Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Miu Miu Harlequin

This bag has really grown on me. Of course, I'm going to save my money for my Bottega splurge in September but the Harlequin is such a fun bag! If I had another $1700 to spare, I would definitely look into this bag. However, Miu Miu bags dont really offer the greatest leather quality. It often feels cheap to the touch but you just never know til you actually try the bag on in person :) Another thing to be wary of is the size of this bag. As you can see, this bag is pretty huge on Posh. But then again, the color combinations are so eye-catching! As far as I'm concerned, this is about as fabulous as multi-colored patchwork gets :P

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Little Blah...

I was sorta lazy when dressing this morning and went for this non-fussy and very comfy dress...

Black shirt: H&M...a great place to stock up on black and white essentials!

Dress: Plenty by Tracy Reese...when I wear this dress, a lot of people ask me if I layered two dresses together but nope, the inner lining is just made to resemble a petticoat. I also looove the fact that this dress has front pockets, I'm a big sucker for dresses with pockets :P PS: If you click on this picture, you'll be able to see the actual design on the dress better.

Shoes: Louboutin...this wedge got an updated look for this season, mainly the espadrille wedge was replaced with a patent leather wedge but I still like the color contrast in these :)

I realized today, I need to do more with these daily pictures...I'm sorta bored with my poses...I need your help ART DIRECTOR!!!!!!!!!!!

Mule Sandals

I've been meaning to post about my dislike for mule sandals for awhile now and finally decided, today is the day that I will do a little mule bashing! For me, mule sandals will always be somewhat cheap looking...I think its cus I automatically connect it to street hookers and cheap lingerie :P Something about it just screams SEEDY MOTEL...I'm not even sure where all these images come from O.O I personally think its really hard for people to make mules look classy and honestly, I have yet to see anyone really pull this look off without looking like they're ready to jump into the bed with the guy next to them. These Knotted Louboutin Mules are probably the most decent mules ever made but I would MUCH rather get the pumps instead of these...does anyone else get where I'm coming from or am I just picky?!

Monday, April 28, 2008


This will have to be a short post cus I'm a retard and I managed to smash my finger last night (twice...dont ask...) with the bathroom door :( Anyhow...its been super hot and today was the perfect opportunity for me to wear my new Sandy Starkman dress. It fits me a bit longer than as seen on the Neimans model but that was expected :P It also came with very specific washing instructions...I'm suppose to handwash in cold water, then wring, then drip dry, and finally store it in its wrung position. It also came with a complete list of of which is to not have jewelry on while wearing the dress. Well too bad cus I had the perfect earrings to match...

Dress: Sandy Starkman

Earrings: Pure Sentiment

Shoes: Tory Burch

Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Phenom in the World of Fashion Bloggers...

I'm not sure who first noticed these gladiator sandals from Nine West but one things for sure, these gladiators have taken the fashion blogging world by storm. When I first noticed them on one or two of my daily blog sites, I big deal, most likely a coincidence. Today, I got super bored and was browsing through agazillion blogs and realized...practically every blogger owns a pair of THESE DAMN SHOES!!! I mean these shoes are aight but I would've never expected everyone to own a pair. DZ and I went to check these out in person a ways back (before I realized everyone else owned them...) and now I'm pretty glad we didn't end up buying them...

Friday, April 25, 2008

JJ Hearts MC

While I understand a bejeweled microphone stand is a few gems too much and silver with hot pink is biting off of Barbie's style...theres no denying MC knows whats what when it comes to selling records. 463,000 in the first week to be exact! Eat your hearts out bitches :) Sorry...its just that I've been totally bopping my head to every single track on her new CD and I'm super duper excited that 462,000 other people have been doing the same!

Casual But Preppy Friday

Yay! I can finally breath again :) So today I trudged back to work in my casual Friday clothes. Casual Fridays to me just means being able to substitute work pants for jeans. Will you hate me if I tell you I usually get the most stressed out when picking out my Friday clothes? I know it sounds a little overboard but it really is just much easier for me to just throw on a dress versus standing in my closet trying to remember how to pair up separates :P So are pictures from today...

Hey, watta ya know...this picture comes complete with its own ghostly orb :P I think NR would get a kick out of this! You can't really see the top of the jacket but it really is sorta Jackie-O-ish...

Yes, we tried out some new poses today...I finally understand why people choose the looking down at the ground approach. It gives you a full body shot without you having to worry about which facial expression you would like to present to the world (smiling directly at the camera is sorta cheesy but staring at it sorta screams "Wannabe Model")...BTW...Photog #1 is starting to get really serious about her job!

