Monday, January 12, 2009

My Shopping Ban

So I think you can blame my lack of posts on the shopping ban I started enforcing after the Saks sale. You'll be proud to know that I have been VERY good about holding back. I've been avoiding my shopping sites, Southcoast and BH, and I've been deleting any and all sale emails. Before this shopping ban, I was a full blown shopaholic. I'm pretty sure I'm still a shopaholic, but being on this ban made me realize that I dont always have to be spending money, that I have enough purses, shoes, and dresses to last me a good while, and that if I just avoid all things to do with shopping, I really dont miss shopping. So if you've been spending way too much money shopping, I suggest you try doing what I did and you might realize that quitting isn't all that hard.

1 comment:

ShoeShopper said...

I understand your pain. To keep from buying shoes, I blog about them.

It's a sad day that the economy is doing so poorly.