Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chanel Jackets

Its a personal goal of mine to start collecting Chanel jackets when I turn 25 :) I dont have any one jacket in mind...I dont really even keep up with what comes out each season but I just know I want one before I'm 30. The problem is of course the price tag. I was reading up on them last week and some people say they go for about $6000?!?!?!? Yea, thats a bit too much for a jacket...I'm willing to settle for 50% :D That might mean searching high and low on eBay but I really dont know if I could justify spending $6K on a jacket...just ONE jacket. Anyhow...I should start doing some research to get an idea of what I want and what to look for...the scary thing is, I'm pretty sure once I start, it'll be hard to stop :/


Irene said...

although your dad will fall over when he hears $6k jackets... you can tell him that the price of gold has gone down???

then again, didn't you want to start collecting VCA pieces?

Purse Addict said...

LOL...can't I have both??

Philline said...

When you turn 25?!?! Lol oh man I feel old lol.