Tuesday, February 24, 2009

When Shopping Online Doesn't Work...

You get your fix in person! My day started off bad. BNY canceled my order for the Prada booties, AGAIN. This time I give up. Then during lunch, my Versace MJs came and I almost cried when I tried them on. Cried from horror. Those shoes are HELLA ugly on. Major toe cleavage. Ew, ew, ew, ew. I immediately went down to the mail room downstairs and shipped those back. That left me with NO NEW SHOES. I decided I had to stop shopping for deals online and drove straight to BNY after work. I grabbed just about all the shoes that I liked and asked to try them on in my size. Note to self: never do this again. I ended up coming home with two new additions to my Louboutin collection:

Green Declics:

A few months ago, I saw a picture of someone wearing dark green pumps and I made a mental note to keep my eyes open for some pretty green shoes. Now I have these sitting in my closet :)

Gray New Simples:

I've been meaning to get gray pumps. I only have one other pair by Charles David and those are dying so these fit nicely into my collection of basic pumps.

I'm sorry to say the sleeping monster has been awakened. While I still refuse to pay for the styles over $900 ($800 is pushing it), I desperately NEED the Alti pumps. The BNY in BH only had a size 6 and I almost fainted when I tried them on. TO DIE FOR. My SA assured me she would keep me posted if any popped up in my size. In the meantime, I will dedicate every waking second to finding those shoes. I M.U.S.T have those shoes. I'm totally kicking myself right now for not tyring these on when they first came out.

Some outtakes:

Yes, I know, I've trained them well. Libby and Olivia love Loubs just as much as me :D

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Commentary


Oh hell no (btw...what was up with the fish tail look this year??):

Gorgeous gown but just not on her:

If I ever went to the Oscars, THIS is what I would want my body to look like:

These two can show up in potato sacks and they would still be #1 on my list (but they never do and they ALWAYS look good):

Stiff as a board:

Inspiration for my future wedding dress:

I am greatly disturbed by the top of this dress...why is it so tacky looking??

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sucha Tease

I know I've whined about this multiple times this week but lemme get this one last rant out of my system. WHY DOES BNY ONLINE INSIST ON TEASING THEIR LOYAL CUSTOMERS??!! They seriously need to upgrade their online shopping system. If a customer buys something online, take it off of the online inventory. If an item sells out, take it off of the online inventory. Dont tease us by listing "available" sizes only to cancel the order 5 days later. Dont tease us with pretty pictures of pretty shoes only to tell us "Sorry, this item is currently unavailable". Seriously. I'm still waiting to see if my second try at the Prada booties went through but that doesn't make me any less annoyed at having to go through such a long waiting process. I've been told that I'm an impatient person but honestly, who isn't when it comes to shopping?!

I realize I'm on shopping ban (until the end of May) but these YSL Tribute Two pumps would've done my closet some good. As you may remember, I started obsessing about these shoes before they hit stores. When I tried on the 5" version, I wasn't completely in love and figured I could spend my $800 elsewhere. Then I had the pleasure of trying on the 3" version and for a person who has ALWAYS picked the shoes with the higher heel, I was completely shocked at how much cuter the short version was. You can imagine how I felt when I saw a picture of these shoes on BNY for $319 and how I felt when I was told that it was no longer available. Annoying, annoying, annoying!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I just splurged on a very extravagant item. Its scheduled to arrive towards the end of March. I dont want to jinx anything so I'll post details and pics when I get it :)

Okay, I'll be nice. Heres a hint: Zagliani

UPDATE: Sadly, I might not be getting my hands on my splurge until May. I received an email this morning asking for a different shipping address. For a moment there my heart stopped. I was able to find a friend in DC who was nice enough to help me out. He'll be in California mid-March but I doubt the shipment will arrive in time so I'll just have to patiently wait for May to roll around :( IF YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO LIVES OUTSIDE OF CALIFORNIA AND WILL BE VISITING CALIFORNIA SOON (LATE MARCH - APRIL)...PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Casual Dresses

