Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lilac Love and Heidi Montag??!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving weekend :) I received two more shoes this week and finally got around to taking pics. Sharing my newest CL additions:

Lilac Ron Ron:

FINALLY!!! I've been waiting for these to go on sale for ages!! I really wasn't suppose to buy any thing from the SCP pre-sale but once I saw these, self-control just went out the window and unfortunately, hasn't been seen since :P The good news: I'm almost in the clear...just need to see the list for a few more places and I'll be done with the sales. I hope.

CL lilac suede family pic:

Purty, huh? There is a lilac patent coming out for the Spring collection but I'll probably hold off on that cus my CL senses tell me they'll eventually go on sale.

Now onto something a little less pretty, Heidi Montag. I hate the fact that I have to lump her into my lilac post but I didn't think it was worth doing a separate post. Anyhow, Heidi makes me cringe no less than you but the girl does have a drool worthy closet. Example:

This outfit as a whole is gross but lets just concentrate on the lower half. Those Miu Miu socks are GORGEOUS!! I couldn't get myself to spend $400 on them BUT I was able to get myself a pair of the CL Mamimo booties that shes wearing with the socks:

I have to admit, I hadn't paid these any attention until I saw them on Heidi. You see, Speidi is good for something after all!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

S To The A

SA = sales associate (NOT shoe assistant!). I know for some people, the fact that I talk about SAs night and day might seem odd. The idea definitely takes some getting used to. I'm not saying that you NEED SAs to shop but they can make your shopping experience SO much easier...especially during sale season. SAs often give priority to their customers. Not because they're snooty but because of altruistic reciprocation. Sorry, I was a evolutionary biology major in college :) Anyhow, SAs give priority to existing customers because its their way of thanking you for giving them commission in the past. Its also a way for them to ensure a higher chance of getting commission again from you. I've been getting questions lately related to SAs so I thought I would share some tips with you:

1. Ask friends, family, forums, etc if they have any recommendations. Let the SA know who referred you. If you dont have any good referrals, thats okay! Go out and meet SAs on your own :) Just like its okay to walk into a store for the very first time, it is also okay to call a store for the very first time.

2. Always call - emails are usually not a good idea with SAs that you dont know. Its a lot easier to delete a email than it is to hang up on a person.

3. Dont be afraid to be a pest. I'm not saying you need to beg but if they dont know you, give them a call every once in awhile or visit them in person. You dont have to buy but this is building up familiarity. Questions are always good. You're showing that you're genuinely interested and trying to learn more from them. Its also okay to check with them on the status of your order. SAs will always promise to call you when the items come in but I always like to just call every couple of weeks and see if they have any updates. If they forget you the first couple of times, dont be discouraged, just let them know what you got from them last time or when you last spoke to them.

4. Be loyal. You need to look at SAs like they're just another friend. No backstabbing! Stick to one SA!! Also, do not betray their trust. If they ask you keep inside information on the DL, keep it on the DL. Blabbing to every one will mean no more insider information and you might even get your SA in trouble.

5. Related to the point #4, SAs ARE your friends. Chat with them like you would with any other pal. Thank you cards, Christmas cards, or even small gifts wouldn't hurt. Of course, dont kiss ass. Thats not necessary. Being polite and respectful is necessary.

6. Put in a good word for your SA whenever you can. If you can give them business from other people, the bond will be that much stronger.

7. Unfortunately, you do need to spend some money at some point. I'm not saying you need to buy every single time you interact with them but you do need to show that you're not just chatting them up because you're lonely. They need to see that you're a serious customer.

8. You can usually tell if the SA will be reliable after one or two transactions. If they seem careless, bad at following up, ignore you, etc - drop them like a hot potato and move on!

9. Be specific with the SA. If you tell them you like everything, its very hard for them to remember you when something comes in. I usually tell them exactly what I like, what I hate, what I'm looking for, what I've liked in the past, what I own, and what I want in the future. This is another way for you to stand out from their other customers.

