Monday, March 30, 2009

The Perfect Belt For Spring

Quick post before I get some much needed rest. The Cabazon outlets are about an hour and thirty minutes away from Los Angeles so its not really a shopping destination that I go to all the time but it offers some seriously good deals. I was lucky enough to get this Bottega belt at a ridiculously good deal:

The pretty green is perfect for spring but its the buckle that got me. It adds sort of a antique/vintage feel to the belt. I'm ready to rock this with my new black BR dress and most likely my gray Loubs or my new Chanel MJs OR if I'm feeling gutsy...maybe my new YSLs (look for a post maybe tomorrow) :D never hurts to ask. When DZ and I bought our belts, the SA just put them in shopping bags and I was sorta bothered by the fact that my belt wouldn't have a box or dust bag. I'm very particular about boxes and dust bags for my shoes, bags, and belts. It just sorta feels wrong to leave them out in the open. Anyhow, I risked looking like a picky customer and went back in to see if they had any boxes. Lo and behold, she brought out boxes from the back.

Heebe Geebees

Thats how I felt when I saw this Dior bag this morning. Everytime I see a fug bag from Dior, it seriously hurts my heart. Dior used to be my favorite design house for handbags. WTF happened?!? Like Gucci, Dior seems to be taking some pointers from Juicy Couture and I cannot, for the life of me, understand why. One buckle is plenty, we dont need all those little ones off to the side. As if the bag itself wasn't offensive enough, the price tag...$2950. I almost fell off of my chair when I read that minor detail. Gross. Even if I was unbelievably wealthy, I would spend my $3000 elsewhere...

Currently Wearing...

As I mentioned in my last post, I was at the Cabazon outlets this past weekend and scored some sweet deals, especially since the sales tax is going up in California this week. I'll post my purchases when I have more time but just as a warning...yes, expect more shoe posts :P Anyhow, thought I'd share my Happy Monday shoes:

Prada suede peep-toe pumps that I scored from the Prada outlet store. I really shouldn't have been buying any more shoes but these were just too adorable to pass up.

Not really related but something that made me smile this morning:

Olivia rolling around in my BR shopping bag. For some reason, this really pissed Libby off and the bottom picture was taken after Libby angrily flipped Olivia onto her back (while still in the bag)...

YSL Travel Wallet

I'm not exactly a jet setter. I actually prefer the comforts of my own home vs. living out of a suitcase but that doesn't mean I can't feign for this YSL travel wallet :P I spotted this wallet at the YSL outlet store in Cabazon this past Saturday and it made me kinda regret buying so many pairs of shoes. But then again, I dont really travel that much so this wallet wouldn't get the use that it deserves. Anyhow, its a pretty decent size so you could def use it as a envelope clutch. The inside is divided up into cute little sections, marked with tabs for "tickets", "passport", "cash" etc. Almost like a mini briefcase. Great buy for all you chic travelers out there!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh Heck, The Ban Is Off...Dont Shake Your Head At Me!!!

Okay, I give up. I'm not going to run my mouth and go on and on about bans until whenever because apparently I'm not very good at following my own instructions. What can I say? I have a very expensive addiction. A addiction thats been a little out of control for the past month. I will make an effort to curb my urges but I'm no longer promising any more bans cus I just end up looking like a retard :P My python Loubs were suppose to be my absolute last purchase until June buuuuuuuuuuuuut how the heck am I suppose to say no to the Chanel MJs I've been dreaming about since October 2008??!?? As it turns out, I dont say no, I say hell to the Y E A A A H!!!!

I immediately lit up when I saw the package at work and I havent been able to stop smiling :D

I was showing my friend DL these shoes and he asked why they were called mary janes. Good question. I did some research and if you're wondering (via Wikipedia):

"Mary Jane was a character created by Richard Outcault for his comic strip, Buster Brown, which was first published in 1902. She was the sister of the title character, Buster Brown.

