Monday, September 28, 2009


If you or anyone you know bought or ordered the above Valentino peep-toe pumps in a 36.5 or 37, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASSSSEEEE return them. My shoe closet and I will be forever be grateful.

I've been staring at this shoe the entire day. So sad...I can't believe I didn't see these earlier. Well, actually I can. This is what happens when you become so obsessed with buying CLs that you forget that other designers also make fabulous shoes. Lesson learned. I need to make some calls tomorrow.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Resole Yourself

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your beloved shoes is to visit your cobbler as often as possible. I know it might seem like a drag but really all you have to do is 1. drive there 2. drops shoes off 3. pick up shoes and go home happy! Whenever I get my shoes back from the cobbler, I'm always amazed at how new they look. I then always immediately tell myself that I need to come back more often. From my experience, the amount of money you pay to give new life to your worn out shoes is many, many times cheaper than going out and buying a new pair. Even when you think your shoes are beyond repair, trust me (and your cobbler): chances are, they can fixed in no time!!

Last week, I dropped off five pairs of shoes that desperately needed some attention and care - new heel tips, polishing, fixing nicks on the heel and leather, etc. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to take before and after pictures but what I can show you is what a difference resoling can do for your shoes:

Some people (and most cobblers) recommend you resole your shoes before you even wear them. This will guarantee longevity. Between you and me, thats too much work (and money) - I prefer to resole when necessary. All cobblers can resole your shoes but not everyone will have the red soles for CLs. Not to worry - you can easily buy the red soles online and simply bring them in. Prices can vary so ask around first! BTW, I also had black soles put on one of my Chanel pumps and they seriously look BRAND NEW!!

If you live in West LA, try Arturo's on Santa Monica and if you live in OC, try Culver Shoe Repair in Irvine - I've been to both and had GREAT experiences :) To find a trustworthy cobbler near you, ask around or do some research online (Yelp, TPF). Cheers to you and your shoes!

PS: Blogging will continue to be slow for the next week BUT you'll be happy to know that I've reached my CL goal which means I should have a collection post coming up in the near future :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Expensive Expenses

My shopping list tends to grow by the day. Very unfortunate for my bank account. Of course I dont have the luxury of buying everything on my list but I try to do the best that I can. My shopping list usually starts out as a ginormous list including anything and everything that I could possibly want. Next, I go through the list and prioritize the items. Last, I cut down the list so that its a bit more realistic. Looking over my current list, it occurred to me that I should calculate the grand total. You know, just for fun. Here are the results (prices are rough estimates):

1. Nancy Gonzalez croc purse: $3250 (without tax)
2. Birkin: $9000 (without tax)
3. Red Jumbo: $2650 (without tax)
4. Bal PT or Twiggy: $1300
5. Chanel wallet: $900 (without tax)
6. Chanel belt: $900 (without tax)
7. CL Maggie: $930 (without tax)
8. CL Love pump: $995 (without tax)
Total: $20000 (excluding tax)

Scary, I know. The funny thing is, I'm sure if ya'll do the same with your list, it wont be too far from my grand total.

Of course, I probably wont end up getting all 8 items but still...its pretty outrageous how much expensive my list ends up being. Lets not forget, this is only my top 8 items - if I was to add up my complete list, it would easily end up being twice that amount.

Now its your turn. How expensive is your wish list??

PS: If you're a troll getting ready to leave a comment along the lines of "There are starving kids in Africa", please save yourself the trouble. Truth is, we are all aware that there are people less fortunate than ourselves. You leaving me a comment stating the obvious will not change anything. Just because I enjoy shopping does not make me less aware and just because you dont enjoy shopping does not mean you are helping the starving children of Africa.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Strass Galore!

Like I mentioned in my post last night, Louboutin Strass is a big deal. In his new promotional video for the new Robertson boutique, Louboutin gives us plenty of strass to drool over...ENJOY!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

LOVE Louboutin

I'm such a sucker. Add a little bling and I'm all in. The Louboutin Love pumps (and flats) have never really been my cup of tea. Cute but a style I could live without. HOWEVER...add some strass (FYI: they're crystals NOT glitter) and you have me hooked.

Louboutin Strass can cost you upwards of $3000 but since the Love pumps only have a teeny bit...the price tag is about $1100.

Sigh, I really shouldn't...

In any case, did you know that the Love pumps were the shoes that made Louboutin famous?? Learn something new everyday. I did some research and found this online from ELLE Canada:

ELLE Canada: When did you decide to become a shoemaker?
Christian Louboutin: "When I was 10 years old, I walked by a shop with a sign in the window that warned women not to enter with their stilettos on because the metal spikes would damage the old wooden floor. I became fascinated with the idea that women's shoes could be transgressive."

EC: Explain the highly charged and compulsive relationship women have with shoes.
CL: "Shoes do not take anything away from a woman, but they give her an attitude. For example, imagine a photograph of a naked woman who is wearing a pair of pumps. She is still naked. But if she's wearing a hat instead of shoes, then suddenly it's a naked woman wearing a hat."

EC: Do you always look at people's shoes?
CL: "Yes, it's automatic."

EC: Do you judge people by the shoes they are wearing?
CL: "It's all about the context. Cheap shoes can be great depending on who is wearing them and when. However, riding boots worn in the city, unless you're actually riding a horse, is something I hate to see."

EC: That red sole has made your shoes iconic. Where did you get the idea?
CL: "I was designing a collection that was influenced by Andy Warhol and pop art in general. The colours were highly saturated, and when the drawing was finished I knew something was missing. I had a rather useless but charming assistant at the time who used to polish her nails in the shop. I asked to borrow her red nail lacquer and applied it to the sole of the shoe, and it looked marvellous. I originally thought I would change the colour of the sole depending on the shoes, but the red stuck. Even for a woman who doesn't like to wear a lot of colour, a touch of red is acceptable. It's also a little cheeky and flirtatious."

EC: What was the first great shoe you created?
CL: "It was the Love Shoe, which I designed with Princess Diana in mind. I had seen a picture of her at an official function looking down at her feet, very sad. I thought, 'Imagine if, when she was looking at her shoes, they made her smile instead?' I meant the shoes to be like two lovebirds, one close to the other, spelling out the word 'love.' The shoes were an instant hit, and people began referring to my studio as 'the love shop.' I had to keep reordering because everyone wanted them. I ended up surviving off those shoes for a year!"

Monday, September 7, 2009

Love It!

I am head over heels for Kelly O's grey sweater dress. I'm not sure why she decided to wear a sweater dress in the LA heat but it works! The cut fits her figure nicely, loving the funky sleeves, and that belt is the cherry on top. Anyone know who its by? I need it in my closet ASAP :)

Jess Simpson should take note...THIS is how to do curvy.

FYI: The sweater is by MJ.

Goal For Winter

For the past two weeks, its been deadly hot in So Cal and I hate it. I would much rather be cold than hot. When you're cold, you can always layer on jackets, sweaters, and scarves but when its hot, even if you're naked, you might still be uncomfortable. I did some light window shopping this past weekend and all the scarves and jackets on display got me excited about winter - my favorite time of the year. My goal this year is to make good use of my pashmina collection. I have about two drawers filled with pashminas and scarves but sadly, most of them have never seen the light of day. Hopefully that will change this year. I should make a point to wear all of them at least once...

Bi- and tri-colored:



You know how a pair of sunglasses can add instant glamour while still shading you from the sun? I think pashminas work in a similar fashion- easy and effortless way to add color to your outfit while still keeping you warm. With that said, I need to take my own advice and remember to rock my pashminas this year :)

Some pashmina-inspiration to keep me motivated: