Friday, August 15, 2008

Get Your Priorities Straight!

After I went crazy during my shoe phase back in May, I've had nothing but handbags on my mind. Not a big surprise there I guess since I do call myself Purse Addict :P But seriously my WANT list of purses is at a all-time high. This is especially worrisome since the prices of these babies have been increasing steadily and my tastes have gotten much more expensive in the past year. So how am I suppose to check off every item on my list without going into debt (or face the wrath of my dad)?? A priority list!! I took a look at my WANT list and decided to prioritize the purses and in that way come up with a shopping schedule for myself. This allows me to pace myself (and money) while still being able to indulge myself in purses :) There are many ways of coming up with your own priority list but here are some suggestions:

1. Prioritize by price: If you're low on funds, it might be a good idea to get the less expensive items now and save up for the more expensive ones. OR you can forgo the less expensive items and save the money to get the more expensive ones sooner.

2. Prioritize by what you need or currently missing: If there is a specific style or designer that is missing from your collection or that you feel like you "need", you can put those towards the top of the list and save the repeats for later.

3. Prioritize by how much you want it: This ones simple. Put the items that you REALLY want on top and save the ones that you're lukewarm towards for later.

I personally created a priority list first based on everything I could think, purses, clothes, jewelry etc. Of course purses ended up being #1 since thats what I'm currently craving and so I went ahead and prioritized my list of purses. Again, there are infinite ways of doing this and of course, it doesn't even have to be for shopping but I find that it really helps to put my mind at ease!! Hope it works for you ;)

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