Saturday, September 12, 2009

Expensive Expenses

My shopping list tends to grow by the day. Very unfortunate for my bank account. Of course I dont have the luxury of buying everything on my list but I try to do the best that I can. My shopping list usually starts out as a ginormous list including anything and everything that I could possibly want. Next, I go through the list and prioritize the items. Last, I cut down the list so that its a bit more realistic. Looking over my current list, it occurred to me that I should calculate the grand total. You know, just for fun. Here are the results (prices are rough estimates):

1. Nancy Gonzalez croc purse: $3250 (without tax)
2. Birkin: $9000 (without tax)
3. Red Jumbo: $2650 (without tax)
4. Bal PT or Twiggy: $1300
5. Chanel wallet: $900 (without tax)
6. Chanel belt: $900 (without tax)
7. CL Maggie: $930 (without tax)
8. CL Love pump: $995 (without tax)
Total: $20000 (excluding tax)

Scary, I know. The funny thing is, I'm sure if ya'll do the same with your list, it wont be too far from my grand total.

Of course, I probably wont end up getting all 8 items but still...its pretty outrageous how much expensive my list ends up being. Lets not forget, this is only my top 8 items - if I was to add up my complete list, it would easily end up being twice that amount.

Now its your turn. How expensive is your wish list??

PS: If you're a troll getting ready to leave a comment along the lines of "There are starving kids in Africa", please save yourself the trouble. Truth is, we are all aware that there are people less fortunate than ourselves. You leaving me a comment stating the obvious will not change anything. Just because I enjoy shopping does not make me less aware and just because you dont enjoy shopping does not mean you are helping the starving children of Africa.


little fish said...

hahah interesting !! my list is :

1. Chanel jumbo
2. Balenciaga City in any color (there 's no Balenciaga boutique in my country, so i'll be happy with any color)
3. Chanel Flats
4. Chanel pump.
5. Chanel pearl necklace.
6. a small wallet, but cant decide what brand.

Purse Addict said...

Lots of Chanel! Maybe a Chanel wallet??

Heather said...

LOL my list is terrible... I might get the scarf.... this is more of a if i win the lottery list!

1. Hermes Etoupe 35cm Birkin PHW ($9000)
2. Chanel Black Jumbo Caviar Flap ($35xx?)
3. LV Brown Leopard Stephen Sprouse Scarf ($715)
4. Chanel Black J12 ($5000+)
5. Bal Floral Giant City (discontinued, roughly $900)
6. VCA necklace... don't even know the price...

Purse Addict said...'re just as bad as me Heather!!

litlstrawberry said...

haha... it is so easy to list all the LUXURY things in my desire... I don't even know how to make it "realistic" at all. hahahahhaha...... It seems if I want THINGS, I want almost everything, then if you ask me to jog down, I probably list nothing!!! hahahahahah...

-elanie- said...

1. CL Booties ($1195)
2. YSL XL Muse (roughly $1400)
3. LV Mizi Vienna (ebay find $2600)

thats all i think.

(btw i love your blog - i found it on tpf)

Purse Addict said...

Hi Rachel - I know what you mean...its hard to narrow a list down to what is realistic since a lot of buys are unexpected :P

Hi Elaine - so glad you like my blog! Hope you get everything on your list :)

Irene said...

p.s. was well stated! :D

Purse Addict said...

thank you, thank you :)

Through My Eyes said...

AMEN to your P.S.!!! :)