We also tried new poses for the shoes! Bravo Photog #1!!!

Jacket: The Gap...bought it like a million years ago cus it reminded me of Jackie O. The pink is a bit darker in person...

Sweater Vest: Banana Republic...most of you probably dont know this but during the summer of 2003, I was absolutely addicted to BR...I bought basically every item that came out that season...

Black Shirt: Ann Taylor...told ya it was a good idea to keep an ample supply of black and white shirts...

Pants: Banana Republic

Shoes: Joie

Necklaces: Pure Sentiment by LN...DUH! I'm a big pusher for LN and her box of goodies so if anyone is interested, lemme know and we can work something out (probably works best if you're in the LA area though...) ;)

BTW...I switch my handbags and sunglasses every 3 weeks (to guarantee equal use) so I wont bug you with repeats of the same bag and shades :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Still Sick...

Its official, what initially began as "allergies" has turned into me being sick for the FOURTH time this year O.O My immune system probably never got a chance to recover from the time I first got sick back in January but hopefully the antibiotics I got today will squash this once and for all :) So even though I was at work for a total of ONE hour today, I still managed to get my some pictures in (thanks again Photog #1!)...

(I'm not sure what I was looking for here...I think the main point is to prove that I indeed have a head to go along with all these headless pictures...)

Yes, I know, I'm wearing PANTS for once! I really didn't think it was appropriate to be prancing around in a dress when my sinus is all congested :P

Jacket: Banana Republic

Shirt: Ann Taylor...always a good idea to have an ample supply of plain white and black shirts!

Vest: BCBG

Pants: H&M...great button detail but it loves lint like no other...

Shoes: Prada...yes, they do look like the Simples but I can't say no to black pumps :P

Sunglasses: Fendi

Bag: Fendi

A note about my pictures. I realize I am as amateur as it gets when it comes to photography but I fully intend to meet with my "team" next week to discuss how we can improve our daily photo sessions :D

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Bit Under The Weather...

So you might have noticed I haven't been really posting work outfits but thats cus my sinus is currently congested and my muscles feel weak :( Needless to say, I'm in no mood to dress up and take pictures but I thought I would amuse you with this old picture I found in my computer. Yep, thats me happily modeling my then new CD clutch :P I've already blogged about this clutch but since this is one of the few pictures where you can see my entire outfit, I thought I'd just throw it out there. Please ignore the garage in the background.

Sweater: H&M...desperately needs to be belted but back then I wasn't so into belts...

Jeans: AX...I know...I never thought I would find comfy jeans from there either...

Shoes: Charles David...I was way proud of these shoes when I first bought them cus I loved the color but its been over a year since I last I had them on :(

Clutch: Dior

You can't really see cus the picture is so small, but I also had a white Express tank on underneath the sweater...yeup, I was rocking the off-the-shoulder look...

Chloe Fug Strappy Booties

I absolutely detest these so-called strappy booties from Chloe. I guess they thought it would be cute to design booties that were more appropriate for summer weather but seriously, is it just me or do they not make it look like your foot is all bandaged up?! I mean yes, there are plenty of fug shoes out there but these booties are being worn by way too many people :P I guess the only thing that isn't so terrible is the geometric heel but other than that...NO THANKS! And this is not just me doing an angry rant on Chloe cus I actually like a lot of their dresses and shoes for their 08 spring/summer collection but it just boggles my mind as to why consumers are picking these shoes to be the ones that they spend their money on!!! I mean if you dont mind walking around with expensive faux bandages on your feet fine...but seriously, it looks sloppy dude...I think the pictures below illustrate my point fairly well :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fashion Pet Peeve...

I am a girl with many pet peeves. Certain things just annoy me to no end even though they might be absolutely normal to most people. One of my biggest fashion pet peeves is illustrated in this picture you see here. This is a picture of Mariah Carey wearing the fabulous Louboutin MJs and while she still is my favorite, look closely and you will see that she is guilty of having scrunched-up tights (front left...)!!! I'm not sure what else to call it but its basically when you have tights on and after putting your shoes on, your tights get scrunched up in the front. I know it might be ridiculous that I even notice things like this but attention to detail is always important!! Everyone should take an few extra seconds to pull back the slack on their tights before putting their shoes on!! I might be on the extreme side but admit it, it looks sloppy!!!

*Picture courtesy of*

Monday, April 21, 2008

Libby's New Jewels

Last Friday we met up with LN for lunch and she presented me with the fabulous collar that she had made for Libby!

Libby loves her new black velvet collar and the black beads go great with her white tummy :)

Libby later got herself into a mess and we had to give her an emergency bath :( Here she is looking defeated as Kent dried her off with a towel...

