Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Commentary


Oh hell no (btw...what was up with the fish tail look this year??):

Gorgeous gown but just not on her:

If I ever went to the Oscars, THIS is what I would want my body to look like:

These two can show up in potato sacks and they would still be #1 on my list (but they never do and they ALWAYS look good):

Stiff as a board:

Inspiration for my future wedding dress:

I am greatly disturbed by the top of this dress...why is it so tacky looking??


Dionne said...

I love that dress Mylie is wearing, but I agree - it's not good on her. It's to elegant, that's not really her - and I don't like the way she has her hair for this dress.

Beyonce's dress is very unflattering. I don't know why she chose to wear it!

Irene said...

ew.... that dress makes me want to not like beyonce more, i just recovered from a beyonce is not that great why is she in everything phase. and whats with those retarded inserts for her hips in her music videos, her hips are already bad enough as it is, its like she wants so desperately to be like some icon or something. fugggg

Purse Addict said...

B has always annoyed me but her latest album is pretty darn good...