Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Theeey're Back!

Outfit posts are tricky especially if your picky like me. The thing is...its pretty darn hard to come up with poses that not only show off the outfit, but is flattering as well. I'm not exactly camera shy but I just feel silly posing. The fact that I live by myself also basically means I either use the self-timer or I ask my lovely co-workers to help a blogger out :P One of my bestest friends at work, DA, used to be my loyal photog. Then she went away on vacation and by the time she got back, I had become lazy. Since then, DA has moved onto greener pastures and I didn't really think about ever doing outfit posts again until J-AZ came along. She got a kick after seeing some of my old outfit posts and so I recruited her to be my new photog :) We were pressed for time today so we were only able to take a few quick ones and this is the only one that I actually liked:

I wasn't satisfied with such a short outfit post and so I decided try out the self-timer deal. So anyhow...this is totally new and a bit scary but I guess thats a sacrifice I'm willing to make for the sake of blogging.

Dress: Vivienne Tam (my favorite part about this dress is the crochet flower detail on top)

Cardigan: Banana Republic

Shoes: Christian Louboutin (metallic bronze Rolando pumps)

1 comment:

Irene said...


i like how the one in your apt also shows the pleats in the front of the dress.

and the lighting is flattering for the arm too :p smart!