10. Ask for their card, email address, cell phone, work schedule, etc. You're not trying to be a stalker, you're trying to guarantee you'll be able to contact them anytime you freak out over something new.

*If you would like to get specific SA recommendations from me, please just comment your email to me. All comments come to my email first so you dont have to worry about it being public information. I'll email you as soon as I see your comment in my inbox :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Lady and The Boxe

I hope sale season is treating you all very well. I'm personally already over my pre-planned limit and on a strict 1 month ban. I'm actually okay with that. I got first selection for almost all of the big pre-sales and ended up with some great sale items :) I also HATE shopping during the holidays...too much traffic, parking is a nightmare, the stores are way too crowded, and I dont have the patience to dig my way through all the messy piles. Anyhoo, some new shoes for your viewing pleasure:

Lady Lynch in nude glitter:

Not on sale but ridiculously pretty in person :) The new mini glitter has officially won over my heart. At first I thought they lacked the Wow Factor that made the original glitter so appealing but these are just as sparkly AND the glitter doesn't fall off as much as the old version. This is also my first gamble at the Lady Lynch - 120mm with no platform. Compared to the 120 mm Pigalles, these are heaven. I probably will never buy another pair of 120 Pigalles again. Not saying the Lady Lynch is easy to walk in but at least the toe box cut isn't as painful. Also, as a general rule, for all 120s with no platform, remember to go down one full size.

Miss Boxe roccia python:

Another pair of CL wedges have been on my list for a couple of months now so you can imagine how happy I am about getting a pair of python wedges on sale for 40% off!! Thank you shopping gods :)

Behind the scenes:

I thought it would be funny to share with you what really is going on when I'm taking pictures of my shoes. The moment the box is brought out from my closet, my two cats immediately surround it. Libby jumps in the first chance she gets (even if the shoes are still inside) and Olivia is usually wandering around trying to smell either the box or the shoes. A lot of my pictures have my cats in the background not because I try to include them in the shot but because its usually much easier to just let them be instead of trying to take a good picture while also trying to keep the cats away.

Friday, November 20, 2009

CL SCP 1 Year Anniversary Party

The South Coast Plaza Christian Louboutin boutique held a little cocktail party last night in celebration of their 1 year. The guest list was invite only but to be honest, security was nonexistent. Guests were served champagne and delicious hors d'oeuvres. People were mostly mingling with the SAs, trying on shoes, buying shoes, and my personal favorite - ADVANCE SNEAK PEEK AT SELECT SPRING 2010 STYLES!! I met up with some CL TPF buddies and had a great time hanging out with them (we were there for the entire 3 hours!).

Group pic:

<span class=

<span class=

Me, T, R, J, L, Baby Z, CC, and MPS.

The highly anticipated Poseidon (I actually started jumping up and down when my SA told me to go check them out in the back):

<span class=

*NOTE: This is the Silver. There is also Pearle which I think is a bit more iridescent*

<span class=

<span class=

My new lust item - Star Prive (These babies will cost you $1700 and the Lady Claude version if about $200 more):

<span class=

<span class=

<span class=

A few other styles (sorry, no name or price for these):

<span class=

^^I have to just say, these shoes are SO amazing. When I first saw them I thought "yuck". Then I saw a girl try them on and it sorta clicked. Louboutin is truly a genius! The front of the shoe is clear so it automatically gives off that stripper vibe. However, the point of it is to blend in with the rest of the nude and your natural flesh tone! So cute on!! *UPDATE: These are called Engin and are $995*

<span class=

<span class=

<span class=

*UPDATE: The one on the far right is Fernando and I believe it is $995 (which seems to be the magic number for Spring 2010*

Not CL, but awesome Dior shoes for men worn by MPS:

<span class=

Group shot of our shoes (two of the gals had already gone home by this point but for the record they had the MC glitter NP and taupe Peniche):

<span class=

Clockwise: nude Alti 140, Insectika, marine glitter Ron Ron, blue acid python LC.

