Friday, February 20, 2009

Sucha Tease

I know I've whined about this multiple times this week but lemme get this one last rant out of my system. WHY DOES BNY ONLINE INSIST ON TEASING THEIR LOYAL CUSTOMERS??!! They seriously need to upgrade their online shopping system. If a customer buys something online, take it off of the online inventory. If an item sells out, take it off of the online inventory. Dont tease us by listing "available" sizes only to cancel the order 5 days later. Dont tease us with pretty pictures of pretty shoes only to tell us "Sorry, this item is currently unavailable". Seriously. I'm still waiting to see if my second try at the Prada booties went through but that doesn't make me any less annoyed at having to go through such a long waiting process. I've been told that I'm an impatient person but honestly, who isn't when it comes to shopping?!

I realize I'm on shopping ban (until the end of May) but these YSL Tribute Two pumps would've done my closet some good. As you may remember, I started obsessing about these shoes before they hit stores. When I tried on the 5" version, I wasn't completely in love and figured I could spend my $800 elsewhere. Then I had the pleasure of trying on the 3" version and for a person who has ALWAYS picked the shoes with the higher heel, I was completely shocked at how much cuter the short version was. You can imagine how I felt when I saw a picture of these shoes on BNY for $319 and how I felt when I was told that it was no longer available. Annoying, annoying, annoying!!!


Heather said...

OMG they kill me EVERY time with their inability to update. I finally got a hold of my burgundy CL turban flats after checking the site every day before 10am for like a week (ALL the good stuff is on the site at like 8am).

I too fell in love with the tribute sandal until I tried on the 5'' version in Neimans. I'd like to think I'm good at walking in heels too, the higher the better but 5'' was just a little much.

cheeky_deb said...

:( i feel ya JJ. Stupid BNY. When are we gonna go try on those Fendi booties? Haha, this is the best shopping ban EVER!!!

diamondsinchampagne said...