I caught her sleeping like this last night and just had to share...

Monday Work Outfit

My friends at work are great for humoring I put to use my "photographer" and even gained a "art director" in the process :) Good work Team!

For the time-being, my pictures might have to be headless since I'm a tad picky when it comes to taking pictures :P

Sweater: Juicy...should actually be a tie cardigan but the belt uglifies the whole thing...

Dress: FCUK...also came with its own belt but I decided to forgo it as well

Tights: Spanx...every girl should own a pair of Spanx...

Belt: Hermes...I'm thinking of having another hole punched in it since its slightly big on me

Shoes: Lanvin...the leather is stretched out now so these MJs dont hurt as much :)

Some Notable Pictures From Saturday...

This past Saturday I FINALLY managed to get DZ took me a little over a year but I finally did it :D So anyways, as we were running around giggling about everything imaginable...we also remembered to take some pictures cus we're cool like that :P Every time we were caught taking pictures of questionable objects, we quickly screamed "ITS FOR OUR BLOGS!!!" as if that would explain/sanctify all odd behavior. So anyhow, please enjoy some highlights (all related to fashion of course...) from our Saturday night...

Here is DZ trying to draw happy faces on the windows of Louis Vuitton :) A security guard rudely interrupted our fun when he informed us we couldn't take pictures of private property...something I would have contested but the lemon drops I had just consumed were telling me it was better to just run away giggling...

Here is DZ modeling her patent wedges...I could've sworn they were black...

Here I am modeling my Simples...most comfy pair of Louboutins everrrrrrrrr!

Here is Kent graciously modeling his Extreme Couture graphic T...

Okay this picture might be a bit scary but I promise you its not as bad as it looks!!! First of all, I would like to assure you that we met this lady while standing in line for the bathroom. She paid our purses some compliments and we struck up a conversation with her (I can also assure you we are not as shallow as that sentence just made us sound...). When she sat down to sip her drink I noticed her funky tights and asked if she would pose for my blog. She informed us it was actually a body suit and that she would be more than happy to pose :)

Okay this picture isn't really related to fashion but the guy behind the girl in the white T-shirt was a dead-ringer for Jesus...Jesus of the Holy Bible that is...

200th Post!!

Time flies by when you're having fun :) Blogging has become a top priority in my life not only because it gives me something to do when I'm bored at work but because I truly enjoy using this as a place for me to share the part of my life that is obsessed with fashion. Dont worry...thats about as emo as I'll get :P When I first started blogging, I wanted to stay away from making the blog personal since past experiences have taught me that ex-bf's and his family members can use the internet as a way of stalking you. But last week DZ threw some interesting blogging info my way and it made me re-think my blogging style. So basically I've decided if I deem my opinions worthy of your attention, then I should not shy away from making this blog more personable. So I thought in celebration of my 200th post, I would finally post a picture of my face :P

That's me in the center with my Chanel Ligne Cambon tote :) I picked this picture cus I dont think I've ever blogged about my first Chanel...probably because I haven't used it in about 1.5 years. The Chanel Ligne Cambon was a line that I first fell in love with during early 2004. I remember my heart racing the minute I saw it on the Chanel website and I quickly called to inquire about the price. I finally got my hands on it at the Chanel boutique in Hong Kong during our summer vacation that year. I'm ashamed to admit it but at the time I was hoping to get the pink and black version...thank THE GOOD LORD that they were sold out at the time!! This tote is a bit small for my standards now but I dont think I could ever part with it :D To me, the Ligne Cambon line was the first time Chanel put out something geared towards younger consumers...sort of a updated play on the classic quilted look. The line also offered probably the cutest Chanel flats to date...I STILL regret not buying the last pair at the Southcoast boutique last May :(

Friday, April 18, 2008

Leighton Meester

Flawless is the first word that came to mind when I spotted these pictures of Leighton on Her makeup, her dress, her hair, everything is just flawless!! I personally watch Gossip Girl not for good-girl Serena but for Blair, the recently dethroned Queen Bee who I'm sure will reclaim her throne at a later time :) But even outside of her character, I've always been fond of Leighton and her fashion choices and I do believe she has more star quality in her than whats her face Blake :P Loooove her!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Beach Bag

