Thursday, August 28, 2008

yay, Yay, YAY, YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!

Yesterday while I was driving home from work, I got a call from my Chanel SA. When I picked up she exclaimed "Your bag is here!!! Can you believe it?!?" After months of searching, wanting, wishing, and whining...I FINALLY got my hands on a _______!!!!! I went today during my lunch break to pick it up :) Look for a post later tonight!!!

PS: Amuse yourselves and try to fill in the blank...although I'm pretty sure my close friends already know what it is :P

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Debbie said...

I atually put a shiny black jumbo-sized 2.55 on hold but i don't think i'm going back to get it...i'll buy me a shiny new laptop instead...congrats on ur new 2.55!