In 1904, Outcault travelled to the St. Louis World's Fair and sold licenses to up to 200 companies to use the Buster Brown characters to advertise their products. Among them was the Brown Shoe Company, who later hired actors to tour the country, performing as the Buster Brown characters in theaters and stores. This strategy helped the Brown Shoe Company become the most prominently associated brand with the Buster Brown characters. The style of shoe Buster Brown's sister wore came to be known by her name, Mary Jane."

Monday, March 23, 2009


I have been staring at pictures of Reese wearing this outfit all day long. She always looks great but this dress with those heels...absolute hotness!! Its amazing how well the shades of green work with the silver and the shoes, oh the shoes!! Yellow and gray wouldn't be #1 on my list but again, amazing how well they work together.

Anyone have any idea who shes wearing?? Especially the shoes...who are they by cus I desperately need them!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Friday!!

Not only do I have 2 of my best friends in town this weekend, I have new Loubs!!! Exactly 2 Fridays ago, I was at BNY returning the green declics. My SA asked me why I was returning such gorgeous shoes and I explained to her that I couldn't justify buying 6 pairs of new shoes, all at full price. She looked at me and whispered "I have some python Louboutins on sale in your size, you wanna see??" Um, HELL YEA!!!! If you know me, then you know I'm always up for a good deal and in my book, 60% off on a pair of python Simples is a deal you just dont pass up. However, there was a catch. Since python cannot be sold legally in California, my SA couldn't sell me the shoes right then and there. Trust me, I tried. My python Simples had to be shipped back to the Vegas store. Once Vegas received my shoes, they were able to charge my CC and send my babies to me :) Since I'm going to be busy this weekend, I'm not sure if I'll have time to take better pictures so for now, ya'll will just have to look at some pics I took today on my iPhone:

These are the Natural (even though the box says Roccia...) Python Simple 70 pumps and yes, they are most definitely the shortest Louboutins I own. Of course ideally I would've wanted them to be higher but beggars can't be choosers...I took the 60% off deal and ran with it ^^ So for a girl who was never expecting to buy python Loubs, much less on sale, I'm pretty darn content with my new shoes.

Thanks again shopping gods for making sure I was at the right place, at the right time and of course, my BNY SA for thinking of me :) ...LOL...yes, this is indeed the shopaholic version of a awards acceptance speech. The award being Best Deal (So Far) of 2009!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Try Not To Laugh...

I almost choked on my iced tea when I saw this Prada purse. I was a bit disturbed that they would waste python on sucha ridiculous design. Good thing its only python print. Bows, totes, and python are great by themselves but as you can see, not so great when you try to force them all together. I think designers need to remember that keeping things simple can be key. You can either have a bow be the focus of your design or you can have exotic skin (or print) be the focus. When you try to have multiple points of focus, thats when you end up with the mess you see above.

PS: Is it just me or do the bows on the side of this thing kinda remind you of pigtails??

Friday, March 13, 2009

I Haven't Forgotten About My Purses!!

Sometimes its just easier to buy a lot of shoes. Slightly less research and usually wont cost you over $1000 per pop (although thats fast becoming a thing of the past - DZ can tell you more about that...HAHAH). BUT my first love will always be purses :) I was lucky enough to snatch this Muse from the Rue La La sale a few weeks ago (for under $1000!!). Although the color is more of a teal than blue (which was what the description said...), I'm pretty stoked about this new addition. Muses are just so convenient and they have enough room for just about everything you would ever need to stuff in your purse. Ever since I bought my first Muse from the YSL summer 08 sale, I've had a craving for another but because my first Muse was so cheap (around $700ish...yea, I know), it was hard to get me to pay full price for another one. For awhile I was obsessed with the idea of getting one in ostrich but since I recently splurged on another exotic, I thought best to put that idea on the back burner. With this new addition, I get my Muse fix, I get my new purse fix, I get my steal fix, and I get my color fix. Now all I need is for my last 2 orders to arrive and I'm all set until the end of May ;)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Its Serious, Dead Serious