Kent suggested that we spend a day at the beach this weekend cus he wants to "just lay out in the sun". Even though I live less than 10 minutes away from the beach, I go there probably less than 5 times a year...guess I'm just not an outdoors girl :P So anyhow...I realized that I lack a good beach bag! I'm not saying I'm going to go out and buy one before this weekend but I think I should keep an eye out for one since summer is not too far away. I want to spend less than $300 on the bag since its going to get thrown around in the sand. It has to be roomy since I can think of tons of things to bring to the beach (towel, sun block, books/magazines, ipod, water, snacks, etc.). But of course, I want my beach bag to be cute :) I did like the Pucci beach bag that the Bagsnobs had a few posts back but I checked the price and I am not willing to pay $800 for a beach bag! I found this decent one by Kooba on the BNY site but I think I'll look around some more. Kent would probably roll his eyes if he found out his day at the beach suggestion has warped into me trying to find the perfect beach :D

Deals for Under $100

When I was younger (I was probably 12...) I remember hearing an interview with some random actress on TV and the question was "Do you get excited over clothes that are under $100?" and her answer was "Yes! Its so hard finding things that are only $100!". Back then I remember thinking that the lady was retarded cus plenty of things at the mall are under $100!! But sadly her reality has become my reality. DZ and I are both guilty of clicking the "Buy" button the minute we see anything under $100. Hell, this morning I bought this red Gold Hawk dress cus it was only $73 O.O I mean of course, I do think its cute and I do like the color but I think a big pull was the fact that it was $73! To make matters worse...I'm also a sucker for free shipping :P So after adding this dress to my shopping bag, I searched high and low for a second item just to get my free shipping! I finally found this flowy dress and must say, I'm quite pleased/proud of my online bargain shopping :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Choos Gladiator Pumps

I saw an interview with Tamera Mellon a few months back and she was showing off her fabulous shoe closet (500+ pairs separated into two closets, one is special occasion and one is for everyday use...). When they asked her which trends to watch out for, she replied "Gladiator pumps." While I still would not invest in Gladiator sandals, I'm pretty much sold on the Gladiator pump trend! Earlier this week DZ and I went to the mall to check out the Gladiator pumps at Nine West but the selection was pretty disappointing and the one pair that was okay was sold out in my size. I'm over those cus lookie what I found! Today as I was trying to think of who would have great Gladiator pumps for me to splurge on, I suddenly remembered Tamera's prediction and realized it would make sense for JC to carry some Gladiator pumps (duh, I know...). These Choos are the probably the sexiest Gladiator pumps I've seen so far but of course I need to think about just how much I'm willing to spend on a passing trend...$830 might be tad overboard (BUT its available in my size and the heel is 4.5 inches high!) :P While browsing the site I also fell in love with these Loafer-esque pumps...also available in my size with a 4.5 inch heel!!

**NOTE: Okay, I was just discussing the Gladiator pumps with SZ and I realized...they're probably on the way uncomfortable side due to the nonexistent platform...**

Victoria's Vintage Chanel

Basically everything and anything Victoria does usually makes it into the headlines...supporting her hot ass husband on the soccer field, playing with her kids, walking around aimlessly, etc. Earlier this month I was quite intrigued by pictures of her trying on vintage Chanel purses in LA. Of course VB did not she is out and about with her new vintage Chanel! I'm totally loving the way shes wearing it and I'm currently trying to figure out if she just took a vintage jumbo and tied the straps or if the bag originally came with the shorter straps. I'm about 99% the purse came with shorter straps and its a bit thinner than the jumbo 2.55s we have nowadays. I remember when I first bought my mom her 2.55, my SA was showing me how to tie the straps from the inside so that you could make the length shorter, I've been too lazy to actually test it out but VB has inspired me to try tonight :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Celebrity Fug

This post should've gone up last week but I didn't get around to it...below are the Fug winners from last week :)

I'm sorry but aren't newlyweds suppose to be walking around with bright, happy colors?? Beyonce here looks like shes going to a Hells Angels funeral :X This is a great example of how to overdo something to the point where it is no longer cool. The jacket is okay...some could probably pass it off as biker chic. The gloves are alright too...Karl is usually really good with those. But to put the two together is a bit much...dont pile on all the leather goods at once! And even if you would be a good idea to throw in some other colors :)

*Vanessa Whats Her Last Name*
I think her dog and Libby would make great playmates but before Vanessa comes over she should think twice about those jeans. The last time I saw people sporting that look was when I was a sophomore in high school and one girl in particular (ND...I think you'll know who I'm talking about...) scarred the look for me. Rolling your jeans up is just flat out tacky and was cool for a few months back in the late90s...its almost been 10 years (F*CK I'M OLD...) and I'm not sure why she thought she could bring back the good ole days...

