Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mule Sandals

I've been meaning to post about my dislike for mule sandals for awhile now and finally decided, today is the day that I will do a little mule bashing! For me, mule sandals will always be somewhat cheap looking...I think its cus I automatically connect it to street hookers and cheap lingerie :P Something about it just screams SEEDY MOTEL...I'm not even sure where all these images come from O.O I personally think its really hard for people to make mules look classy and honestly, I have yet to see anyone really pull this look off without looking like they're ready to jump into the bed with the guy next to them. These Knotted Louboutin Mules are probably the most decent mules ever made but I would MUCH rather get the pumps instead of these...does anyone else get where I'm coming from or am I just picky?!

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