When people ask me what I like to do for fun, my to-the-point reply is always "Reading, hanging out with my cats, and SHOPPING!" Almost without fail, people will laugh at my response. No, not because I'm a crazy cat lady but because I take shopping that seriously. I'm sure my fellow shopaholics will agree when I say shopping is no laughing matter because its not like you can walk into any store at any time and get this stuff. I'm not trying to be a snob because its not about the money!! Its about:

1. Putting your time into researching the design house: what makes this designer fabulous? What are some of the trademarks to look out for? How do I pronounce the name?
2. Keeping up with all of the new styles and changes that take place each season: what is slated to become a classic in the future? Which designs are the trendy IT picks for the season? Who has something similar but at a more affordable price?
3. Figuring out which styles you're willing to invest in now and which you're willing to hold off on for sale prices: will this I MUST HAVE IT NOW item be sold out within a week? If I invest in this, how often will I wear it and what else in my closet already goes with this? Which items do I want but can live without?
4. Hunting down the hard to find items (vintage, sold out, rare, exotics, etc): who, what, when, where, how do I get my greedy little hands on it?!?!
5. Taking the time and energy to bust ass trying to save some money during sales: when do the sales start? Are there pre-sales? Should I wait for the item to be marked down some more? Am I buying this just because its on sale?
6. Trying to re-invent the pieces you already own: I'm on a shopping ban, how can I make what I already have as exciting as buying something new?

And believe me, that right there is the simplified version of what I go through day in, day out. Simply isn't as mindless as you think!!!

*Note to self: work on #6 from the list :)

Its Never Enough

Once in awhile I get to a point where I've bought and ordered so much stuff that I'm so busy anticipating the next purchase that I forget to appreciate what I just bought. Its actually very sad when it gets to this point. For one, I'm not giving my newly acquired pieces the proper amount of TLC that they deserve. More importantly, this is a dangerous habit as it'll equate to me spending loads of money on stuff that become just whatevs once I've acquired them. With that said, I'm going to make an effort to calm my ass down:

1. I WILL NOT purchase any more shoes, purses, clothes, or accessories until the summer sales.

2. After the summer sales are over, I will focus on my 25th bday/Xmas. My current bday wish list is as follows:

a. Chanel Classic Flap or Reissue in patent leather. The Chanel forum on TPF gets me everytime...
b. Something/anything from VC&A.
c. A new ostrich purse. No idea which designer or style. Alls I knows is I LOVE me some ostrich!!!! Of course, a ostrich birkin would be ideal but I dont think my parents would appreciate me dangling $15K+ on my arm.
d. A new watch: I still want a J12 but again, my parents might not think I'm worthy of wearing $10K on my wrist. I know I'm officially inheriting my mom's Rolex on my bday but a brand new one bought just for me wouldn't be so bad either :)
e. Theres always room for more killer shoes.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Alti Pumps

I never thought I would see the day where I owned shoes taller than my YSL Tributes and Vera slingbacks but I guess life is full of surprises because I currently have the Alti 160 sitting in my closet and they're about an half inch higher than the YSLs. When the Alti pumps first came out, I had to run out of the CL boutique at SCP in order to stop myself from trying them on. I held out on trying these ultra-high, ultra-sexy pumps for months and months and months. I finally caved last Tuesday. I immediately knew I was done for. I HAD to have these amazing pumps. I initially thought I would have to search high and low for these pumps but the shopping gods love me. Just by chance I was on BNY online and found the Alti pumps available in my size!!!!! I placed my order immediately but was still feeling a little uneasy due to my past experiences with BNY online (remember my 2 canceled Prada orders??). In order to make sure I had all my bases covered, DZ and I called just about every CL, Saks, and NM we could think of. They were sold out and unavailable everywhere but thankfully, BNY pulled through:

Comparison pics of the Alti and YSL Tributes:

Notice that not only are the Alti pumps a half inch higher, they have a MUCH smaller platform. That basically means the Alti pumps are close to impossible to walk in and hurt like hell. I've been wearing them around the apt trying to stretch out the leather and get used to the feeling of walking in them. I've made some progress but its still going to take some work before I'm completely comfortable in these heels. There is a possibility that I might end up returning these and getting the 140 version BUUUUT I'm currently leaning towards just sucking it up because PAIN IS BEAUTY (and I've heard the 140 version isn't as eye-catching...).

