Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Quick Hello!!

I cant access my blog from Beijing so I wanted to throw in a quick hello post from Hong Kong :)  I've been dragging my camera with me whenever/wherever I can but I wont be able to upload anything until after I get back to the States.  Hope ya'll are doing well and having fun with the sales!!  I got a little something from a certain boutique on On Lan St yesterday.  Hint: Python, 140mm.  I also just found out that my SA from Nordies was able to secure me a much sought after style from the sale.  Looks like the shopping gods are with me even when I'm out of the country :) 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ready, Set, SHOP!

I'm not sure where the first half of this year went but believe it or not, summer sales are just around the corner.  I'm leaving this Friday for my trip to China so that means no pre-sale madness for me but please go and buy a few extra pairs of shoes for me :)  Private pre-sales have already started and will continue throughout next week.  This means the official start date will be the first of June for most retailers.  Have fun and feel free to send me your email address via comment if you want any SA recommendations!  Alright, see ya'll in a month :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Beginning of the Rest of My Life

 Normally I would be asleep by now but today I have the luxury of staying up to write this post because I QUIT MY JOB AND DONT HAVE TO GO TO WORK TOMORROW MORNING!!!!!  YAY ME :)  Hah, sorry...I'm just uber excited about my summer vacation and the fact that I'm starting law school this August

Last Friday was my last day at work and it was bittersweet to walk away from the company that defined my life for the past three and a half years.  To this day, I'm not 100% sure how the recruiter got a hold of my resume but in November of 2006, I received a phone call from a job recruiter asking if I would be interested in a full time temp position.  The pay was good, the location was five minutes away from my apt, and before I knew it, I was walking into the job experience of a lifetime.  I would not be where I am today had it not been for this job - I would not be writing this blog post, I would not have my precious Olivia, I would not have met some of my beloved BFFs, I would not have the "pleasure" of knowing some of the "weirdest" people in America, and I would not have the job experience necessary to survive in corporate America.  The past three and a half years have been filled with ups and downs but all the downs made my ups that much better, that much higher.  It actually broke my heart to turn in my two weeks notice - just two months before I gave my notice, my VP called me into her office for a heart to heart.  I apologized for my immature antics and she apologized for assuming I was only using the company as a temporary gig and for never bothering to get to know me on a more personal level.  I told her how much I appreciated working with her and she told me as long as I remained with the company, she would do everything in her power to help me move up - whether it was a promotion within the department or securing a better position in another department.  Irony at its very best.  Even when we said our final goodbyes, she assured me that if I ever wanted to come back, the doors would always be open and I'm forever grateful to her and her tough love antics. 

With work out of the way, that leaves me three months to soak up the good life before the going gets tough.  I'm kicking off my summer vacation with a month long trip to China followed by a quick trip up to Napa for the one and only, FRENCH LAUNDRY!!!!!!!!!!  After that, I'll be apt hunting, moving, attending to all the needs of beautiful bride-to-be, IC, and hopefully squeezing in weekend getaways to Vegas, Palm Springs, and SF :)  In between all of this, I'll be shopping, blogging, and sharing all thats new in my life with you.

Cheers to all the bad that has been purged, cheers to all the good that has been kept, cheers to the beginning of the rest of my life.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Using The Useless

You all know by now that I'm somewhat of a pack rat.  I hate throwing things away - I always think that one day, this one useless item will once again be useful in my life. 

I've recently been addicted to buying makeup and as a result, I've had to deal with the issue of how to store everything on top or within my vanity.  Having already spent my money on the makeup, I wasn't about to spend even more just to store/organize all of it and so I dug up some of the things I had been hoarding and put them to good use.

When you buy new sunglasses, many will come with a box in addition to the actual carrying case.  Here is one of my Tom Ford boxes from a few years ago:

Pretty much useless unless you open it up and use it to hold all of your makeup palettes!!

And to think I almost spent $5 at Target for one of their storage shelves!  Hah.

I like to store all of my lip glosses standing upright bc when they're on their sides, the gloss can often times leak out from the cap and you end up with a sticky mess.  I didn't have enough surface area on my vanity for all of my lip glosses and so once again, useless items from the past came out to save the day.

Old potpourri jar:

New lip gloss holder:

And for the few that didn't fit into the potpourri jar:

Nice and neat, just the way I like it.  In my defense, I didn't keep this empty jar of Philosophy Booster Caps in hopes that it would one day become useful again.  It just so happened that on the day that I finished this jar of Booster Caps, I was also organizing my lip glosses.  Okay, I'm actually laughing out loud right now.

When we first got our espresso machine, my mom bought an adorable set of espresso cups and saucers to go with it.  The cups and saucers went into our cabinets and we were left with an empty box:

Which just so happened to be the perfect container for my NYX pigments:

Since we're on the subject of using useless items, I would like to take a moment to talk about what to do with makeup that you have no use for.  Half of the colors in this box, I would never use as eyeshadow but did you know you can use pigments as nail polish, lip color, and blush??  You can also use lipstick as cream bases for your eyeshadow.

Finally, cookies, pastries, candy, etc often come with insane packaging.  Packaging almost as good as the goodies inside.

This pretty tin box was originally from a pack of Chinese pastries my parents bought last year.  Once the pastries were consumed, I gave the boxes a quick rinse and now use them to store jewelry and of course, makeup.

I know all of the examples I gave in this post pertain to storage but hopefully this inspires you to make the most of everything you own :)  Use what you've already spent in order to save from spending again.  Of course, this concept doesn't really translate well when it comes to shoes and purses ^_^

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Quickie

Sorry, I was late to dinner and barely had time to squeeze this picture in.  Crappy picture aside, it has been more than a month since I wore a dress to work O.O  I dunno, I guess I've been really into my jeans lately??  I made it a point today to pick out a purty dress to wear to work and now I think I might be switching back to my "everyday a dress day" habit.

The dress was a random find at Saks Off 5th for a whopping $18!  Cropped blazer from H&M and marine glitter Ron Rons by my main squeeze, Christian.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Colors Of Summer

From the inanimate

To our beauty

To delicious edibles

To my closet

My summer vacation is just around the corner...thank the freakin good green earth!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, I am uber excited.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Not So Boring Black

I used to prefer black over any other color and believed there was no such thing as too much black.  That ideology officially ran out of gas in 2009.  I spent the better half of last year, tracking down the most vibrant colors I could find...the more pop, the better.  However, Msr. Louboutin made me realize yesterday that black done right, gives just the same amount of pop as any other color.

Madame Butterfly booties in black kid:

I have to admit, I hated these when I first saw them in the Marchesa F/W 2010 runway show.  I tried them on just for fun and immediately knew I was screwed.  I absolutely adore these booties.  They cut off just below the ankles so theres none of that stumpy leg thing you often get with ankle booties.  These babies are 150mm (the new heel height for CL this season) but surprisingly comfortable.  The thick platform helps as well as the zipper that locks your foot in place.  Another great thing about the MB booties is the fact that you really could wear them all year long.  Even my mom thinks these are awesome ^.^

Rosella flats in pewter/black metallic suede:

The metallic suede is a new material for CL this season...basically suede with tiny metallic squares pressed on top.  These are my first pair of CL flats...I tend to limit myself to the $200 mark when it comes to flats but I had a $100 GC for SCP (thanks again TN for the tip!) and thought I might as well use it on something I normally wouldn't pay full price for.

I actually have one more waiting to make her way onto this blog but she didn't really go with the black color theme of this post so I'll squeeze her in some other time :)  Click here for updated shoe post.

BTW, if you're at all interested in any of the new styles coming out for CL this season, you better hurry up and go splurge yourself silly.  The new shipment arrived at SCP on Wednesday, my SA called me on Thursday to let me know that I needed to come ASAP, and by the time I went with my mom on Saturday, many of the styles I had wanted to try on were already all sold out in my size..including half size up and half size down from my normal CL size.  Talking to the SAs, we are all agreed that this was the busiest and craziest season thus far and its not even summer yet!!