Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Lady and The Boxe

I hope sale season is treating you all very well. I'm personally already over my pre-planned limit and on a strict 1 month ban. I'm actually okay with that. I got first selection for almost all of the big pre-sales and ended up with some great sale items :) I also HATE shopping during the holidays...too much traffic, parking is a nightmare, the stores are way too crowded, and I dont have the patience to dig my way through all the messy piles. Anyhoo, some new shoes for your viewing pleasure:

Lady Lynch in nude glitter:

Not on sale but ridiculously pretty in person :) The new mini glitter has officially won over my heart. At first I thought they lacked the Wow Factor that made the original glitter so appealing but these are just as sparkly AND the glitter doesn't fall off as much as the old version. This is also my first gamble at the Lady Lynch - 120mm with no platform. Compared to the 120 mm Pigalles, these are heaven. I probably will never buy another pair of 120 Pigalles again. Not saying the Lady Lynch is easy to walk in but at least the toe box cut isn't as painful. Also, as a general rule, for all 120s with no platform, remember to go down one full size.

Miss Boxe roccia python:

Another pair of CL wedges have been on my list for a couple of months now so you can imagine how happy I am about getting a pair of python wedges on sale for 40% off!! Thank you shopping gods :)

Behind the scenes:

I thought it would be funny to share with you what really is going on when I'm taking pictures of my shoes. The moment the box is brought out from my closet, my two cats immediately surround it. Libby jumps in the first chance she gets (even if the shoes are still inside) and Olivia is usually wandering around trying to smell either the box or the shoes. A lot of my pictures have my cats in the background not because I try to include them in the shot but because its usually much easier to just let them be instead of trying to take a good picture while also trying to keep the cats away.


TheShoeGirl said...

those are BEAUTIFUL!

Purse Addict said...

^^thank you :)

BCBG said...

i love your cats!! and i'm a crazy cat person too, but i dont have any!i hope to have one or two some day, even if my boyfriend is allergic to cats!:-)

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Dear, these are soooo beautiful!! Nice nice! Congrats congrats! So any more CLs to add during the sale season? I just remember that I want to buy the Altadama 100mm and Cathay peeptoe slingbacks and Ron Ron glitters, but I think they are now sold out in the dept stores during the presale....oh well, good for my wallet.

BTW, for your Lady Lynch nude glitter, are the mini-glitters the same as my new No Prive mini glitters which are a bit of multicolor? Or yours are monotone nude glitters? I love both versions...hehe!

Wear them in good health!


Purse Addict said...

BCBG: You know, I actually hated cats before I got Libby. Now every time I see kittens, I have the urge to bring them home..LOL

Hi Mia! Thank you! I think you can still find the Ron Ron glitters are certain stores. What size are you? I can keep an eye out :)

Yes, the Lady Lynch glitter I have is the same as your NP glitter cept yours is the new multicolor and mine is the nude glitter.

BCBG said...

LOL! so there is hope! and you know, lets face it, I really dont care if he's allergic to cats, I just love them so much!hahaha!

Purse Addict said...

^^HAHAHHA!! Yea, I've already decided that no boy will ever come between me and my cats. So if I meet Mr. Perfect one day and hes allergic, hes going to have to take medication or maybe they have shots for the allergies?? LOL

Shadia said...

Hi!! I absolutely love your nude glitter Lady Lynches! I have been searching for them high and low, I know they're sold out both at NM and BG online, where did you purchase yours?

Purse Addict said...

Thank you, Shadia!

I pre-ordered them from NM online when they first came out. You might want to keep checking back in case there are returns. Good luck!

louboutinheels said...

love ur lady lynch!! i just got these in fuxia glitter!

but was thinking of strassing them..

is it still possible to strass with this material as a base?