size, and the in-your-face interlocking C's. True, I don't need another bag and on what occasion would this bag be good for? But you have to agree, this bag does itself justice by simply being in existence...we could just all sit back and admire it together, no? So please, pretty please, can I HAVE THIS BAG LIKE NOW?!

Your Loving Daughter,
The Purse Addict

Christian Louboutin Black Patent Leather New Simple Corta Pumps

Saks just updated their Louboutin selection and lookie what they have! I just pre-ordered these pretty shoes from Saks and they're scheduled to arrive next year. Yes, the wait is long but it will be worth it!! Plus, this way I have a few months to butter up to my parents :) This new style reminds JK and I of our beloved Rolandos but in a more user-friendly style. It is also available in regular black leather or in a royal blue color. Hurry and pre-order yours today...I really wouldn't dwell on this cus I'm almost certain these will go fast!! And just can worry about paying it later cus you wont get charged until they ship the goods which means you have a few months to save up!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Fun and Flirty Dresses - NAP SALE!!!

It seems that every store and website on earth is currently on sale. This is great news for all of us shopaholics as sales give us the perfect excuse to expand our closets :) One of my favorite websites, Net-A-Porter (NAP), is offering a great sale selection and I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you! The theme I've got going on here is fun and flirty remakes of the classic Little Black Dress:

And of course, cute and on sale Louboutin's to add the finishing touches to each dress:

Sunday, December 2, 2007

YSL Tribute Maryjanes and YSL Vera Slingbacks

What can I say, I'm addicted to YSL sky-high platforms! As most of you probably already know, I've been searching high and low for the Tribute Maryjanes but they were basically sold out everywhere for the past few months. I was able to finally locate the new version in Hawaii and didn't hesitate to order them since I knew they're destined to sell out fast. These are slightly different from the original platform Tribute Maryjanes but I'm not picky :) The Vera slingbacks are also shown here for your viewing pleasure...these funky shoes were originally bought just so I satisfy my YSL craving since I couldn't get my hands on the Maryjanes but I now love both shoes equally. Both measure in at 5.5 inches and both are guaranteed to get "LOOK AT HER SHOES" stares from both men and women alike. I'm a bit self-conscious when I wear these shoes since I know they kinda border on the stripper pole-dancing shoe side but I usually make sure I pair them with ultra conservative dresses to make them more classy. Most people I think are baffled by how high these are but the high platform makes them super comfy and easy to walk in...however, they are not the best driving shoes :P I know these shoes aren't for everyone but I personally LOVE them and its one of those "I could care less what you think" things :) Once again, please excuse my poor photography skills...

**UPDATE: The more I look at the picture, the more I realize just how crappy it guys deserve a better picture...I will go home and take a new and improved one tonight!!**

Lanvin Peep Toe Wedges

Is it just me or is there something incredibly odd looking about these shoes? I love the height of these wedges but I think the front toe area is a bit too elongated...wouldn't these shoes leave too much of your toes out in the open?? Or maybe its designed for people with really long toes?? Whatever the case, if you're a size 7, these are on sale at Barney and please don't let my slightly negative critic stop you because you never know until you try them on :)