Thursday, October 2, 2008

Chloe Paraty

I took this picture from WWWD since it displays the Chloe Paraty bag beautifully (the bag dangling from Katie's arm). Anyhow, I'm usually not a Chloe fan (minus the Bay bag) but I'm basically in love with the Paraty right now. I first heard about it from the Bag Snobs and upon first glance, I thought it was just okay. Since then, I've seen it in countless pictures from various websites and realized just how great it is. That shape is what I love. It almost looks like its cinched at the top and is complemented by the gold hardware. According to Tina the Bag Snob, theres a leather and python version. The python version is surprisingly decently priced and I think thats the version that I've been seeing in pictures so I'm kinda curious to see what the regular version looks like. Not sure how long the waitlist is but I almost wanna call the Chloe at Southcoast to see if they have it in stock...not to buy but just to try on :)

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Irene said...

those girls are so skinny. i hate them. and i hate my non skinny jeans wearing thunder thighs even more. LOL