Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Karl vs John

It just occurred to me to ask...who is the badder bad ass...Karl or John???

I'm torn.

Chanel Spring 09 Couture

After looking at the pictures from the Dior show, I was a bit bored with the Chanel collection but it still had some pieces that I would kill for...

Also a bad ass...

Christian Dior Spring 09 Couture

Its been a long, long while since I've liked any handbags from Dior but at least we still have the couture shows :)

Sucha bad ass...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tod's Helmut

I've never been into Tod's. I know some people will kill me when I say this but...I've always been bored with Tod's. I guess probably cus the styles cater more towards women closer to my mom's age than mine. In any case, I have finally found a Tod's bag that I like. Thanks to the Bag Snobs, I'm totally loving the Helmut tote. I think its the zipper in the front that got me :P This probably wont be my next bag purchase but trying it on the next time I'm at a Tod's boutique wouldn't hurt. Per the Bag Snobs, this bag comes in all sorts of yummy colors and is super duper functional. If I was to get this bag (hypothetically speaking) I would go for the blue version :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Bottega + Metallics = Finally Something For Me To Gush About

I've been in sort of a pissy mood but leave it to Bottega to make me feel better :) I know it was just last week when I was lamenting over the Bottega cushion bag but Saks just added the S/S 2009 stuff on their website and now I'm back to swooning over Bottega:

Yes, I realize both are metallic hobos but is it so wrong that I want both?? I think not. The top hobo is of course the classic woven hobo. I should probably just go ahead and get this bag at one point cus I find myself eying this style every season. Simple, convenient, classic everyday bag in a delicious color...what more do you want? The bag on the bottom was one of the bags DZ and I drooled over during the trunk show. Its a bit pricey but in person this bag is absolute TDF!! Eck, I wish I had an good excuse to go shopping right now...

Monday, January 19, 2009


I realize my last few posts have all been me bashing on some of the fug thats out there. While attempting to find something worthy of praise, I came upon this odd Bottega bag. The so-called Cushion bag has me in sort of a confused state of mind. Well, maybe confused isn't the right word. Alls I know is 1. I dont like this bag 2. BUT, it is definitely unique 3. Its Bottega so even though its totally retarded as a bag, the leather must be buttery soft and thus it really should just be used as a VERY expensive couch cushion. Last time I checked, no one was really dying to carry a piece of their living room set with them everywhere and so I'm going to have to veto this bag. Kay, back to looking for something drool-worthy...


This isn't my first time talking smack about Gucci and I'm pretty sure it wont be my last. Before I catch up on some real work, I thought I'd poke my head around some of my favorite sites and came upon this Gucci atrocity:

Seriously?? Really?? Ugly clogs for $745?? Say it with me...W.T.F??!!?? First of all, clogs are just bad, period. Second of all, there are so many things one could get with $745, why would you ever spend it on these misshapen pieces of wood??

But I guess if you are blind/crazy/tacky enough to buy the above shoes, you might as well spend another $2000 on this "classic" find:

Yea, I guess the contract between Gucci and Juicy Couture is still on...

Friday, January 16, 2009

On Second Thought...

A little while ago, I briefly blogged about these Interesting looking Loubs:

I had decided that these would actually not be so bad if paired with formal evening-wear. Well, I was wrong. Check out Salma wearing something similar:

Hers wrap around her feet but you get the idea...these shoes are a bad idea. Yeeaa...I think I'm going to have to move these Loubs from the "interesting" list to the "fugly" list.

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Shopping Ban

So I think you can blame my lack of posts on the shopping ban I started enforcing after the Saks sale. You'll be proud to know that I have been VERY good about holding back. I've been avoiding my shopping sites, Southcoast and BH, and I've been deleting any and all sale emails. Before this shopping ban, I was a full blown shopaholic. I'm pretty sure I'm still a shopaholic, but being on this ban made me realize that I dont always have to be spending money, that I have enough purses, shoes, and dresses to last me a good while, and that if I just avoid all things to do with shopping, I really dont miss shopping. So if you've been spending way too much money shopping, I suggest you try doing what I did and you might realize that quitting isn't all that hard.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Eh, Not So Much...

Long time no blog and its a shame I should start with this bag from my beloved YSL but I have to start somewhere. You guys all know how much I love, bags, belts, clothes, etc...I LOVE me some YSL but seriously...this gets an F for effort. I get that the shape of the Muse bag was a big hit but this isn't exactly "reinventing" anything. It looks like someone found some left over scraps of leather and decided to glue them on and somehow the YSL team thought it was good enough to be sold in stores. At $1795, you'd be crazy to choose this over the original Muse...