The Alti pumps should have marked the end of my shoe frenzy but as you know, things dont go as planned when you're a shopaholic. I'll wait to elaborate cus I dont want to jinx anything but lets just say the shopping gods REALLY love me and I REALLY love my BNY SA :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Introducing Nicholas Kirkwood

Louboutin has his red soles and Kirkwood has his architectural platforms. Towards the end of last year, DZ told me to watch out for Nicholas Kirkwood, the British designer who is slated to be the next Christian Louboutin. It took a few months but his designs grew on me. NK is still hard to find in the US but when you're featured 247 on blogs like jak and jil, its really only a matter of time before you're a household name. I've seen some of his stuff on shopping websites but I wasn't sure if I should buy anything without knowing how his shoes fit. Lucky for me, I was able to find a boutique in Santa Monica that carried his stuff. I declared a shoe emergency and rushed over as soon as I could...a lot of people couldn't understand why it was an emergency. It was an emergency because I had to make sure I got my hands on them before they sold out :P Anyhow, I almost walked out of there with 2 pairs of his shoes but I exercised something called "self-control" and ended up with his suede buckle booties:

I cannot wait to wear these out!!!!!! Absolutely TDF and they're comfy. And if you're wondering, his stuff are true to size.

Okay, I need to go to bed now. All this picture-taking and posing and blogging is draining BUT if things go as planned, I should have one last shoe post either tomorrow or sometime this weekend :) *UPDATE* Due to some issues with the shipping address, I probably wont get to blog about the last pair of shoes until this weekend...

**Note: In case you're wondering, I haven't forgotten about my first love: purses. I'm waiting for 2 packages to arrive in the mail and I'll be sure to post those once I get them...

So Not Me But So Kick-Ass

Last week I was on the hunt for the Louboutin Alti pumps and wandered into Neimans. While they didn't have the Alti pumps, my SA told me that I just had to try these Alexander McQueen shoes:

SA: Trust me, these are H O T. I've already 2 customers try them on today and both went home with a pair.

Me: Really? I dont know...these aren't exactly me...

SA: Just try them on...TRUST ME!!!!!

Me: Fine.

It took some wiggling but once on, I saw what he meant. These are the ultimate statement shoes.

SA: I guarantee anywhere you go, people will stare at those shoes. Send a picture to your bf right now and ask him where hes taking you tonight!

Me: Okay, okay...sold.

SA: Worse comes to worse, you can return them but trust me, you're going to love me after today.

Its been 7 days and I'm just about ready to debut these shoes. If it hadn't been for my SA, I would've never taken a chance but now I'm SO glad I got these. of yesterday, Neimans in BH had completely sold out!

Blue > Green (I Would Keep Both But I Really Can't Justify 6 Pairs Of New Shoes In 7 Days)

I was chatting it up with my SA yesterday at Neimans when I turned and spotted blue patent Rolandos. I knew I shouldn't but how could I not?? It was as if I had no control over my body. By instinct/habit, I automatically ran towards the shoes and before I knew it (hell, I think my SA was even a little caught off guard), I was skipping back to my car with yet another pair of shoes. These would be my 6th pair (4 Loubs, 1 Alexander McQueen, 1 Nicholas Kirkwood) in 7 days. I did some soul searching/reality checking and came to terms with the fact that I really can't justify 6 pairs of shoes, all at full price, in 7 days. I've come to the painful conclusion that I need to return the green declics that I purchased last week from BNY. The color is great and declics are comfy BUT they just can't compare to these patent blue Rolandos. They just dont pop in the same way. These hurt a bit more than my other 2 Rolandos cus of the patent leather but I've been told that I have a high threshold for pain and plus, they would work wonders with this gray dress I just bought :)

Dont worry, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. That blur in the background is Olivia trying to cuddle up with my new shoes.


