Monday, January 26, 2009

Bottega + Metallics = Finally Something For Me To Gush About

I've been in sort of a pissy mood but leave it to Bottega to make me feel better :) I know it was just last week when I was lamenting over the Bottega cushion bag but Saks just added the S/S 2009 stuff on their website and now I'm back to swooning over Bottega:

Yes, I realize both are metallic hobos but is it so wrong that I want both?? I think not. The top hobo is of course the classic woven hobo. I should probably just go ahead and get this bag at one point cus I find myself eying this style every season. Simple, convenient, classic everyday bag in a delicious color...what more do you want? The bag on the bottom was one of the bags DZ and I drooled over during the trunk show. Its a bit pricey but in person this bag is absolute TDF!! Eck, I wish I had an good excuse to go shopping right now...

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