Finally, the most well-behaved Louboutin baby - Baby Z (shes literally grown up at the SCP boutique):

<span class=

I'm not 100% sure but I think she might've taken her first steps last night. At one point, L noticed her using the shoe displays as support to transverse across the floor...LOL!

<span class=

Heres the cutie trying on some booties!

Thanks T for being the bestest model ever!! Also, LOL, I was a dork and sorta freaked out when The Shoe Girl walked in...pleasure meeting you :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

10,000 Hours

Although I often write about my dad's distaste for my shopping and spending habits, truth is, my dad has always been one of my best friends. Ever since I was little, we could go on and on for hours about random topics. Today we were watching a special on TV about Bill Gates and he started telling me about Malcolm Gladwell's theory that 10,000 hours is needed in order to achieve success. I immediately perked up and exclaimed "You see!! This is why I'm so good at shopping!!" LOL. I was giving my dad a hard time but at the end of the day, it boils down to time and practice. I really do think my shopping habits have evolved for the better:

1. Once upon a time, I thought monogram purses were the coolest things ever. I thought if I was to spend hundreds of dollars on something, everyone better know that it was expensive. Now I absolutely cannot stand purses plastered with logos. I realized that true fashionistas dont identify pieces because the designer's name is plastered everywhere in big capital letters. They know the most demure pieces because they follow each season's fashion shows and they know the style and history of each designer.

2. I used to follow trends. Everyone else had it, so should I. NOT. Trends are just that. They make a big entrance, die out, and some lucky ones get a second go at being popular. When you spend hundreds of dollars on trends, you're putting a expiration date on your money. People often stress classics. I would also like to stress the importance of having your own style - it MUST work for you. Not everyone has to love what you buy. Sometimes its even good if they dont like it. That guarantees you being the only person with it :)

3. Imitation is just as bad as fakes. Of course not everyone can afford the real thing but there are some brands out there (ie Nine West, Steve Madden) who tend to copy styles stitch for stitch. That's kinda tacky, no? I will also not even address the issue of fakes cus I'm sure you all know that there is no bigger no-no in the fashion world than condoning fakes.

4. I'm still having trouble with this but its a work in progress: just because its on sale, doesn't mean its worth it. On the flip side, if you LOVE something but think it might be a bit too much and buy something else just to save money, dont. You will forever be tortured by what could've been. Investment pieces will always be more worth your while than sale pieces. In theory this means I should be able to forgo sales in order to finally save up for a Birkin but like I said, this is a work in progress for me :)

5. Just because you know fashion and/or you buy expensive things, it will never make you better than anyone. Buy because you love, not because you want people to look at you and think "Wow she bought that? Damn she must be rich". My closet is for my pleasure, its not there to impress or to keep up with anyone or anything. I also get peeved when people try to be know-it-alls but for some reason, cannot be bothered to give other people advice or give advice in sort of the "God, I can't believe you dont know this!" way. There really is no need to be stuck up. At the end of the day, every ones fortunes can turn on a dime and karma can be a bitch.

I'll update later if I think of more points of change!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Product Of My Impatience

A week ago, I was getting really, really antsy. For one, I was dying to know which styles would be on sale. For another, I kept on drooling over other people's reveals on TPF. Even though I knew my orders would get to me at some point before the end of the year, I guess I was looking for more of an instant gratification type of thing. Soooooooo....I went ahead and ordered a Bal wallet....

2009 F/W Tempete Arena Giant Covered Money :) I've been lusting after Tempete ever since I got into Bal and have always been a bit bitter about the fact that the boutiques never got the Twiggy in this color. I saw this wallet on sale for about 28% off plus no tax and took it as the shopping gods' way of letting me have a bit of Tempete in my life. AND, since I have to push back my Bal purchase until next year, this will help satisfy my Bal craving.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Let The Craziness Begin!