It came to my attention last night that I need more casual dresses. Most of my dresses are for work or for nights out. What I need more of are those comfy but still stylish items for the days when I'm lounging around. I know...lounging around in a dress might sound a little unnecessary but I honestly feel more comfortable in a dress than jeans. Sweats are always good but I can only wear them for so long before I feel like a couch potato. In any case, I just ordered this dress by Theory to add to my dress collection. Perfect with a cardigan for work and perfect for nights :)

I'm Not Giving Up

I'm still pissed off that BNY cancelled my order for these Prade lace-up booties and just on a whim, I decided to check if they were still available online. Lo and behold, they were. I called BNY customer service and asked why my order was cancelled when these are still available online (in my size). She told me I could try ordering again or try locating them at a store. At this point, its a matter of pride. I know that sounds weird. I get it, they're just shoes (and yes, I realize I did order Versace shoes just yesterday afternoon). BUT the fact that they cancelled on me, makes me THAT much more determined to add these to my closet. Needless to say, I've ordered these once again online. Hopefully this time I actually get them. If not...BOO BNY!!!!!

*Note to self: I really should put a halt on ordering stuff online...I should at least first wait to get everything I've already ordered first before ordering more...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Outfit Envy

Jennifer Connelly wore this outfit to The Early Show and I think its absolutely amazing. I love how she pairs the trendy Balenciaga jacket with a demure black skirt and completes the look with those killer MJs from CL. Her hair and skin also look amazing. Sigh, life is so unfair.

PS: I also love how her skirt has front pockets. I'm a lover of all things with pockets...they give you a place to put your hands :)

New Shoes...Lets Hope These Dont Get Cancelled

Since BNY and Prada flaked out on me, I decided to go with eluxury and Versace for my shoe fix. Lets all join hands and pray that I actually get these shoes :P I've had my eye on these shoes since November and seeing that its February and they're still on sale and available in my size, I'll take that as a sign from the Shopping God that I'm destined for these MJs :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Currently Obsessed With...

I have this weekend morning ritual of watching music videos in my bed whenever I sleep over at my parents house. This weekend, Katy Perry's video for "Thinking Of You" came on and I fell head over heels in love with her shoes:

Needless to say, I am now completely obsessed with Giambattista Valli shoes!!!! I've always love his clothes but I think shoes are a more realistic place for me to start :) I haven't had time to go over his most recent collections but the Spring/Summer 08 was TDF:

Heres the white version of Katy's shoes.

These peep-toe pumps...I MUST HAVE NOW!!!!

I also want these in black :)

And heres another variation to Katy's shoes...equally amazing. If I could, I would take both.

I'm SO Getting These...

I got an email this morning from BNY letting me know they had to cancel my order for the Prada lace-up booties since the item is now out of stock. Piece of sh!*. Oh well, that just means I get to shop around for some new options. I came across these Fendi cut-out pumps last night and I'm kinda obsessed with them:

I definitely plan on trying these on sometime this week, hopefully they look just as good on as they do in these pictures. Cant wait!!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ostrich Makes Everything Better

Okay, now I'm totally convinced I MUST own the Rive Gauche in ostrich. Maybe even more so than the Muse in ostrich...shocking, I know. But this doesn't mean I can't have both the Rive Gauche and the Muse in regular leather!! This just means I might be changing my bday or xmas request from ostrich Muse to ostrich Rive Gauche. Sorry, I'm rambling right now cus DAMNIT, I HAVEN'T SHOPPED IN THREE MONTHS!!!!

