Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I saw the black version of these MJs in the current issue of Allure and was ecstatic to discover that they were only listed as $470. Last weekend, DZ and I went to Southcoast and I was ready to buy these when I realized that the real price is almost twice as much as advertised in Allure. I just spoke to a Chanel rep and she said that Chanel is currently very upset with Allure for the misquote...esp since the price difference is so huge and I'm assuming I'm not the first person who has called them to confirm the price. Anyhow, sorry girls...the actual retail price is $800 NOT $470!

*UPDATE* I also forgot to add that when I was shopping this weekend, the SA at Bloomingdales told me that there might be another price increase in November. Ridiculous!!!!

*UPDATE 2* After looking at this picture one too many times, I sorta want those tights now...if you're interested, they are $250...


Irene said...

read my mind. i love those tights.

lauren said...

love those MJ's!!! I had to run out of Saks before I bought them too. and the tights are so hot..but 250?!?! oh well, the shoes then