2009 fall sale season began this weekend. Although Black Friday is still the official kick-off day for the holiday season, for shopping addicts, sale season actually starts a week earlier with the pre-sales. I started receiving emails on Friday from SAs with info about pre-sales and this weekend has been all about me trying to tell myself to lay low this year. With two new Chanels, I wont be getting any purses and I'll also be forced to limit my shoes. I decided there will be none of that buying just because its on sale crap. With that in mind, I pre-ordered my first pair of sale shoes today :) I have another one in mind but since not everyone has announced their lists yet, I might just sit and wait for now. Good-luck and if you're looking for anything in particular, let me know and I will keep my eyes out for you!!

PS: You know you've got a shopping problem when your dad tries to hide the Neimans catalog from you :P

I Won The Chanel Lottery

Well, not really, but it sure feels like it!! You guys will remember me freaking out over the Chanel 2010 C collection when pictures of the colors first came out. That excitement turned into disappointment when both of my SAs informed me that they had not ordered any caviar flaps in the Bleu Roi. I tossed and turned over whether or not I should call every boutique in the country to try to find at least one list that would guarantee me the Bleu Roi. Common sense told me that it would not be worth it and so I ended up calling only 3 places - Chanel boutique in Bloomingdales (SCP), Chanel boutique in Neimans (BH), Chanel boutique in Neimans (Newport Beach). Bloomingdals was still not sure if they had ordered the color but promised to call me if they did. BH Neimans said they would not be able to put me on the list until they knew the exact numbers they were getting. Newport Beach told me that they were getting two and that if they get my cc information, I might be able to secure the #2 spot. I went with that option not really thinking it would get me anywhere. I also decided to stop fretting over the stupid color and I eventually told myself that I didn't need another blue Chanel. Well surprise, surprise - the SA at Newport Beach called me Friday afternoon and told me my 2010C blue Chanel jumbo was waiting for me at the store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God, this color is just A M A Z I N G. Breath of fresh air. For comparison, here is my navy maxi from the 2009 F/W collection:

You see, the noticeable difference in blue between the two makes this purchase completely justifiable :) Plus, theres no way in hell I would give up this much sought after color now that I have it in my hands...even if it means me sitting out on sale shoes this season (I'm limiting myself to 3 pairs). I will probably also need to wait until January to get the Bal but I guess thats okay considering I still have my red maxi to look forward to.

It just occurred to me that my four most recent purchases all happen to be blue...nothing wrong with that...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One and Only

I realize that many new readers will wonder why in the world I call myself Purse Addict when all I do is talk about shoes. You see, it really isn't my fault. Today I spent some time in the afternoon browsing around for purses and after maybe an hour of looking, I found only ONE purse that was worthy of any mention. Yep, just one. The rest were either boring as hell or ugly as hell. I hope this isn't a new trend. In any case, let us ooohh and ahhh over the one purse that is making my heart skip a beat:

Zagliani New Ray python:

This bag is making my head spin. I'm trying to figure out what I have to give up in order to justify purchasing this beauty. The one thing that is stopping me is the California python-ban. I literally went through shopping hell when I bought my Zagliani python and I'm not sure if I'm up for it again. This purse though...EVERYTHING you would want out of a purse. Gorgeous color, gorgeous finish, gorgeous style, convenient, and python! Just by looking at the picture, the finish of this purse is a bit more polished than previous versions so I'm hoping that means less curling of the scales. A note of warning: Zagliani purses are not the easiest to open and close. It took me a good five minutes just to figure out how to open mine and it was about a week after using it before I finally got the hang of how to open and close it quickly. But I suppose that hardly matters when the purse is as gorgeous as this.


I've been going on and on for months now about doing a post on my entire shoe collection but truth is, I FINALLY have the time to actually take pictures! Lets just hope I dont get lazy :) Anyhow, when I was upstairs taking pictures of my new Ron Rons, I decided to see if I could get a pic of all the CLs in my closet. Back in August, the CL side of my closet looked like this:

Roughly two months later, the CL side of my closet looks like this:

A small growth spurt. BTW, I also took a picture of the non-CL side of my closet and its pretty sad how dingy it is in sad that I've decided not to post it :)

Since I've Been So Good

I didn't feel guilty about buying a new pair of shoes for myself :) And plus, they were 28% off and no tax!

