Friday, December 21, 2007

Tory Burch Ballerina Flats

I'm not particularly tall, actually I'm on the short side, but I've always firmly believed what I lack in stature, I gain back in the form of sky-high heels :) Thus, its not a surprise that I usually forgo flats for pumps. However, lately I've started to appreciate the beauty of flats. Back in September, I bought two pairs of cheap ballerina flats from Nine West mainly because they were cheap but soon became more and more attached to those suckers. Comfy, warm in comparison to flip-flops, and goes with just about every casual outfit I have. So about a week ago, I added Tory Burch flats onto my "Must Have Now" list and wah-lah, I bought a pair today at Neimans with my mommy :D I went for the dark, dark navy mainly cus its so dark its basically black but I would also love to have them in white and metallic gold! I also tried on a pair of black Chanel flats and must say, those are super duper comfy but will cost you about three times more than what Tory's offering...not sure if I love flats that much just yet :P Many girls complain about how flats hurt and well, they hurt especially if they're too big on you cus your heel tends to get rubbed raw and if they're too tight, your toes wont be so happy. Avoid the ones that are rock hard and look for something flexible, something that's willing to mold itself into the shape of your feet.

**UPDATE: So I'm totally in love with these flats and feel like I could practically wear them to bed! I love them so much that I just ordered them in gold fron Neimans :D I also found that they take about a day to break in...I went shopping and dancing in my navy ones and now they're as comfortable as comfortable gets!**

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