I'm currently head over heels in love with Sebastian. I've been staring at this picture ALL day long. Just wanted to share this beautiful picture of him with Karl from jak and jil blog :) Okay, carry on. I'll go back to staring and drooling and wishing and hoping...

Chloe Shelby

The Shelby is featured in the new Chloe ads and it had me pausing to take note for a few seconds. I dont absolutely love the way it looks when its hanging from your arm but I think its got a little something to it when worn on the shoulders. Its kinda office chic but in that "not so stuffy but still professional" way. Perfect for young professional like myself. Since its Chloe, we can expect good, sturdy leather which also means it'll be on the heavy side. Some are saying this is the not-as-good replacement for the Edith but truth be told, I like Shelby better than Edith ^^

Monday, March 2, 2009

Chanel Essential

Some are calling this the next It bag from Chanel but I personally wouldn't put any money on it. The Chanel Essential was created by Karl because he wanted a shopping bag that would last forever. Like me, Karl hates throwing away nice shopping bags but unlike me, he has the resources to do something about it. In pictures, this bag does look kinda buttery soft but just like how I dont like monogram bags from LV or Gucci, I'm not exactly fond of the big C H A N E L in front of this bag. I definitely do see some of the younger gals getting all hot and bothered by this bag but I think you'll get more bang with your buck if you stick to the 2.55 or classic flap.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tried But Failed (Probably A Good Thing...)

Its been about 3 weeks since I broke my shopping ban and I'm not gonna lie, I sorta went crazy. I'll post my splurges as they come in since many were ordered online. In the meantime, I thought I would do a post about shoes that failed to make it into my closet during the recent shopping spree.

YSL Tribtoo Slingbacks: I decided to give the Tribtoos another try since I wanted a backup plan in the case I couldn't get my hands on a pair of Alti pumps. While the heel height is extremely sexy, the huge platform made me feel like I was walking around with a loaf of bread on my feet.

CL Paquita: I had one helluva time trying these shoes on. I was literally sweating by the time I was done. My feet are wide and these just dont work but if you have narrow feet, these aren't too bad (but it wouldn't be a bad idea to wait for the sales since the price tag is kinda steep...).

YSL Platform Sandals: Cute but definitely nothing to swoon over. The middle strap also sorta bugged me. It wasn't exactly centered on my feet and the whole look ended up a bit sloppy.

Fendi booties: I was super excited to try these on but once on, I wasn't as ecstatic about them. Not good, not bad, not worth $770. Again, something to look for during the sales.

Givenchy Cut-Outs

Cut-outs are nothing new to the fashion scene but they are my newest obsession. I recently added four new pairs of shoes to my collection so I really can't buy anymore until the summer sales but these Givenchy cut-outs I absolutely adore:

I tried them on at Neimans the other day and I sorta fell in love. I was torn between these and Alexander McQueen gladiator sandals. My SA wouldn't let me get these over the Alexander McQueen sandals cus "they're cute but they've been done before". I ended up going with the McQueen sandals (a whole story on its own, check back in a few days for a post about them...) but I haven't been able to stop thinking about these Givenchy shoes :( Then today, while oogling at Givenchy shoes online, I happened to stumble across these Givenchy cut-out booties:

I am SO tempted to run over to BH right now and try these on. I just wanna see if they're worth obsessing over :P Okay, I need to calm down...NO MORE SHOPPING UNTIL SUMMER SALES!!!!

So Many Updates...

I have SO many shopping updates its making me a little A.D.D. I dont know where to start, which goods to share first, and if I should run my mouth before actually getting my hands on the goods. I think I'll take a Starbucks break and slowly start posting updates...check back later ^_^