Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Homework Assignment

So today ND assigned me the task of finding the perfect laptop bag for her. She wants something that screams powerhouse female exec, gave me $3000 to play around with, it has to be structured (not hard hard but definitely can't be slouchy), and she wants to avoid handbags since shes sick of using oversized handbags as laptop bags. So I've been browsing the internet for over an hour now and my gosh...this is one difficult task!!! First of all, I kept leaning towards structured handbags...I couldn't help it, I kept on wanting to bookmark frame bags, satchels, totes, etc. I finally decided that a true laptop bag needs to be a zip around...not a handbag, not a messenger bag, and not a brief case! I then realized that the only way to find laptop bags was to browse the mens section. The problem there?? Everything was way too masculine. I was also very bored with what I found...the colors were either black or brown or monogram hell. OH! And it completely irked me that designers seemed to shy away from using leather for their laptop bags...canvas and nylon (yuck) seemed to be the weapons of choice :P *Sigh* So after close to 2 hours since beginning this assignment, I present to you what I have found thus far:Canvas Logo Dior ~ $788
Nylon Fendi Selleria ~ $784
Canvas Fendi Zucca ~ $568

Nylon Prada ~ $824
Canvas Prada ~ $1276
Canvas Burberry ~ $940

Leather (YAY AGAIN...) Violet May of London ~ $990

Hey, I warned you the selection was boring and made in canvas heaven! My favorite from above is the Muse...YSL stuck to the motif and *gasp* dared to actually use leather!! All in all, I've decided I still should go visit the stores in order to properly pester the SAs :D And no, I did not forget about LV...I'm just too tired right now so I'll save the LV laptop bags for a later post...


Irene said...

what a nice friend giving you such a cool homework assignment!!!

i like the last three.


but the YSL one does scream "powerhouse female" a little more than the others...

not too fond of the prada ones, i don't like the huge logo... its kinda, hungry.

cheeky_deb said...

there's a reason they use canvas and not leather, same reason why luggage is hardly ever's lighter. Leather can get pretty heavy and add to that the weight of the laptop and all the'll feel like your carrying bricks.