$1500 Or Less

I've been sorta obsessively combing through various websites trying to find a bag thats less than $1500 and still want-able (yes, I make up words as I go along...). Again, like I said in my last post, ideally I should be getting this purse next month but between you and me...its looking like I might break under pressure and splurge right about...NOW :/ So far these are my top picks:

I'm still a Prada virgin when it comes to bags. I've mentioned this before but the Prada nylon bags sorta ruined it for me. When you walk along the streets of China, everyone and their mom has either a knock-off Prada nylon bag or a LV monogram bag. I wouldn't mind breaking into the Prada world with this bag...even if it means having three purple bags in my closet...

I almost bought this last summer during the YSL sale but ended up going with the Muse instead. Ever since then, I've kinda always had a longing for the Rive Gauche (it would be even better if I got it in ostrich!). But then again...I've also been sorta obsessively wanting another Muse...

Back when the shopping ban was stilll in full-effect, I had told myself that my next bag purchase would be the Muse in ostrich. Seeing that its $4000, I think I might have better luck getting it as a bday or xmas gift from my lovely parents :) In the meantime, the idea of buying one in regular leather is mighty tempting...

In conclusion...the shopping itch is back and I'm completely torn between these three purses. Pros and cons of each:

Prada Pros: It would be my first Prada. The color is amazing.
Prada Cons: I'm still a little scarred from the Prada nylon bags.

Rive Gauche Pros: I've been wanting it since last summer. Its patent leather is indestructible. Its biiiiig.
Rive Gauche Cons: Maybe I should wait to get this in ostrich??

Muse Pros: I've been wanting to add another Muse to my collection. I'm bound to get another Muse at some point in time so why not now??
Muse Cons: I already have one. Maybe I should wait to get this in ostrich (LOL)??

Any thoughts? Opinions? Preferences? HELP!!


So after soaking in the splendor of sticking to my shopping ban for 3 months, I slipped and fell hard yesterday afternoon. I blame this on ____ for pissing me off :P Anyhow, I ended up purchasing a dress by Velvet, a shrug by Vince, and Prada lace-up booties. I felt the shopping high immediately and my fingers began itching for more. I figured since I bought a dress, outerwear, and shoes, I might as well complete the outfit with a new purse :) Dont worry, I haven't splurged..yet. I'm seriously thinking of making a purse purchase next month. BUT...I will try keep the purchase under $1500 so its not completely over the top. OR...I can quit before I completely go back to being the old Jenny...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Okay, These Win for UGLIEST Shoes EVER

SJP can get away with wearing just about anything but the shoes she has on in the picture above are just inexcusable. They seriously make me feel queasy...

Why would you ever want your feet to resemble hooves?? How could she have possibly tried those on and thought "Not bad, kinda cute"?!?!?!?!?

Click on the pic for a better look...

Compact Chloe Bay

I'm not one to swoon over bags in miniature. In fact, I usually detest the miniature version of all bags because I see them as sorta like a sorry excuse. I hate having to stuff things into my purses and I only do it on nights out. However, the compact version of the Chloe Bay has my heart beating a little fast this morning. Not exactly my style but this would do wonders with my more casual outfits:

I'm also feigning for the color. Eye-catching but not obnoxious, perfect for spring :) Of course, leave it to NAP to pair the bag with the perfect outfit:

Wouldn't have imagined it on any other outfit. I'm not exactly an outdoors type of gal but if I had this bag, I wouldn't have to stress over which purse to bring on my sporadic weekend outings :)

No Thanks

At this point I'm not even really sure who is still reading this blog since I've been such a bad blogger :( The lack of posts is mainly due to my on-going shopping ban (3 months and counting!!) and also due to some other personal distractions that I've had in recent weeks. In any case, I've been meaning to blog about these absolutely horrendous boots from YSL. These shoes are everywhere in the most recent issue of Harpers Bazaar and I just dont get it. The so-called Cage Ankle Boots are for one, ugly as all hell. Secondly, and correct me if I'm wrong, these "boots" completely defeat the purpose of wearing boots. And last but certainly not least, these shoes cost $1600!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I'm not fashion-foward enough but I'll pass on these "must-have" boots and move onto something a litte less ugly and a little more wearable.