CL Ron Ron in Marine Glitter:

Olivia approves:

Libby was unavailable for comment:

I have to keep reminding myself that sale season will be here in 2 weeks...I REALLY shouldn't buy another pair until I see whats on sale first!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tools Of The Trade

We all know by now that I like buying shoes so I thought it was about time I do a post on the must-have items for every shoe addict out there:

1. The 3 C's: Cleaner, Conditioner, and Cloth:

I actually haven't used the cleaner yet so I can't say how well it works but I guess it never hurts to have a bottle lying around. A word of caution: most cleaners are pretty heavy duty so if the leather is really delicate, I would recommend testing it out on a small area first or passing it along to professionals. Also, DO NOT use leather cleaner on suede or exotics!!

I use the conditioner on my exotics since they tend to dry out but you could use this on all of your leather pieces.

For application of both, try to use the softest cloth possible- it would be 3 steps forward and 2 steps back if you end up scratching the leather :P

2. Stain, stain, go away:

I spray two light layers (30 minutes between each application) of this on my suede pieces before wearing them for the first time. I guess I really should be spraying after every couple times of use but you get the idea. This is supposedly okay to use on leather and exotics but I personally wouldn't risk it...the last thing I want is my stuff drying out or changing colors.

3. Suede cleaner and brush:

Like the leather cleaner, I haven't used this yet but it is definitely on my to-do list! You will also need a brush since you have to really scrub into suede to clean it well.

4. Padding aka my BFFs:

Leather and suede are infamous for stretching. What fit just right the first time can end up being a half size too big after a few times out. Padding your shoes is probably the easiest and cheapest thing you can do for a better fit. My personal favorite is the ball-of-foot pad but I also keep a few of the heel pads just in case. There are fancy gel versions but honestly, I like the $2 packs from CVS just fine. Also, dont be afraid to double-up and/or trim the pads to make the shoes fit just right.

4. Lube it up:

When things are running a bit small or are so tight that your circulation is getting cut off, try applying Band-Aid Friction Block or Vaseline to the problem area(s). Both lube things right up and allow you to go about your day relatively pain-free. And no, they wont damage your shoes.

5. Aligning in the name of prevention:

I love all my shoes but I also know that my feet are paying a heavy price. I just got these toe-relaxers so I can't say they work wonders but I'm hoping they'll help my feet out a bit. When you wear heels, your toes are scrunched out of shape and over time, you end up with some not so cute feet. Products like these toe-relaxers are suppose to re-align your toes. They kinda hurt but you only have to wear them for 5-10 minutes a day.

And there you have it, products that I use in parallel with my shoe addiction :)

**Update 01/19/10:

As I was putting my shoes back into their boxes last night, it occurred to me to do a quick update for this particular post. I think some of the best ways to keep the things we own in good condition is to respect the original packaging. I admit that often times (esp in the past), I'm quick to toss out the "fluff" - tissue paper wrapped around the shoes, tissue paper stuffed inside the shoes, the sticks that hold the shape, and even the boxes. The box and tissue paper around the shoes are good bc they keep your shoes dust-free. The tissue paper stuffed inside the shoes and the sticks that come with some shoes, are even more important since they help to hold the shape of your shoes. Of course, for some styles and materials, the shape will hold unless you stuff it in a backpack and take it around Europe with you but two styles that quickly lose their shape:

1. Sling-backs:


I think its really important to keep the toe-box area stuffed and to keep the sticks in all of your sling-backs. I noticed that for the ones that were missing the sticks, the elastic part was bent out of shape...

2. MJs


Besides padding up the toe-box, for any styles that come with straps, make sure you stuff the straps so that they keep their shape as well.