CUSP Online

Yay! Today I got an email from Neimans letting me know that their daughter store, CUSP, is now online :) I only know of the location in Century City so many of you may have never heard of CUSP but its sorta like Neiman's teenage daughter. It features a great contemporary selection and even carries stuff like YSL and Chanel :) Great place for dresses and shoes...happy browsing ;)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bottega Fall 08 Trunk Show

Last week I received an invite to the Fall 08 Bottega trunk show and wasted no time in calling and making an appointment. Trunk shows are where customers get a sneak peak at the upcoming seasons collection...mainly clothes, shoes, handbags, and the IT color for the season. Trunk shows are also when the wait-lists and special order requests first open up - for the fall collection, orders arrive in September and for the Spring collection, orders arrive in March. Most stores do not ask that you pay ahead of time or even leave a deposit, the only thing they need is a credit card number and thats usually only after they confirm the availability of your request. Most are by appointment with your SA but usually if SAs are free, they have no problem catering to walk-ins. Before DZ went on her camping trip, she reminded me to take pictures of the show and after about 40 minutes of drilling my SA for all shes worth, I finally got up the nerve to ask if I could take pictures for my blog. She happily agreed and even tried to help me find the best lighting for some of the bags :) Here are some of my favorites, though not all, from the show:

Soft Croc Satchel. No surprise this was the first bag that caught my eye, shown here behind glass but my SA also brought it out so that I could try it on. The strap is not long enough for this to be a shoulder bag but trust me, for a person who usually doesn't like bags that only work as a handbag, I would NOT mind toting this baby around! The croc is super duper soft and the bag is surprisingly light. The smaller version does work as a shoulder bag but I still liked the larger version better and my SA agreed that the larger size was more economically smart since the price difference was only about $1000...thats not much when you're talking about the difference between $20000 and $19000! Needless to say, both sizes were waaaay off from my budget :( I also tried on the iconic Knot clutch in pink crocodile and of course fell in love...I desperately wish I had more fancy events to go to since at least I would have a reason to purchase one of those clutches...I'm not picky, I would love it in any color/leather!

My beautiful ostrich purses! I have to say, after trying on all the exotic skins at Bottega, I'm back to being obsessed with ostrich. Ostrich bags are by far the softest! I wasn't such a big fan of the orange tote but I L-O-V-E-ed the purple clutch! If I remember correctly, it was about $4500+...still a bit steep for my budget :P

This picture doesn't do the suede bags justice...these are much cuter in person and I especially liked the suede clutch. The suede bags are finished off with a brown croc trim. However, the winner was definitely the croc double flap envelope clutch. Again, the picture didn't quite capture the color of the clutch which is actually a much deeper purple than shown here.
Purple python clutch. I'm still not a fan of python, probably more so now that I have felt what they feel like :P The scales just sort of feel like they're going to peel off at a moments notice. I asked my SA how it was possible for them to have the python clutche since python is outlawed in CA. She explained on a normal daily basis, they are not allowed to hold or show any python products in the store. But if a customer was to order a python bag, they are still allowed to order and sell the bag.

Purple goat skin tote. This bag was pretty cute and in person, the goat leather had sort of a glossy finish. The best thing about this bag though was the wavy weave pattern.

This clutch is nothing to go crazy over but the color was what got me. It sort of reminds me of my purple Reissue but just without the metallic finish. The color is called Turbulence and will be the Fall 08 color for Bottega. I immediately asked my SA if I could order one of the classic bags in this color and so begin my search for the perfect classic bag to go along with this purple. The below 3 bags were my top choices:

I liked this bag since its a modern play on your grandmothers bag from way back in the day. The only thing is even after my SA took out the tissue paper, the bag was pretty stiff and wasn't so comfortable as a shoulder bag. Antique gold hardware.

I then moved onto this bag which is sorta like a cheaper version of the Cabat. Super cute on your shoulders but I couldn't help feeling like I would be carrying around a expensive beach bag. The SA said this would be a great everyday handbag due to this shape and size. Antique gold hardware.

So I finally settled for the Campana which I felt like was more appropriate for my age group. It features the typical suede interior with a clip and magnetic closure. I also took the liberty to order the zip-around in the same purple color...two birds with one stone! So now my SA is checking to see if Bottega is already planning to make the Campana and the wallet in Turbulence. If not, then it will be special requests which will be 20-30% more BUT she reminded me that I would be the only customer with the Campana and wallet in the purple :)

There was also these SUPER cute leather oxfords that were probably the cutest I've seen yet but I wasn't ready to commit to the $1000 price tag :P Another highlight that I didn't get a chance to take a picture of was the purple soft croc Campana that my SA took out for me to was almost cruel for her to tease me with that bag :(