Friday, October 10, 2008

Life Aint Fair

The other day DZ and I were talking about how some 16 year-olds run around with to-die-for closets because they grew up with trendy moms who have been fashion fanatics their whole lives. Take Suri for example...the child is 2 and is running around in New York shopping at Hermes. Yes, I know...chances are its Katie's stuff thats in the bags but seriously...when I was 2, I didn't go anywhere near a Hermes store. My love of fashion was not passed on from my mother or was something that just sorta came to be. I'm not complaining about having to learn about fashion on my own but its seriously hard not to get jealous of those girls who get to inherit vintage Chanel jackets andjewelry. Oh well...maybe I'll have a daughter one day and she can wear my stuff around and be the cool kid at school :D

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thats not fair.